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Kh-C2-W3000 'Sunfury' Cannon

The 'Sunfury' utilizes a source of power once only reserved for power generation alone, the Type 30 Link Siphon (Retconned) and fusion power systems. By producing a high intensity fusion reaction in a primer chamber, and utilizing high intensity gravitic, subspace, and magnetic forces to compress the reaction down, a destructive beam of fusion energy would be produced. The same forces used to compress, and shape the beam are also used to 'push' the beam out of the accelerator barrel and at the intended target. To maintain beam cohesion graviton beams are put into use. As if this were not enough, the designers also utilized the Subspace Encasing Technology previously seen on the Subspace Encased Particle Cannons, and Subspace Encased Anti Neutron Beam Turrets to help ensure maximum damage. The name Sunfury was ironically derived from the energy being harnessed, and the beam coloration, said to be the color of dawn's light.

The weapon was designed by MFY research crews, Yuriko Towa, along with support provided by Lorath engineers as a unified project.

Technical Information

The Subspace Encased Fusion Beam weapon technology utilizes many of the same engineering concept as subspace encased positron cannons, L-Mark-Two, Combined Particle Cannon Technology, and the antimatter packet cannons found aboard the Ke-T6-1a ‘Panther’ Aeroshuttle.

The operation of the subspace encased fusion beam is a multi-staged process. The process begins with the initial charge phase. A high intensity fusion reaction is established within a pre-fire chamber. This reaction can be generated utilizing conventional fusion technology, or through the use of a Siphon Link system. After the intital charge is completed and the fusion reaction is stablized, the superheated materials are encased within an electromagnetic packet and passed into a firing chamber.

Within the firing chamber, the electromagnetic containment field is intensified and stabilized, along with the EM containment, a subspace charge is applied, along with the establishment of a gravitic field which is applied to assist in the compression and containment of the fusion reaction.

The compressed and contained fusion material is then routed to the barrel of the weapon, where it is then subjected to intense electromagnetic, subspace, and gravitic influences which force the beam or packet of material to faster than light speeds. While progressing down the barrel, the beam is compressed even more while maintaining high intensity acceleration which ensures the continuation of the high intensity fusion reaction.

The compressed fusion beam is then released from the end of the weapon, from there, a focused graviton beam assists in maintaining cohesion and guidance, thus producing a high intensity packet or beam of subspace charged material undergoing an intense fusion process.


Location: Forward Section of the ship Primary Purpose: Anti-starship Damage: Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship in midsized applications, Tier 12, Heavy Anti-Starship in an un-dedicated mounting, Tiers 14 Area of Effect: Various beam sizes, impact resulting in full-scale nuclear detonation-like effects. Size determined by beam size. Range: 450,000,000km (About 3 AU) Rate of Fire: Once Every 30 Seconds in beam application, one packet per ten seconds in burst mode. PayloadEffectively unlimited, so long as the ship provides power.

Producers/Users: Motoyoshi Fleet Yards, Kakutama Heavy Industries, Lorath Matriarchy

OOC Notes

Authored by Soresu and approved by Andrew on Apr 6, 2008 1)

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