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Ousmygo Mâbor'a (Life Energy Sensor)

This ship sensor is was developed to detect and identify the life force energy of living things, it was developed as part of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo's Wapointe Gean'te (Radiant Healing)

  • Detection of Poku'vonai life forms
    • omnidirectional range of 1,000 meters
    • directional (60 degree arc) range of 5,000 meters
    • can distinguish between the four races of the clan
    • provides # of lifeforms, direction and distance upon request
  • Detection of other lifeforms
    • omnidirectional (60 degree arc) range of 2,500 meters
    • directional (10,000 meters)
    • can identify known lifeforms
    • provides # of lifeforms, direction and distance upon request
    • identifies unknown lifeforms by class only
  • Tracking of specific lifeform
    • directional 100 km
    • only known lifeforms

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba Nov 26, 2012 Submission Approved by Kyle on Dec 10, 2012. Forum Thread.

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