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LSDF Barroom

Designed to be a location in which patrons can order alcoholic beverages and indulge in entertainment, the LSDF barroom design can be built to scale in relation to the ship it is installed upon. Furthermore, it should be noted that bar-room interior design may vary.

LSDF Barroom Small

Intended to be installed upon small stations and aboard starships which are mid-size in range, the small barroom design is intended to seat two dozen. Each small barroom is complimented with an automated bar which includes a series of mechanical devices which mix and prepare a variety of drinks from a pre-programmed menu. Alcoholic beverages can be stored in a resource compartment, or alcohol can be artificially flavored to emulate specific varieties of alcoholic beverage. These systems can also be supplied with non-alcoholic beverages. Small barroom bars can be built to include seats, stools, or standing space. Supplementing the barroom's seating area, a number of booths or tables can be added.

Entertainment in small barrooms often includes electronic gaming devices, trivia game machines, and volumetric data presentation devices.

LSDF Barroom Large

Designed to be installed in large installations and on large starships, the large barroom is intended to serve as a location in which large numbers of patrons can acquire food and drink, including an extensive range of alcoholic beverages. Large barrooms are designed to seat at least three dozen individuals, at a variety of seats including bar seating, tables, and booths.

Large barrooms are designed to also include a LSDF Medium Galley to provide bar patrons with food and non-alcoholic beverages. A pair of fully stocked bars are installed in each barroom. One of the installed bars is intended to be operated by either a living barkeep, or a sophisticated robotic system, while the second bar is fully automated much like those found in small barrooms. Bar beverage compliments vary.

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