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Usonor (Time)

This page contains information regarding the units of time used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. The Poku'vonai term for time is 'Usonor', or literally 'life passage'. The units of time come from their original home world that they still use as their standard.

Clan Year (CY)

The Clan reckons years in Clan Years (CY). The 'first' Clan Year was CY -50, when the last living people of the crumbling Qaktoro Empire prepared to flee their world by assembling the home world. CY -50 is equivalent to YE -770. CY 0 is the date of the founding of the Hidden Sun Clan, and their settling of the Degonjo Saeruo (Hidden Sun System).

Basic time units

  • Saenor (day): 30 hours
  • Tui (hour): 64 minutes
  • Tui'sa (minute): 64 seconds
  • Ous'sa (second)

Calendar data

  • Odasaenor (week): 8 days
  • Lua (month): 4 weeks, 32 days
  • Mâi (year, years): 11 months, 44 weeks, 352 days

The Lua for the Poku Saeruo Degonjo took their names from significant events

# Name Pronunciation Meaning
1 Luame lūămě First month, start of the year
2 Kyaniui kīănū Awakening, the rains (Spring)
3 Luvanate lūvănătě Growth month (Start of the growing period)
4 Tylua tīlūă Warming month
5 Tyolua tīōlūă Hot month (Start of summer)
6 Lutyo'te lūtīō-tě Fire month (Month that wild fires would start)
7 Oytsalu ōītsălū Cooling month
8 Ytaqnor ītăkhnōr Gathering month (Harvest time
9 Soutelua sōūtělūă Dying month (Start of Winter and dormancy for plants)
10 Gymakalua gīmăkălūă Start of the snow season
11 Suotegym sūōtěgīm killing cold

OOC Notes

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