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Daimon is a Nepleslian Faction NPC made by Charmaylarg.

Species & Gender: Nepleslian Cyborg
Organization: National Police Force of Nepleslia
Rank: NC

Character Description


Daimon stands at 5'6 but often stands slouched, his build is thin, wiry, and all around non-threatening. His skin is pale and pocked with old scars and liver spots and is taut and thin exposing much of his ribs and bones with no noticeable fat. His hair is a thin and scraggy gray with the barest hint of black that is around neck length.

All of this is a farce. Under the surface, Daimon is one of the more dangerous examples of nepleslias cyborg culture. His frame is reinforced, his muscle is cybernetically enhanced and hidden under faux synthetic skin that in its own right is as tough as leather. His organs have all been replaced with cybernetic counterparts far above their organic originals with the exception of his brain that resides in a braincase so thick a tank might not even crack it if it drove over him…


Reinforced Durandium Skeleton.

Synthetic Muscle.

Cybernetic eyes capable of seeing in several spectrums.2) And are capable of neurally connecting him to various equipment around him within line of sight.

Increased shock absorption.

Cybernetic hearing enhancement.

Cybernetic vocal enhancement.

Cybernetic Lungs, Heart, Kidneys, Intestines, etc.


Like his appearance, Daimon's day to day demeanor is a fake. He acts frail and senile at times, pretending to be weak and hard of hearing. all to give the perfect act that hes just some old man fit to be underestimated. This has, in turn, allowed him to deceive and triumph over many who have tried to see him dead.

In reality the National commissioner of the NPF is as sharp and alert as any marine and as resourceful and charismatic as any spook. He is rightfully paranoid of his surroundings and everyone around him and is very untrusting of others having seen the worst of nepleslia at its lowest and what even the best men will stoop down to just to survive.

He likes dogs. Most recently his favorite breed is the new Gunhund. As well as being shown to show a more relaxed side around the older breed of nepleslias officer cadre, many of which were groomed by him to their current positions, allowing Daimon a buffer of upper echelon officers to call upon in times of need, and skilled and elite DTR men to fill his personal bodyguard cadre full of.

History and Relationship Notes

Daimon was born in ■■■■■■■■■. on ■■:■■.

Daimons exact birth, parents, or even age are unknown to everyone except the man himself and a very small and trusted cadre of officers. What is known however is that Daimon has been at the epicenter for some of nepleslia's most demanding and dire crises in its recent history, Cracking skulls and making arrests right beside, or commanding the officers involved.

For decades Daimon was known as the premier example of a veteran beat cop serving in FunkyCity. Like many police sergeants that served under him as a lieutenant, Daimon was a pro at handling riots, robberies, and all around crime by application of violence (Usually at the end of a truncheon.). Serving in FunkyCity as a hotbed of corruption and crime he was never found wanting. For as long as anyone knew him, he was always the old man. an unaging3) man of surprising strength and unbreakable resolve.

In YE:29, the NPF officially became a united organization. And Daimon was the spearhead of the new regime as one of the old hounds leading the charge against corruption and crime. Things changed however during the civil war. Daimon was no stranger to the reds and the conflicts that often sprung up with them. Yet the war drew many of the critical officers needed to police and keep peace into the meat grinder of recruitment, leaving many of the officers behind to be desired in the old mans eyes and leaving a fragile balance within the NPF not even the old man could sway in his favor.

His actions to repair the NPF and help keep the organization together during these times is known sparsely, seeing how many of the men who encountered Daimon and his growing cadre of young, violent, and committed officers of the new generation he was mentoring cleaned house of the various officers and commissioners who attempted to take advantage of the chaos of the war and the mishu invasion of funky city for their own plans of intrigue and power.

By YE:38 Daimon had appeared on the radar again, having been elected the planetary commissioner of planet nepleslia, And instead of trying to tackle the planets corruption or innumerable crimes committed on its surface used his rank and connections to start a modernization of the NPF. Supplying it new gear, weapons, equipment, and vehicles needed to do its job. This, in turn and the noticeable effect it had in places where the NPF was hard pressed to keep its presence gained Daimon the eye of the senate.

In YE:40, Daimon was elected to the rank of National Commissioner of the NPF by a majority vote. Since then his job has been restructuring the NPF, Taking down high profile criminals no other commissioner had the guts to take on, And dodging assassination attempts, Usually at the expense of the men and women guarding him…

Skill Areas

  • Communications4)
  • Physcial and fighting
  • Tactics
  • Leadership
  • Rouge


  • Durandium Reinforced cane5)
  • Hip flask6)

OOC Notes

approval thread here

Made by Charmaylarg as a factional NPC for the NPF. Any GM using the NPF can use Daimon, And any Nepleslian FM has access and rights to use him for advancement of the faction. Ill get art of him sometime this year (2019)

Daimon has no birth-date, last name, and such features to give the impression of mystery around him for possible future RP. As well as to imply he was someone else Pre-YE0 and became a cyborg looking old man at some point, Casting aside his old life for the police force…

Character Data
Character NameDaimon
Character OwnerCharmaylarg
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Daimon conceals his age behind his cyborg body, having joined the precursor to the NPF as a cyborg disguised as an old man, nobody knows his true age, and Daimon has never revealed the truth of the farce to any but his most trusted
Thermal, Night vision, Even sound waves
Often attributed to his stubbornness
Trade, Yamataigo
Contains a built taser feature when jabbed with the bottom of the cane.
Filled with cybernetic targeting repair nanites, Poisonous if consumed by organic, non-cyborgs

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