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LSDF Physical and Psychological Therapy Facilities

Designed for the purposes of providing therapeutic treatment of emotional and physical stresses and ailments, physical and psychological therapy facilities have been designed to draw upon a variety of techniques and technologies which have been selected for the purpose of ensuring the wellness of health and body for personnel aboard ships and installations.

Physical Therapy Facilities

Equipped with a variety of technologies, physical therapy facilities have been designed for providing a diverse range of therapeutic treatments. Such facilities can be designed to provide multiple methods of physical treatment, or can be designed to focus on specific forms of physical therapy, often such capacity is dependent on the size of the compartment.

Physical therapy facilities can include the following technologies, methods, and tools;

  • Mechanical and personnel delivered manual massage therapy.
  • Various electric-impulse therapy systems.
  • Saunas.
  • Zero and low gravity chambers.
  • Machine assisted and attendant assisted exercise equipment.
  • Nerve stimulation equipment.

Psychological Therapy Facilities

Intended to provide personnel with elective psychological health services, psychological therapy facilities have been designed to provide personnel with a venue in which they can seek therapy to aid in psychological wellness.

Psychological therapy facilities can include the following equipment;

  • Live-transmission long distance communications sessions with therapists and in-person sessions.
  • Direct neural stimulation systems using magnetic fields, chemical injection, and electrical impulses.
  • Simulated sensation therapy.
  • Guided meditation therapy.

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