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Khorsoi Home World Protectorate

The military arm of the Khorsoi Republic, the Khorsoi Home World Protectorate is responsible for the defense of the Paracrux system and of the planet Khorsovarolor. Formed in YE 32, the Home World Protectorate is bound by the Khorsovarolor Peace Treaty to restrict its jurisdiction to only the Paracrux System unless allowed by the Abwehran Star Empire otherwise.

The Home World Protectorate only has two branches of military power: the Space Defense Force and the Planetary Army.

Space Defense Force

Due to the relative age of the Home World Protectorate, the Space Defense Force is relatively small compared to many system defense forces. In fact, the Space Defense Force is currently only comprised of the last remaining Osiris Armed Transports from the original Khorsoi Homeworld Security Force. Until such time as they can receive proper funding from the government, the Space Defense Force is destined to stay small for a while longer.

Planetary Army

The branch of the Home World Protectorate that has received the greatest amount of funds, the Planetary Army is slowly growing in size compared to its space-borne cousin. While currently using old Gillian Manufacturing designs, there are plans to expand the Army's inventory by commissioning from other sources.

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