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LSDF Servant Quarters

The LSDF designed servant quarters are designed to provide housing for conscripted soldiers, hired service personnel, personally owned service personnel, and ship assigned service personnel.


Due to new laws and regulations which have been handed down by the Lorath Matriarchy (for political reasons), a need was developed to provide humanitarian-friendly living space for service personnel which serve at LSDF facilities and ships since service personnel could no longer be simply stored in a crate or cage or other similar cargo solution.

Due to the nature of the keeping of service personnel by the Lorath, there are several variants of servant quarters to facilitate a wide range of preferences.

Individual Servant Quarters

Much like the LSDF Small-Size Living Quarters, however, these quarters also include a storage space for tools and equipment commonly used by the servant in their usual duties, and a communication intercom which provides a direct line of communication between the servant and their employer.

Limited Space Variant

A limited space variant of individual servant quarters is available. The limited space variant is a 1.8 meter cube with the following amenities:

  • Fold away desk
  • In-wall storage cabinet
  • Multi-position seating unit for rest and sleep
  • Liquid dispenser tube and drain
  • In-wall communications-display unit

Multiple Servant Quarters

Many Lorath owners find that allowing their servants to intermingle with one-another improves morale, this was the initial reasoning behind the multiple-servant quarters. Along with the original reason, these quarters also reduce space required for housing multiple servants. These quarters correspond largely to the LSDF Shared Crew Quarters design. However, these quarters are often reduced in size, have a limited capability for installed computer interface terminals, and less closet space.

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