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Bringer of Thunder

Lorath Matriarchy Joint Venture R&D ST-001

Pnehkan Uv Drihtan (Bringer Of Thunder) – Standing Tank/Large Scale Mecha, a bi-pedal mecha which has been used by the Lorath Matriarchy for quite some time, even pre-dating the Lorath's first contact with Yamatai.

History and Background

Due to the distain of dishonorable combat through the use of ranged tactics, the Lorath people’s battle tactics have not made any grand leaps or bounds, but the possibility of large scale ranged combat remained. Thus an honorable but survival suited vehicle was proposed and a humanoid-shaped war machine was designed. A humanoid design was chosen due to the shape of the machine being easily viewed as an extension of the pilot’s own body. The intended role of the “Standing Tank” type of mech would be to serve as a defensive shield for ground forces, and to engage and destroy any other “Un-natural” combatants in the battlefield. Due to the complexity of the venture, the Lorath Warrior house was unable to accomplish the R&D of such a machine and it became a joint venture between the Warrior house and the Psionics house, due to the Psionics house's substantial knowledge of technological design and manufacture.

About the Bringer Of Thunder

The Bringer Of Thunder has been designed with a humanoid shape that also mimics the shape and form of the Lorath physical structure. the vehicle has a pair of “wings” upon it’s back that also serve as a “leap” thruster system that allows the Bringer Of Thunder to leap long distances or sustain short term flight. The overall size of the Bringer of Thunder is approximately twenty meters in height and five meters in width at the shoulders, causing it to be quite the center of attention in a battle field, thus causing it to draw much of the fire it intends to absorb for any ground forces in the area.

Statistical Information

Government: Lorath

Organization: Joint use of the vehicle by the Psionics house and the Warrior house

Type: Ground support/Long range and close range engagement

Class: Standing Tank Model: 001 / Bringer Of Thunder

Designer: Lorath Warrior house and Psionics house joint venture. (Ooc: DocTomoe)

Manufacturer: Lorath Warrior house & Psionics house joint venture R&D.

Production: 75.

Crew: 1-2.

Maximum Capacity: 3.

Appearance: Armored female humanoid appearance (male appearance models pending), 20 meters tall, 5 meters shoulder width.

Length: 2 meter not including rear wings, with wings included 4 meters

Width: 5.5 meters

Height: 20 meters

Mass: Roughly 18000lbs / 8,164kg


Max run speed: 110 – 130 MPH / 177 – 209 KPH

Planetary Speeds

Max ground running speed: 110 – 130 MPH / 177 – 209 KPH

Max sea speed with use of wing turbo fans: 50MPH / 17 Knots

Max flight speed when in a propelled fall: 400 MPH

Range: Untested in space, planet wide walking range.

Lifespan: Unknown.

Damage Rating

Armor Structural Points: 25

Weapons Systems


Information: L-Mark-Two Ammunition In Application: 40mm ammunition, 3,000 Rounds Ammunition Storage: Rear Mounted 'Backpack' Standard Ammunition Damage: Tier 10, Light Anti-Starship

Arm Mounted Plasma Saber

Information: Magnetically Contained Charged Plasma Saber Mounting Information: Left and Right Forearm Mounted Damage Rating: Tier 8 or Tier 9, Medium Anti-Mecha or Heavy Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)

Systems Descriptions

Outer Hull: The outer hull plates of the Bringer Of Thunder are composed of a high carbon material made to emulate the strength of diamond material, these hull plates can be repaired easily by injecting breeches with temporary metal paste that hardens upon application, also these plates can be repaired by applying molten diamond-like material.

Secondary Hull: The secondary hull of the mech is designed to absorb the impact given to the outer hull, thus protecting the working parts of the machine. The secondary hull structure is made up of a series of small steel plates that have been made to have an inner wafer of sorts that contains a core of the diamond like material. Also to back up these plates is a series of layers of a Kevlar like airtight fabric that also serves to keep water and air out from the mech’s inner workings.

QNC Power Cell: Due to the Lorath's exodus from Lor, the Bringer Of Thunder has been in desperate need of a new power supply which did not rely heavily on the gases of the southern nebula. The solution to this problem has been found in the form of QNC power cell technology. This power source provides an excellent substitute and replacement for the old fusion power generator used before aboard the Bringer Of Thunder.

Secondary Power: Bacterial Generator System: Due to the high voltage output of the fusion generator a second source of power was chosen to run the delicate electronic systems upon the mech, the power supply chosen was a special power cell that utilizes a large colony of genetically engineered bacteria that produce and store electrical energy. These bacteria have been bred to feed on oxygen, hydrogen, carbon-monoxide, and various forms of organic mater that is not of a Lorath or other humanoid DNA type.

Neural Gel computing system: The neural gel system used in the Bringer Of Thunder is very much the same system used in the Lorath aerospace development project. The neural gel packs are a type of genetically engineered brain like matter designed to store, process, and compute data by using complex protein strains and a series of micro pulses of electricity.

Standard computing system: Due to the probability the mech will come under heavy fire provided reason to install basic but strong systems into the machine, thus a system reliant upon well developed basic computing technology involving hard disks and semi-conductive chips has been installed due to the ability of the system to take very large sums of damage before a complete burn out or failure. The capabilities of the system are extensive though, with a capability to process data at 200 Terra hertz and the ability to store 10 exobytes of data the reserve system is fully able to take over the Bringer Of Thunder’s functions.

Motor Function Drive System: Due to the complex nature of the mech design, there are several methods of motion for the various parts of the machine; different parts depend on different drive systems. For sections requiring a large amount of pressure to be moved, hydraulics systems have been installed to provide adequate stability and at the same time enough power. Electric motors run a series of chains and metallic weave belts that provide movement to other key parts. For other sections there are also large cogs and gears also driven by electric power.

Sensor Package: The sensor package on the Model 001 of the Bringer Of Thunder is currently focused towards providing all time visual clarity. Sensor packages include head mounted visual cameras, a chest mounted sensor package that includes infrared, laser scanning, UV scanning, heat signature scanning, and sonar scanning. Also a series of high sensitivity microphones and low sensitivity microphones have been installed. Within the sensor package the targeting system for the weapons systems have been tied in, thus allowing for laser targeting, heat signature tracking, and sound signature tracking.

Life Support: currently the Model 001 of the Bringer Of Thunder is geared towards simplicity, thus the cockpit is simply pressurized by triple purified external air sources or by reserve oxygen tanks. The cockpit is also equipped with limited cooling and heating for the pilot’s comfort.

Cockpit system: The Model 001 is currently equipped with a single seat cockpit that can be modified to allow for a twin seat variation to allow for an additional pilot. The cockpit has several monitors allowing for visual information to be provided. Several keypads and throttle systems allowing for tactile interface. Also a food pedal system allowing for leg control. The main control of the Bringer Of Thunder is a neural interface that takes commands directly from the pilot’s mind, also sends data into the pilot’s mind, thus allowing for perfectly responsive controls.

Internal and external impact reduction system: An intended deployment method for the Bringer Of Thunder would be an airdrop from a carrier aircraft. To negate damage from an airdrop the Model 001 is equipped with a swift deploying foam that is emitted from various ports upon the mech, this foam is meant to absorb a heavy impact from landing and a similar foam is also sprayed into the cockpit to absorb impact for the pilot, this foam is quick deploying and quick dissolving thus allowing for a swift recovery from drop deployment.

Communications system: The Bringer Of Thunder has been equipped with the proper equipment to allow for short and long range radio communications, laser communications, electrical transmissions when connected to a proper port, also it has been equipped to communicate with orbiting satellites.


OOC Notes

Written by Chris Young. Approved by Wes on September 24, 20051).

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