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EM-J2 Behavioral Paradigms

The EM-J2 Series Servitor Android has a built in paradigm which determines how it deals with certain important situations. It consists of a simple set of clearly defined rules. The rules do not have a precedence, they are equally binding.


The android must protect itself from willful damage that will endanger its continuity. The EM-J2 will take steps to ensure is not damaged to the point of non-functioning. This is to ensure that the Owner's property is not damaged by someone giving a frivolous order including the Owner.


The android is programmed for appropriate obedience. Appropriate means the EM-J2 evaluates the command. The EM-J2 will usually obey the orders or instructions of its Owner or situation appropriate designated person. For example if the android's owner orders it to pour it a glass of poisonous liquid. The android will refuse, as this would violate the most laws.

However it will not obey an order that violates the preservation paradigm. One example of situation appropriate person; if the EM-J2 is told to not admit anyone by its owner, and a Yamatai National Police officer asks to enter. The EM-J2 will decline. The officer than presents an investigative order. The EM-J2 will allow the officer to enter.

By extension of this law; the EM-J2 will abide by the laws of the land it was purchased in.

Typically this means the android will not knowingly:

  • steal
  • damage public or private property
  • injure a person; except to protect itself with a threat appropriate response


The android is programmed to perform any given task to the best of its ability. This does not mean the EM-J2 is an expert, it just will always try its best to complete the task. It should be noted that best can be relative. For example if the android is attempting to cheer up its master. It could decide to behave in a clumsy fashion, spilling a drink on a guest in a slapstick fashion. While the android's dexterity would prevent such a mishap, the objective of trying to make its owner happy would make behaving in a substandard fashion acceptable.

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