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Khorsovarolor Incident

During the Fourth Quarter of AF 259, an Abwehran Free Trader landed upon Khorsovarolor against the laws of the Abwehran Star Empire. One of the sick crew members ended up spreading an Abwehr-native virus to the native Khorsoi population. The different environment of Khorsovarolor as well as the radiation of the Paracrux caused rapid mutation to occur with in the virus RNA, causing an incredible pandemic to occur.

The Plague

Based upon a common Abwehran illness, the Plague was a devastatingly efficient pandemic that even ravaged the redundant Abwehran Immune System. Once infected, it took a mere day to incubate and attack the patient's circulatory system. Using the patient's own blood, the virus would spread throughout the body to attack lymph nodes or their equivalent, thus damaging or destroying the bodies ability to produce white blood cells. From there, the kidneys, liver, and lungs would start to fail causing a slow and painful death due to being unable to filter toxins properly and/or difficulty breathing.


Before the Free Traders deaths, they called for assistance from their home world. The Weltraumflotte's Second Destroyer Squadron arrived on the scene and began an investigation into the issue. As soon as the virulence of the Plague was determined, the Squadron's Commander suggested a Quarantine of the world to keep it from spreading to other worlds in the vicinity. He was able to garner aid from the Khorsoi Homeworld Security Force, while the Squadron Commander sent a signal to Abwehr for medical assistance.

However, a Red Smuggler vessel wanting to leave after delivering its contraband, decided to try running the Quarantine in the hopes that the Abwehrans would let them through if they claimed to be taking sick children to Yamatai for treatment. Not knowing the Yamataian's relative immunity to disease, the HMS Fang destroyed the smuggler vessel after the initial warning shot.

Action at Khorsovarolor

The destruction of a vessel that claimed to be carrying sick children set off a violent chain of events in orbit. Several vessels of the Khorsoi HSF began to attack the Second Destroyer Squadron in outrage. Spread across Khorsovarolor's orbitals in three Divisions of three, the Second Destroyer Squadron evaded the Security Force by using the planet's gravity well to โ€œcurveโ€ their laser weaponry slightly. DESDIV 002A 1) elected to stay in orbit and play keep away from the Security Force while DESDIVs 002B and 002C regrouped and left Khorsovarolor orbit for the Gas Giant of Trios.

As the other two Destroyer Divisions escaped (being chased by ten Security Force vessels), DESDIV 002a was eventually overwhelmed by the other ten Security Force vessels. The HMS Fang was lost with all hands while its two consorts were beaten into ruin. Out of the ten Khorsoi vessels in orbit, two were out right destroyed while the other eight remained relatively unscathed.

Action at Trios

The remains of the Second Destroyer Squadron burned towards Trios with ten Security Force vessels chasing after them. In an effort to even the odds, the six Abwehran vessels used the upper atmosphere of the gas giant as cover while attacking the Khorsoi Security vessels. This tactic was partially successful however and more born out of desperation than tactical genius.

Damage to engines in these situation spelled death for any vessel using Trios' atmosphere. One Abwehran vessel and three Khorsoi vessels were lost out right due to the gas giant's gravity as damaged engines and a lack of aerodynamics carried them to the core and their destruction. This forced the Abwehrans to abandon their tactic and head into orbit around Trios.

Luck would find the Abwehrans as reinforcements, in the form of the Third Destroyer Squadron, arrived in system. Having detected the combat, the reinforcements had gone to flank speed in order to rescue their brethren. The result was a fresh batch of Destroyers catching seven Khorsoi vessels off guard as they exited the atmosphere of Trios. The combat after that was a calculated attack upon the Khorsoi engines, disabling the vessels before they could reach a high enough orbit. While many of the Khorsoi crews escaped, the seven vessels plunged back into the atmosphere to feed the gas giant more vessels.

Final Action at Khorsovarolor

The final action of the bloody skirmish was in orbit around Khorosovarolor, or rather the Home World Security Force in orbit and the Abwehrans approaching. Instead of a conventional assault, the Weltraumflotte Commander on the scene requested a cease fire. The Khorsoi denied the chance. As a result, the Abwehrans slowed their progress and began to bombard the Khorsoi vessels from 30 light seconds out with laser barrage. Slowly whittling the Khorsoi forces down, the Security Forces finally surrendered when only two relatively undamaged vessels remained.


After the combat was over, the local shipyards of Khorsovarolor were captured in order to repair damaged Weltraumflotte vessels. The Abwehran Star Empire also appealed to the other nations of the known galaxy for their aid in finding a cure for the Khorsovaroloran Plague. The Yamatai Star Empire responded first to the incident with Medical vessels and an investigation team, while the United Outer Colonies provided humanitarian supplies. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia was wary of the once unknown species and did not reply to any diplomatic signals.

Eventually, the Abwehran Star Empire had to send a larger military presence to Khorsovarolor as the former Home World Security forces began a guerrilla campaign. This was especially necessary when relief workers had been kidnapped and executed. Since Khorsovarolor had yet to institute a new government, the Abwehrans took matters into their own hands. The Abwehran Occupation of Khorsovarolor had begun.

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First Division of the Second Squadron

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