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Samantha Wheelwright

Samantha Wheelwright is a player character played by Gardner in the Dark and is currently involved in the roleplay plot.

Samantha Wheelwright
Species: Nepleslian/mutant
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 5'10“
Weight: 140 lbs
Bra Size:
Organization: Nepleslian News Network
Rank: On the spot reporter
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10” Mass: 140 lbs Measurements: 36C-24-36

Build and Skin Color:

Samantha Wheelwright has a very athletic build, and she has fine skin with a slightly tan tone to it. Her skin clarity is excellent, and her skin tone is incredibly even.

Her original skin was a dirty olive green, with tan, brown, and Grey patches that occasional bloomed into vivid green, yellow, red, and blue. Her original skin also possessed scales in several locations.

She has a piercing on her tongue, one on each nipple, a pierced belly button, pierced ears.

Skin and Body Cybernetics

Her cybernetics include color changing sheets under her epidermis that show through. They are sophisticated enough that she can make very fine, high detail, tattoos on them which would require a microscope and surgery to read (Surgery to temporarily pull the skin out of the way). She will often use it to write notes on her arm if she's worried her memories or data may get wiped. To focus when writing the notes, she often traces her skin with her finger, or a stylus.

She has general low level strength and endurance enhancing cybernetics.

She has health maintenance cybernetics that allow her to stay awake without sleep for long periods. They also allow her to live off of glucose stored in a highly condensed form in a small faux battery for weeks to months. One of them is an internal water recycling system so that she can go for long periods without water if she has to. She cannot, however, protect herself from getting grimy and sweaty from not washing.

She has a filtration system built into her throat that allows her to filter toxins out of air, water, and food. Contact toxins will find that her skin has a similar enhancement. Hypodermic, nanotic, or injected toxins will still harm her fairly seriously, even with her slightly enhanced liver and kidneys.

Throughout her skin and body are a series of small data nodes that outfit her for full sensory recordings. She makes these full sensory recordings constantly, unless her cybernetics are turned off, and they are transmitted to a storage facility that she feels secure when and if she's allowed to transmit.

To facilitate her full sensory logs all of her senses have been increased in sensitivity including pressure, pain, heat, cold, pleasure and sight, sound, taste, smell.

She has a handful of small hidden compartments in her body that she can open and store objects in. Generally a few of these are empty so that she can conceal objects in them. These hidden compartments are protected by low-impact sensor baffles. The locations of these implants are:

  • 1 compartment in her left wrist
  • 1 compartment in her left upper thigh
  • 1 compartment on the top of her back
  • 1 compartment on her right side, just above the waist
  • 1 compartment behind her right ankle

She has, like many cyborgs, built in birth control systems so she can put off having a kid until she's ready.

Eyes and Facial Features:

Her 'original appearance' that she usually carries is a green eyed woman with fairly large eyes, and a long nose as well as a wide mouth, high cheekbones, thin eyebrows, and narrow lips. Her tongue is quite long, muscular and flexible by human standards, and the tip was once forked.

Her original eyes were actually amber, and had a slightly slit pupil. Her original teeth were very sharp, and slightly serrated.

Eye and facial cybernetics

Her eyes are cybernetics that are molded to appear incredibly realistic. However they can record and/or transmit everything she sees, and they see much further into the infra-red and ultra-violet section then normal human vision. They also feature the ability to display images from outside sources such as computer interfaces.

A thin layer of silicate clay rests under her facial skin. This clay becomes fluid when an electric shock is applied to it, and can be reshaped to modify her features slightly. The changes are not much, but they're important to a news reporter as it allows her to always be able to appropriately modify her appearance so that the camera won't make her look ugly.

A small implant in her head picks up pre-verbal thoughts directed at it, allowing for narration. These are often recorded and later run through programs to make them sound like they were spoken aloud.

Her ears possess minor modifications including sound modulating and amplifying devices that let her tune her hearing. She can also perform rapid sound enhancement so that she can listen to very quiet or hidden sounds that were covered up by other noises.

She possess several chips in her brain that let her record large quantities of information, and review them later. They also will perform calculations for her, and help her control the news drones she uses. Her mind partly lives on her chips, so deactivating them is very uncomfortable for her.

By dabbing something on her tongue she can perform a chemical analysis of the substance.

Hair Color and Style:

Her hair is usually a sedated brown, and worn up in a top-knot. However her hair is actually synthetic. Its color can be changed, and it can be fixed in any position she wants to fix it in. Because of this she's generally very adventurous about her hair color and style.

Originally she was completely bald, aside from a trill of feathers that ran along her head and down her spine.

Distinguishing Features:

A small radio antenna rises from directly above her right ear. It's actually a decoy that doesn't really do anything other then look pretty. Its casing is decorated with a cute sticker.

Her fingernails are artificial and difficult to break, same for her toenails. They're replacing what used to be her claws.

There's a very sensitive nub at the base of her tailbone that used to be a long whip-like tail. Asking her about it is a bad idea.

Distinguishing Cybernetics

In the small of her back is an access panel for override commands. Occasionally she will be asked to have her cybernetics turned off when entering top secret areas. The override is intended to do that, and allow independent confirmation that her cybernetics are either off, or reduced in function. Each of her systems is listed independently in the override and can be turned off, or reduced in function, independently. A easy to activate preset turns off, or reduces function on everything until her capability is similar to that of an non-augmented person. She has a backdoor into her override that she can use to turn them back on and off at will, but she uses it sparingly lest someone discover its existence.

Some radio antenna are threaded along her spine for long-wavelength signal scanning.

She has several bug-detectors, signal interceptors, jammers, and scramblers implanted into her body and hooked into her web of cybernetics.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Samantha is a woman with a troubled past and a bright future. She tries her best to not think too hard about the past, allowing herself to be caught up in the present, or to plan for the future. She is a high energy and very confident woman who believes herself to be a valuable and important member of society. She will occasionally draw strength from the pains of her past.

She's also quite open about who she is when asked direct questions, though she will attempt to conceal it if asked indirectly, using ambiguous phrasing and wordplay to avoid having to bring up her past and subjects she's not comfortable with.

She is not at all concerned about finding out who her biological parents are. As far as she's concerned they severed all ties with her when they put her up for adoption.

Likes: Knowing secrets, tails and things with tails. Dislikes: Drugs, being snubbed, reminiscing about the past, People who speak ill of her adoptive father. Goals: To eventually become a very rich and important journalist and start her own news service.


Family (or Creators)

  • Norman Wheelwright (Her adoptive father, a “Big” (Term taken from social_structure or VIP of some sort)
  • Evelyn Thompson (Secretary to Normal Wheelwright)


Samantha Carter never met or knew her parents, they gave her up for adoption shortly after she was born. She grew up in an orphanage as a ward of the state, but was ridiculed by the other kids due to her distinct appearance and obvious alien origin. At a young age she left the orphanage, developed a nasty drug habit, and started prostituting herself, and stealing anything that wasn't tied down in order to get by. She was well on her way to becoming a mean street punk when one of her customers caught her stealing from him.

The customer, Norman Wheelwright, who had caught her stealing from him was actually impressed by her skill more then angry, though it took him a while to convince her of that. He was also a fairly wealthy individual. To keep her from escaping he picked her up by the scruff of the neck and carried her to his car, then locked her in the backseat. After that he treated his wounds, caused by her claws and teeth. Then he drove to the orphanage and signed the appropriate adoptive papers.

She was, obviously, quite frightened for the entirety of the trip, and her withdrawal from the hard drugs she had been taking only made it worse. Over time, though, she became a part of the man's house, serving as his cute little sneak thief, and collecting information on guests and other politicians for him so he could blackmail them. When she was an adult, and much better cultured, he paid her way through Journalism school, and got her an entry level job at the NNN where she received further hands on training in journalism. Later he paid for her “reconstruction” surgery and cybernetics, on the condition that she got rid of her tail too. She still feels she owes a great debt to him, and refers to him as her father. They still screw occasionally.



Samantha is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, star-ships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Nepleslian and Delsaurian, Yamataian, and Elysian. She can speak and write all correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, etc.

She is capable of using scramblers and descramblers in order to communicate on a secure line. She also knows proper protocols for transmission and receipt of video and full sensory records. She also understands the protocols behind conference calls, and video conference calls. She is well versed in legalese, and buisness speak.

Art and Vocations: Journalism, Investigative Journalism

Samantha is capable and trained in high level and highly cerebral journalism, the neutral reporting of the facts. She was educated at a major journalistic school, and later received further training from the NNN.

She's also trained in how to correlate and collect those facts, how to conduct interviews, how to do her own makeup prior to interviews, and how to present information to people so that they see the details she wants them to see.

She can hide details in plain sight, and is trained in slipping things past editors and censors. She is well qualified to report the news, investigate cover-ups, assist in cover-ups, suck up, snub, and be either unbiased and uninvolved, or deeply involved but still able to maintain objectivity. She is also capable of throwing objectivity to the wind.

She is also capable of doing her own makeup.

Entertainment: Journalism/creative non-fiction

Samantha is a capable and trained entertainment specialist, capable of creating a news like product that reaches out into hidden deeper truths. She is capable of interweaving a story with her own personal experiences and thoughts to create a deep and gripping narrative that plays a little loose with the facts, never out and out lying, but occasionally omitting and certainly spinning in order to lead the reader down the rabbit hole to find the Truth. She is capable of throwing objectivity out of the window, after beating it up, stealing its wallet, and buying its shirt off its back with the wallet that she stole from it.

She is capable of editing photos, videos, and full-sensory recordings to better tell the story she wants to tell, putting the viewer into her shoes, and into the heart of the situation. Notice that while she is capable of editing her photos, videos, and full-sensory recordings she very rarely actually does, as losing credibility is a bad thing, though she may take them out of their original context.

Tech Operations

Samantha is capable of using the Nepleslian, Yamataian, and Elysian OSes. She can also operate most simple and moderately complex technological devices, such as recording devices, and media devices.

Maintenance and Repair: Cybernetics

Samantha is more then capable of maintaining and repairing her own cybernetics, as well as the cybernetics of others. She is also capable of maintaining and repairing her other journalistic equipment including remote sensing drones, camera drones, and all sorts of other things.

Knowledge: Law, Memory

Samantha, due to her cybernetics and her journalistic training, is constantly recording everything she sees, hears, and does. She is always capable of remembering the important details, even with her recording cybernetics shut down, including enough small but significant details to allow her to sound authentic.

She also has databases of the local laws from each of the major powers in this world, so that she knows when and if she is breaking the law.

Rogue: Street Rat.

Samantha grew up on the streets of Nepleslia, and she had learned how to lie, cheat, and steal at an early age. She is more then capable of lying, detecting lies, picking pockets, concealing stolen merchandise, disappearing into the croud, picking locks, hacking security systems, and generally making a nuisance of herself. She also has a great body, and the confidence and ability to use it to get her way, if all else fails. It's how she put herself through journalism school. (Seduction, Streetwise, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Hacking, Sneaking, vanishing in large groups of people.)


Samantha Wheelwright is currently a On the spot reporter in the Nepleslian News Network. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

I hope her past isn't too lame. I tried to make it “From rags to riches” sorta. Think a twisted version of little orphan Annie.

Character Data
Character NameSamantha Wheelwright
Character OwnerGardner in the Dark
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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