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Great Houses of Reservoir

The Great Houses of Reservoir are the ruling households over the planetary bodies in Reservoir. These houses often vie for additional power, both against the crown and each other. To balance the different feuding Houses and maintain relative peace, The Crown issued a decree ordering the houses by proximity to Vice, and thus The Throne. This allowed for relative stable shifts in power as the celestial bodies move in the heavens.

Great House of Virtù

The Current Ruling house and owner of Vice. With thousands of extended family, adjuncts, and minor titled land holders, This is by far the largest of houses, as well as the richest. Corruption is rife within the house as various families vie for control, buying and selling land, equipment, and slaves in convoluted deals made in both the well lit halls of power and in the back alleys behind the lowest gentlemen's club.

House Crest: An 8 pointed Golden star on a field of black.

Great House of Generosità

During the second founding, House of Generosità quickly laid claim to this mining wonder, Avaritia. Thin atmosphere, meteorite encrusted surface, and close proximity to both Ira and Vice allowed for quick, easy access to rare and valuable minerals as well as bulk staples of nickel and iron for a variety of uses within the system. With such excess of wealth, the nobles of the house enjoy such a life of extravagance, they rarely attend to business matters, instead leaving the day to day matters to well educated slaves, who, depending on their rank in the various households, may be even more wealthy than the lords of some of the smaller great houses.

House Crest: A Frog rampant on a field of yellow.

Great House of Umiltà

During the second founding, The House of Umiltà laid claim to Superbia and it's various moons, forming various raw mining colonies. With the extreme gravity influences from Superbia, all of Umiltà's assets were placed below the surface of the planet's moons. This lead to the vision of humility, where all in the house, slaves and freemen alike, live a pious and stark lifestyle.

House Crest: A Horse passant on a violet and white field

Great House of Pazienza

Here the House of Pazienza laid claim to the scorched and boiling surface of Ira. With the natural heat from Reservoir as well as the heavy metal deposits on Ira, House Pazienza specializes in the refining of the vast amounts of metals mined in the system. With such an inhospitable place, this house mounts significant losses to it's slave population, through exposure or accident. Thus almost any deals made with house Ira includes some amount of biological capital.

House Crest: An Bear sejant erect on a field of red.

Great House of Castità

House Castità, rulers of Luxuria, transformed the rock moons into pleasure resorts for the wealthy. Sculpted surfaces, beautiful slaves, and every game and drug available for those with the coin to spend. This is where the rich and powerful come to revel. Below the surface, thousands of slaves toil away to support the facade of pomp and luxury. To control such a large slave population, each slave is implanted with a small explosive charge in the abdomen to prevent uprising and overthrow of the relatively small household.

House Crest: A Bull head erased on a field of blue.

Great House of Astinenza

House Astinenza took possession of the moons of Gula for mining and gas extraction during the second founding, the first wave of expansion after settlement of Vice. Most of the structures littering the many moons have tunnels extending for kilometers, like spider webs, into the rock. Whereas other houses fancied export of their resources for profit, House Astinenza reinforced those moons, transforming most into fortress style colonies.

House Crest: A Demi boar rampant on a field of orange.

Great House of Bontà

As the owners of Invidia, House Bontà serves as the primary out-traders, clearing houses, and customs officials for the Reservoir system. Vast warehouses and star ports cover the surface of Invidia, connected by underground mag-trams to the main colony, Envy. As the customs house, most of the taxes levied for the crown first passes through the coffers of House Bontà.

House Crest: A hound statant on a field of green.

Great House of Diligenza

At the edge of the system, Acedia has a minimal, frozen atmosphere. House of Diligenza ,the caretakers of Acedia and the First line of defense from out-system aggressors, have multiple bases as well as an underground colony. Martial ceremony and history form the foundation of this house and planet. This house forms the shield of Reservoir, and is funded primarily by the crown.

House crest: A goat dexter courant on a split field of light blue and gold.

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