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How to play as a Lorath character

A few words

Thank you for choosing to create a Lorath Character! The Lorath are an interesting race, filled with riddles that few of them even know of. To truly play a Lorath Character, one must first pick a house. The houses are not just some family one belongs to, but in fact it is one's society and attitudes completely. Each house has a specialty, and with those Specialties, comes their own quirks and odd habits. Below is a description of each house you will encounter.

House Fynneun

House Fynneun or the Fyunnen Caste. This house is the Military of the race; nearly all combatants sent into battle come from this house, and often act as the police for the race. The dominant gender of the house is females, as they were more or less bred for this purpose. The Breeding of the house has led to enhanced muscle structure, stronger bones, heightened sense of hearing, reaction speed, as well as amazing stamina, and a towering height as well. Because of their often extended exiles from the rest of the race due to training or missions, the girls usually turn to their โ€œSistersโ€ as some say, looking for relief and comfort. If they ever connect with a male, usually the woman is in charge if she is from this house. The attitude of the house usually is slightly aggressive, but at the same time they are very protective, always helping out whom they think to be the one more then likely to lose in a fight, unless they have something to gain from it.

House New Tur'lista (Formerly Occhesta)

The former House Occhesta was a predominantly male ruled house. The producers of almost all technology that the Lorath use, the race depended on them for the all of the newest technology that will eventually lead them into space. The Occhestan house also had its own special abilities. Able to use limited Psychic abilities (the full extent of all available abilities according to the current restriction) it all depends on the Lorath's personal development. The attitude of the house is almost completely directed towards the development and betterment of the race. Often they are the ones that resolved inter family conflicts, and are the negotiators for the race.

Recent events however have caused the Occhestian house to split, with the vast majority leaving with house leader Zvevda'Esjat 'Truth' Occhesta(along small numbers willing members from the other two houses), thus resulting in those who remained loyal to the Lorath Matriarchy to be dubbed 'New Tur'lista' due to being adopted into the ruling family. Even though they have been adopted into the family, they have no claim at rulership, but they do have a higher social status in Lorath society than the Occhestans, who are no longer recognized as Lorath.

Generally, the New Tur'lista house is the smallest of the three houses in body size. Weaker by far then house Fynneun and the Lmanel house, they make up with their intelligence. They are by far the smartest of the three houses. By sheer numbers the new house is now very small compared to the other houses, with the majority of its members going on to join The Occhestan Republic

House Lmanel

House Lmanel, or the Lmanel Caste is a mixed house. No one sex rules it, which opens up opportunities for any to rule. The Lmanel house is seen as the odd house of the three main houses. They work the closest with the slave class, or the previously surface ruling race. They are also the house which watches over and guides in issues dealing with the environment, including animals and natural weather effects. The Lmanels are the Spiritual advisors of the race, often helping when any spiritual question arises. The Lmanel attitudes are dependent heavily upon what animal they bond with, aggressive if the animal is, and tranquil if the animal is tranquil. Their bodies are the same, all dependent on the animal they bond with. Their skill specialties lay within the realm of Minor shape shifting (Explained in the skill section).

House Tur'lista

The Lorath ruling house is comprised of two individuals, the High Matriarch, and the High Priest; these two individuals are responsible for leading the three houses and maintaining political balance. The two rulers are also responsible for issuing orders, decrees, and laws. The Ruling House is the symbol of strength and unity for the Lorath people and is highly respected due to their heritage. Currently only two individuals are of the leading house (No more may be placed into the house due to plot elements not allowing for such and the creators desire for there to only be two at the given time).

Lorath Skill Sets

Lorath house dependant skills will be contained in three skill area packages. These skills will be bundled depending on house traits. Each of these packages will use four (4) available skill areas. These skill packages are void if the player decides to enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai. (Balancing the skills between Yamatai's requirements and the caste requirements is near impossible.)

Fyunnen Caste

Members of the Lorath Fyunnen House are obligated to learn essentials to a Fyunnen; these essentials are a combination of the Fighting, Domestics, Leadership, and Survival and Military skill areas.

Fighting: Fyunnens must be skilled in advanced hand-to-hand tactics, melee weapon tactics, and various forms of martial arts, additional training in โ€œFightingโ€ is encouraged.

Domestics Fyunnens must be trained to be able to handle their own home affairs, this includes preparing their own meals, handling their own laundry, providing for their children, and keeping their living space clean and efficient. Additional training in domestic affairs is encouraged for male members of the Lorath Fyunnen House and for female members that are assigned to permanent command positions or other administrative positions.

Leadership: Fyunnens must be trained in the workings of a leadership role; they must be able to command individuals on a one on one level, or be able to lead a full company if needed. This involves being able to converse with large groups, gathering intelligence, being able to seek out a diplomatic solution if it is apparent that it is needed for survival, and being able to direct their subordinates out of a dangerous tactical position.

Survival and Military Skills: Fyunnens must be trained for individual survival, they must be able to find their own food and water, be able to construct makeshift weapons, navigate by use of landmarks and stars overhead that are visible, construct shelters, signal for assistance, and conceal their positions. Additional training is encouraged.

New Tur'lista (Formerly Occhestian) Caste

Members of the Lorath New Tur'lista House are obligated to learn essential skills for a scholar. These essential skills are a combination of Humanities, Knowledge, Communications, and Technology operation.

Humanities: Individuals in the New Tur'lista house are expected to learn psychology, sociology, diplomacy, anthropology, and philosophy. To aid in their empathic readings of individuals and aid in their relation to other individuals, also to assist individuals or groups that are in psychological distress. These skills are also used to aid in diplomatic relations with hostile individuals. Additional experience and training is encouraged.

Knowledge: Members of the New Tur'lista house are expected to be well acquainted with the history of law, science, and technology. They are also expected to have an excellent memory and ability to recall information at a moment's notice. The sharpening of psionic Lorath's ability is highly encouraged and expected.

Communications: Psionic Lorath are expected to be able to converse with excellent ease, this involves being able to operate devices that aid in communication, understand new languages with minimal effort, communicate their thoughts verbally and in written form, and also be able to decipher coded messages.

Technology Operation: All members of the New Tur'lista house are expected to have an ability to operate most technology belonging to the Lorath. Also they are expected to be able to operate new forms of technology when given enough time to learn the workings of the device.

Lmanel Caste

Members of the Lorath Lmanel House are obligated to learn the essential skills for one that is to live in nature. These essential skills are a combination of Physical, Art and Vocations, Knowledge, and Biology.

Physical: Members of the Lmanel house are expected to maintain their physical strength and stamina, they must be able to run, walk, climb, swim, or even fly, for an extended amount of time.

Art and Vocations: Lmanels are expected to be able to construct their own clothes, bags, and other goods. They are expected to make these goods with a high enough quality to be considered the work of an experienced artisan.

Knowledge: Members of the Lmanel house are expected to know of the bulk of written and verbally passed down information of the Lorath race; Lmanels are also expected to be able to recall information about plant life and animal life.

Biology: Lmanel Lorath are expected to learn as much as possible about biology. They are expected to learn about everything from micro-organisms to extinct pre-historic beasts. They are also expected to apply this knowledge to their practices of bonding with nature. Additional training is highly encouraged.

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