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EM-K4-E3301 Autopilot Collision Avoidance System

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-K4-E3301 Autopilot Collision Avoidance System was developed for the EM-K4 "Zephyr" Air Car. It became available in YE 33.


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: EM-K4-E3301 Type: Autopilot Guidance System Class: Electronic Designer: Emrys Industries R&D section.

About the EM-K4-E3301

The Autopilot Collision Avoidance System or ACAS is the heart of the Zephyr and ensures the safety of the occupants. The ACAS controls and monitors all aspects of the vehicle. The ACAS has two other modes of operation, autopilot and collision avoidance. The autopilot is always operational, when not specifically driving the vehicle it operates as the Anti-Collision system. It is a limited Artificial Intelligence; it also stores the occupant's biometric preferences, adjusting the seat, steering wheel to preferred positions. It also loads the driver's communicator data and frequent destinations.

ACAS is interactive; it responds to verbal commands, and control pad ones. It is typically programmed with a personality akin to a chauffeur.

Autopilot Mode

The ACPAS in autopilot is capable of driving the vehicle to its destination in all operating modes. It uses GPS data, and mapping data from the planetary records. In a large metropolis the ACAS will interface with the traffic control system. When driving in ground mode the ACAS will obey the traffic laws, and take the most efficient path unless otherwise instructed. For longer distance travel, the ACAS plots its course taking into account of restricted airspace, obstacles and so for. It will also inquire if the occupant wants to use the ETJE.

Collision Avoidance Mode

The ACAS is always operating even when the driver is in control. If the vehicle is going to impact an object, it will automatically take corrective action. This includes vehicles on the sides. The ACAS will also control the descent of the Zephyr. If the Zephyr is descending too fast it will override the operator.

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