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LSDF Vehicle Lift System

In ship and installation applications in which vehicles are stored separately from a launch bay, or are in need of being moved from the launch bay to an alternate location within a ship or installation, vehicle lift systems are usually installed and present in the given launch platform. Vehicle lifts come in two varieties; rack and platform based lifts. Rack lifts use a mechanical arm like system to grasp a vehicle, and move it through a ship on a rail system in which the rack arm is mounted to. Platform based vehicle lifts are similar to conventional cargo lifts due to their flat platform design. However, platform lifts also include a gravitic field system which allows for the surface of the platform to always be 'down' relative to the vehicles placed upon it, allowing for the platform to be tilted as it progresses through lift shafts in an installation or ship without the concern of vehicles potentially falling from the platform.

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