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LSDF Security Office

Designed by the LSDF to serve as a center for coordination and resources for security personnel aboard stations, starships, and installations, the LSDF designed security office compartment has been developed to be scaled to applications on large and small platforms.

General Information, Design, & Equipment

General Information

Intended to be used as the hub of security operations aboard large starships, stations, and installations, the security office serves as something kin to a police station. Aiding in this function, the standard security office has been designed to serve as a source of supplies, a communications hub, and as a booking location in which prisoners are processed prior to being placed in a brig.


A primary front office serves as the main hub of operations in the form of receiving complaints, processing arrests, and coordinating security personnel. Front offices vary depending on the size of the ship or installation in which the security office is installed upon, however, as a standard practice a central desk serves as the workstation of the primary security officer. Aside from the front office, the security office includes a LSDF Secured Brig and LSDF Weapon Locker Room. In some cases, a security office can also include a LSDF Medical Aid Station and in some cases storage lockers as well. Security offices also include forcefield emitters, and in some cases, automated defenses.

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