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Maxwell "Max" Jaeger

Maxwell “Max” Jaeger is an NPC controlled by Lamb in the IPG.

Maxwell “Max” Jaeger
Species: Nepleslian Mutant
Gender: Male
Organization: IPG
Occupation: Intelligence Officer
Rank: Senior Cheif
Current Placement: Intelligence Liason, Kovax System

Character Description

Max is an exceptionally mutated Nepleslian man. With sharp features and a wicked grin showing off sharpened canines, this macabre IPG Agent only fits in because of the well-known mutant population in Nepleslian space. His skin is a slate grey tone, and his deep orange eyes are reflective and slit-like– very much like a cat or a snake's eyes. His 'hair' is soft and fur-like, a cropped mane in the shape of wild orange and white tufts of well-manicured hair. This set of curious features is wrapped over a lanky, yet muscular frame; ending in a long which whips about with a bouncing, braided and banded tuft of orange hair on one end. Max is rather proud of his hands, bony fingers ending in stiff, callous-like claws that are extremely rigid. He sharpens these claws daily on a scratching post made for a pet cat. Maxwell prefers nice clothing, being self-conscious about his mutated form. Unfortunately for him, his job often requires him to dress down; and his most frequent appearance is like that of a drifter; tattered brown duster and ubiquitous holy jeans over dusty black work-boots. Max is known as a generally fun-loving guy, often poking fun at his fellow agents or even making jokes at his own expense. In the field, he's charming yet standoffish; playing the character of a mysterious rogue. His advice is usually sound if poorly given. Maxwell is often seen toying with his hair or exploring his pockets as if absent-mindedly he'd left some valuable in his coat. While this would normally be off-putting to most; his childish cat-like grin makes it seem whimsical.

History and Relationship Notes

As a boy, Maxwell was an orphan. Whether or not his parents were hideous creatures as well is the subject of many bitter conversations amongst other children he grew up with. And the Marines he served alongside in the Star Army. And the Marines he led in the SMoDIoN. And his coworkers at a private security company.

In YE 31, Maxwell joined the IPG when none of the agents who approached him made any mention of his extensive mutations. He acted as an Operator until the IPG restructure of YE 34. At this point, he became an Intelligence agent, though due to his previous standing he occasionally arranges raids and acts with initiative on the more juicy or pressing leads.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade, Pidgin Abwheran
  • Because of his extensive mutations, Maxwell is extremely agile. He has honed this talent over the years and is an experienced free-runner.
  • Due to his enhanced mutant vision, Max can see well at night and at long distances– his only weakness being fog. Again, he's focused on this in his personal training so as to enhance and take advantage of this ability. Maxwell is also an excellent marksman.
  • Maxwell know the ins and outs of Nepleslian law. Before joining the IPG he briefly considered a career in law-enforcement. He abondoned this trade, but nonetheless maintains the knowledge he gathered in that pursuit.
  • Maxwell is a pretty decent pilot. Yup.
  • Having a highly enhanced sense of smell, Max decided early on in his IPG career to take toxicology courses to precisely train his natural ability. Aside from giving him the power to identify scents, he also gained a general knowledge of biology and chemistry in the process; as well as a somewhat tenuous grasp on the medical arts.
  • After extensive experience and training, Maxwell is a more than adequate spook. He has always had a natrual mind for tactics and secrecy; the added training from the IPG has only served to improve that skill.


Maxwell “Max” Jaeger has the following items:

  • 1 IPG Uniform, pristine condition
  • 1 Dart SMG, with two spare magazines
  • 3 pair, aged and distressed denim pants; black, grey, and blue
  • 2 pair, kahki cargo pants
  • 4 button-up bowling shirts; green, black, white, and grey
  • 1 pair, steel-toed work-boots, ankle high, black
  • 1 tattered and highly distressed brown duster, no shoulder cape, with trauma plate inserts and thirty interior pockets
  • 1 comb; novelty switchblade style
  • 1 heavily modified Ripshot, with lengthened barrel, semi-auto only; with spare magazines
Character Data
Character NameMaxwell "Max" Jaeger
Character OwnerLamb
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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