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Wuny-me Rousa'ka (Cargo Hold)

All Poku Saeruo Degonjo vessels have space for cargo. Larger ships will have an actual dedicated cargo bay.

The standard cargo bay has grey walls and the floor has tie-down points at regular intervals. When cargo is being loaded, the gravity in the bay is usually reduced by 50% to make it easier to move things

Each cargo bay has one or more industrial robotic arm that extends from the ceiling area. The position of the arm depends on the size of the bay. A small bay the arm is typically mounted in the center of the room. A large bay there will typically be multiple arms which can transfer containers. The arm is used to facilitate positioning crates. It typically operated by a person at the control console. In some installations it can be controlled by ship's brain by voice commands. Cargo is either loaded through doors on the side of the room, or the floor. Larger bays actually have racks to secure the cargo modules in position.

The room is rectangular and accessed through a Anomu Wunyte (Security Door). Hull braces composed of Mรขqirรขy (Bound Metal) protrude from the side Anoi (Walls). There are Tyo'te Wuny'ta (Fire Suppression) ports and standard Ibรข'te (Lighting) in the ceiling.

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