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Ge-H2-M3300 Spaceport Transit System

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The Ge-H2-M3300 - Spaceport Transit system developed for the Ge-H2-1a - Amatsu-Class Spaceport, it became available in YE 33.


Class: Transit System Nomenclature: Ge-H2-M3300 Type: Transport Designers: Geshrinari Shipyards Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards

The Transit system uses a maglev monorail tram. The trams travel through a network of tunnels in the facility. Tram stations are placed at convenient locations and feature a platform, and seating for passengers waiting. The system has additional trams that can be put into service during high traffic periods.


The Tram is the heart of the Transit system. These trams are environmental controlled, and have displays on the upper interior walls above the side seats. The displays provide important information, as well as advertisement. Each tram has two control rooms, under which the drive systems are situated. The Trams are powered by a compact Geshrinari Aether Generator. There are double sliding-doors on either side of the tram to let the passengers enter or exit.



Length: 14.5m (47.56 ft) Height: 3.75m (12.3 ft) Width: 4 m (13.12ft) Speed: 89 km/h (55 mph)


  • Seated: 24 in side seats
  • Standing: 48
  • Total: 72

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