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Common Lorath Propulsion Systems

Plasma and Fusion Systems

Plasma and fusion systems utilized by the Lorath rely on a very similar principle of application and function. Through the use of magnetic field technology and the release of super-heated matter from plasma and fusion reactions, the energy released from the plasma or fusion reactions is used as a means of propulsion.

Primary Thrust Application

When used as a primary source of thrust, the heated matter given off from plasma and fusion reactions is utilized as a means of propulsion through the use of highly efficient magnetic fields. Heated matter is accelerated and moved rapidly through the use of magnetic fields and propelled outward from a thruster assembly, the resulting ejection of matter provides the thrust to the vehicle which the thruster assembly is attached to.

In most Lorath applications, these thruster systems are heavily augmented through the use of subspace field coil technology which increases the speed and reaction of the matter utilized in the thrust system, thus providing additional thrust.

Maneuvering Thrusters

When fusion or plasma energy is utilized in a thruster system, it is a far less refined process. Matter from plasma or fusion reactions is passed through a magnetic confinement field augmented system, then rapidly expelled from a pressure valve and out into the open atmosphere or space outside of the vehicle or vessel, thus resulting in rapid yet unrefined thrust.

Thrust Vectoring Rules The Skies

In most Lorath applications, plasma and fusion thrusters utilize thrust vectoring to optimize the thrust expelled, and to provide additional maneuvering capabilities.

Magnetic Systems

Lorath magnetic propulsion systems rely on a series of magnetic field coils which provide an intense and focused magnetic field which results in a repelling effect which can be utilized as a levitating and thrusting system which would be effective in planetary and space applications.

Magnetic propulsion systems can be utilized as a directed thrust or as a means of sustained levitation.

Subspace Systems

Pre-Existing Technology

The subspace systems utilized by the Lorath have already been documented in: Space Distortion Drive System

Application Of Subspace Technology

A long-used method of augmenting speeds of Lorath ships has been to apply a subspace field around a ship to decrease the influences of normal space upon the vessel. This results in an ordinary thruster system having to utilize less energy to produce typical thrust results. This method has been utilized in projects such as the Star Seeker project. Allowing an ordinarily slow ship, to reach speeds which far surpass typical thrust systems.

Gravity Systems

A newer form of propulsion utilized by the Lorath are propulsion systems which rely on gravitational manipulation. Often referred to as 'Gravitic Propulsion', this thrust method utilizes the manipulation of gravitational fields to provide thrust to a vessel, or to manipulate the effect of gravity on the vessel itself, decreasing the effects of inertia and also reducing the weight of the vessel. Gravitic propulsion systems also interfere with scalar based weapons.

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