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Fuji, Lenna

Fuji, Lenna is an Active Player Character played by Damaske.

Fuji, Lenna
Species & Gender: Female Human
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Cargo Runner
Rank: Captain
Current Placement: ISS Sobek

Physical Description

Lenna is a very athletic human female that best can be described as cheerful, outgoing, and slow to anger. Due to her track and field days growing up, Lenna is very petite and strong, having the physique of a male instead of a woman. Lenna is tall, standing around 5'8, 160-ish pounds, with a golden skin tone, bright purple eyes, and long brown hair held back in a ponytail going to the middle of her back. Lenna's voice is said to be soft unless she is in battle or commanding others, then it has the ring of authority. If someone with a sharp nose would sniff Lenna directly they would be greeted with soft berries and cream scent mixed with the scent of a fertile woman.


Lenna is an easy-going, hard-working person that sees herself as a captain of a large freighter or combat ship in her future. She is slow to anger, but look out once she losses her temper. Leena loves to meet new people and tends to treat newcomers with respect and kindness until they show otherwise. Be rude to her and she'll be rude back, be nice she'll be nice, for example. Lenna has not had much for the way of relationships in the past due to the fact that most of them ended suddenly for one reason or another. Lenna is very bold at times when she is in control or seems to be in control, and very cautious when unsure of herself.


Lenna was born to Masanori and Asami Fuji in Pagoda No Uesureya on Yamatai, 28日 5月, YE 15, where she lived until she turned 16 and decided to head out on her own despite her parent's wishes. However, they did break down and give her their best wishes and helped Lenna with leaving to go find her calling. It was hard for Lenna to do much, as most would think that she was too young to be of help. However on captain did see the promise behind her and allowed Lenna to join the crew as a cabin girl, However, Lenna was more than just a normal cabinboy as she would help the other men with loading and unloading the cargo against the captain's wishes. Many of the crew did not get in her way as she was more than capable of moving what she picked out and sometimes even moved things that should have used a loader or a forklift.

Lenna grew stronger from the extra work that she did for the freighter and soon the captain would pull her away to the cabin to teach her how to maintain and fly a large freighter like the one she was on. Many times Lenna showed such great adaptiveness that the captain would allow Lenna to dock the freighter alone, and even pull shifts where she was the one in command.

After some time and much saving at the age of 20, Lenna set off on her own after getting a small crewed freighter and met soon-to-be close friend Nikicon Swiftfoot. They took command of the Sighwater, a 75-meter cargo ship, and took off to the space lanes for profit and adventure. A few years later, after much success, Lenna upgraded to a 172-meter freighter that she called Sobek. With the larger craft, Lenna became a target for the pirates that prowled the space lanes for easy targets, so Lenna attempted to gain some small weapons to persuade them to find another target.

While responding to a distress call of a large freighter being attacked by a large pirate capital ship, Lenna ran out of ammo, her other weapons disabled by enemy power armor. Lenna told Nikicon to punch out in an escape pod and head for the large freighter. Nikicon refused to leave without her as Lenna as she aimed the large freighter thankfully with no cargo on board, at what looked to be the only large turret that was operation. The Sobek took fire and slowed, but it rammed into the turret shearing it off its mounts, and with a hole in the hull from the ramming maneuver, exploded. Lenna and Nikicon both made it out, but Lenna's power armor was badly damaged from the explosion and anti-power armor weapons fire.

Waking up on the freighter's medic bay with a worried Nikicon holding her hand, Lenna found out that the damaged pirate capital ship pulled away and fled. Lenna was in critical condition but on the mend thanks to the help of the medics aboard the “Outiwaser,” a ship that was not from the Kikyō Sector. The Outiwaser's crew thanked both of them for coming to their aid. As her ship and power armor were destroyed, the captain offered Lenna a ship that was in their cargo hold. As Lenna's condition improved, they pulled the spacecraft from storage and started to unpack and get it ready to be put into service once more.

After a month's time recovering Lenna renamed the odd frigate Sobek II but calls it just Sobek. Seeing that it was a more combat-focused craft, Lenna took steps to turn it into a cargo hauler like the original. Now, Lenna and Nikicon use the former combat craft to haul cargo through some of the most hazardous trade routes that most pass up due to the dangers of piracy.

Skills Learned

  • Domestic: skilled in cooking.
  • Entertainment: Skilled in acting, performing, and singing.
  • Fighting: Martial arts, Power armor operation, Sword fighting.
  • Medical: Basic triage, and first-aid.
  • Starship Operations: Navigation and helm on small craft and fighters only, Helm on larger craft.
  • Survival: finding water, hunting, fishing, land navigation, and shelter construction.
  • Vehicles: Mecha basics, car and truck driving.

Lenna loves to cook, and is very skilled at cooking many foods that she enjoys. In her free time, Lenna might be found singing to herself or acting out a play or performing a favorite scene from a show she enjoys. Lenna has been trained in the use of power armor and mecha, learned to drive both cars and trucks from a young age and is skilled in their operations and combat styles– with the exception of mecha as she is still learning. Lenna learned how to hunt, fish, land navigate and shelter construction from her family since the age of 6. Her father also taught Lenna the art of sword fighting and the way of the Samurai and Bushido.

Social Connections

Fuji, Lenna is connected to:

  • Nikicon Swiftfoot (Crew member and best friend)

Inventory & Finance

Fuji, Lenna has the following:

  • 6 sets of the following
    • Undergarments (female) Simple bra, panties
    • Jeans
    • Normal shirts
    • T-shirts (undershirts)
    • Socks (mid-shin)
    • Towels
    • Washcloth
  • 4 sweat suits
  • 2 Dinner dresses
  • 2 Khakis
  • 3 Leather gloves
  • 2 Running shoes (Aka Triners)
  • Jungle combat boots
  • Combat boots
  • Sandals
  • Formal shoes
  • 2 Sunglasses (with reflective hint and optional verifocals)
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • 2 Liquid soap
  • 2 Floral scent Shampoo
  • 2 Shaving cream
  • Razor (replaceable head, 6 heads)
  • 2 Traditional Flak Vests
  • 2 Combat Vests
  • 2 Web belts
  • 4 Canteens
  • Zen .45 Kendo Special (with chest holder)
  • 4 Kendo Special magizines (inside combat vest, or holder on web Belt)
  • .45 Kendo Express and Yeger Armaments .45 Gryzun ammo
  • Family heirloom Katana with family crest with belt holder (Tamahagane Ta-W1-3a)

Fuji, Lenna currently has 3000 KS.


OOC Information

This page was created by Damaske on 11, 07 2021 at 15:19 using the Character Template Form.

Approval Thread

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Character Data
Character NameFuji, Lenna
Character OwnerDamaske
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationISS Sobek
PlotsISS Sobek plot, Sood Zadra (Plot)
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