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Iginâ Opasu'te (Neural Inhibitor)

The Iginâ Opasu'te Neural Inhibitor is a medical device used by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo to control specific neural activity in the body. It was developed in 537 CY (YE -182).


The Iginâ Opasu'te emits a specific form of energy that is tuned to affect the nerves of Poku'vonai. It is tuned to specifically suppress the targeted neural activity. It can be adjusted for a variety of functions and intensity. Note: it should only be used by trained Wapointe (Healing) personnel.

Table top installation is capable of affecting larger area, or selectively targeting multiple areas.

Hand held is designed for targeted treatment.

Specific uses

Induce a state of relaxation

A low level use of this over the patient promotes a calming effect. Typically used to help reduce stress, or mental trauma.

Induce sleep

It can be used to affect brain wave activity and put the patient into a rest state without using dangerous drugs. The benefit is that the patient can wake up almost immediately with no grogginess due to chemicals.

Inhibit neural activity, stop pain, immobilize

The best use for the Iginâ Opasu'te is to suppress specific neural activity. In this method it is focused on a specific nerve cluster, and tuned to the necessary strength to stop activity.

This means it can be used to stop pain to allow minor procedures such as sutures, removing foreign objects from the patients skin etc. The pain blocking aspect can also be used to give the patient relief from pain without drugs. Eg a patient in bed with a broken arm can get more rest because they do not feel the pain. However, if the patient moves the arm away from the device, the neural activity will return.

This same method also has the effect of immobilizing a portion of the body. So if applied at the elbow, the arm from the elbow down will not move.


Iginâ Opasu'te uses the standard Wapointe Gean'te - Components


The Iginâ Opasu'te was originally developed to allow painless surgery without the use of drugs. However further refinement showed that it could be used to induce sleep, or immobilize specific parts of the body.


Wapoin'aka (Doctor) and Wapoin'asa (Nurse) can use these devices to to put a patient under for surgery or recovery, to stop pain, and when necessary immobilize a body part.

Note: The hand held unit can be set to a beam width of 1mm to 3 cm depending upon the task.

Note: Table top unit 10cm x 10cm to 50 cm x 50 cm area of affect.

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba Nov 26, 2012 Submission Approved by Kyle on Dec 10, 2012. Forum Thread.

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