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LSDF Morgue Compartment

In the event of a death, an examination is standard procedure in the LSDF. Corpses are taken to LSDF morgue compartments where they are scanned, dissected, cataloged, and soon after, given their final memorial rites according to Lorath tradition. Morgue compartments serve as both a medical examination room, and as a room where rituals are carried out once work on the corpse is completed. LSDF morgue compartments not only handle the examination of bodies, but can also handle the disposal of corpses through the use of several methods, which correspond to Lorath memorial rites. Corpses are disposed of by cremation, chemical preservation procedures prior to being sealed in a transport container to be moved to a cargo compartment for relocation to a family burial plot, or the body is recycled into an organic reclamation system, or in the case of morgues located on planetary installations, the body can be reduced to mulch for the purposes of ecological sustainability.

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