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Aida Yuichi

Status: Active

Faction: Civilian

Command Station: N/A

Species: Yamataian

Description: Yuichi was the typical child of a military man and his wife. His father, Itto Juni Aida Genji of the 5th XF was a natural linguist, and was sent as a First Contact representative on several missions, being able to decypher and learn languages quite skillfully and quickly, as well as being able to read body language and learn of differences between the races non-verbal communication methods. These traits have been passed to his son, who has been learning learn to hone them.

Genji had just sent for his wife, Yuuko, to come to live with him on Taiie. Actually, Yuuko suspected him of sleeping around with Nekos and “pursuaded” him to let her come with various kitchen cooking utensils, but that is irrelevant. When the two were settled, they sent for their son…but Taiie was destroyed while the boy was en-route. Without any living relatives, Yuichi was adopted by Yuriko Towa and Jo Midori. Eventually, after enduring the cession and mess of the UOC, Yuichi was sent off to Tsubomi city after its founding to attend classes and have more stability in his life.

Age: 20 Years

Appearance: Yuichi has unruly brown hair and extremely vibrant blue eyes. His skin is in the fairer part of the spectrum. His hair is always untameable, as he is almost always wearing a baseball cap.

Dress: He sometimes wears an old blue and white baseball cap, with the 5th XF Itto Juni pin his father gave him the last time he saw him. Next is a white T-Shirt, a dark blue jacket, and blue jeans. He often wears white and blue tennis shoes.

Personality: Yuichi is an intuitive and empathic young man. He also seems able to pick up on language and social differences more quickly than a normal person. Yuichi has suffered at length, however, due to the death of his family and later the loss of his foster parents. The whole mess left him angry, distraught, and confused. He grew distant from his adopted sisters, but feels an interest in reconnecting.


Yuichi, at age 8

Character Data
Character NameAida Yuichi
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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