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Cedric Sommerville

Cedric Sommerville is a player character played by Cedric.

He is currently involved in the NSS Asp plot.

Cedric Sommerville
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 37 years old
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 6' 4
Weight: 196 pounds
Organization: Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Demolitionist/Sapper
Rank: Mid-Corporal (E-5)
Current Placement: NSS Asp

Theme Song: Citizen Soldier

Battle Song: War is the Answer

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 4 Mass: 196 pounds Measurements: N/A Build and Skin Color: Cedric seems to be one of the closer things that you can get to a human tank without being an ID-SOL. He is has extremely broad shoulders, his arms and legs show just how strong he is with muscles rippling under pale white skin. Said skin is, as mentioned, very pale, and seems to get sun-burned quite easily.

Eyes and Facial Features: Cedric has a large lantern jaw, pronounced cheek bones, and a wide, flat nose. He has a dark, hazel colored right eye eye, and his left eye is a NA-M3300 Bionic Eye. His forehead is rather broad, going along with his other facial features, and has a scar on it from where he recieved damage through his suit due to a Mishu's nose cannon.

Hair Color and Style: Cedric has thick, raven-black mutton chops (which some have compared to shrubberies) and equally black hair that he keeps in a braided pony-tail down to the base of his neck. He has bushy, thick eyebrows atop his hazel eyes.

Distinguishing Features: Cedric is a VLM (Very Large Man). He also has a tattoo of a flaming skull on the right side of his right, upper bicep. Besides this, he has a bionic eye in place of his left eye, and the scar on his forehead.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cedric seems to be the epitome of the stereo-typed, “large but friendly man”. He always seems to have a smile, save for in some of his later family photos, and never seems to really be genuinely concerned about anything in particular. Of course, he's still a good soldier: he'll do what he's ordered to do, when he's ordered to do it, and he won't ask questions as long as the brass doesn't complain about how he gets the job done in the end. Cedric is a very trusting individual, who is your friend for life if he likes you.

However, despite his otherwise jovial attitude: he doesn't like to talk about his parents with people. This seems to be the same for both friends and people that he doesn't know too well.

On the other side, if you make him mad then you find yourself with a very bad enemy. Sure, he doesn't have any sort of political connections, but any of his fellow Marines need to keep in mind that his job involves copious amounts of military-grade high explosives.

Likes: Good beer, being with his fellow Marines and those he considers friends, and “…when stuff 'splodes”. Dislikes: Talking about his parents, cherries, and when something doesn't go “right” (see, when he doesn't get to blow something up). Goals: To not get his head (or any appendage) blown off and to prove to others that he's a perfectly capable soldier. Though, since having lost an eye, already having died once, and recieving a near-fatal chest wound from an NMX Ripper: his goal seems to have failed. It's now to simply do his best to at least negate as much damage as possible from the Marines he is now in command of.


Family (or Creators)

  • Jonathan Sommerville - Father - Deceased
  • Elizabeth Sommerville - Mother - Deceased
  • Nancy Lowe - Sister - 32 years old
  • Anthony Lowe - Brother-in-Law - 35 years old
  • Shelby Lowe - Niece - 4 years old


Born in Los Apagos, Cedric's father was the owner of a small restaurant that was quickly going nowhere financially. Growing up, Cedric was the oldest of two children, with his younger sister Nancy being born three weeks after his fifth birthday. Overall, his childhood was relatively uneventful. His father was very big on the security of his family and as Cedric got older, his father began teaching him things like self-defense, and how to use guns. He was able to competently use and maintain a .45 caliber pistol before his fifteenth birthday. Unfortunately, his father teaching him those things didn't help his father any two years later. At that time a mugger assaulted his father on the sidewalk, shooting him twice in the stomach, and running.

His mother fell in to depression, not even bothering to put any real effort in to running the restaurant that she had just inherited. As a result, Cedric ended up raising his younger sister, and his own mother by taking up work in a small construction company. It was there where he began to learn how to use explosives, as a demolitionist for the company. Eventually, Cedric didn't need to raise his surviving family anymore. His mother had killed herself and he gladly passed the restaurant on to his sister. As a result, he found himself relieved financially, and in a job he didn't really want to do his whole life.

At 36 years old, his logic was simple. He didn't have any advanced schooling so he couldn't get any better jobs, he didn't need to support his family anymore, and he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in a hard-hat while hauling construction materials all the time. As a result, he came to the realization that his physical size, strength, and affinity for explosives could probably stand him in good stead amongst those in the military.

Mission 1: Quick Save

Cedric's first mission as a Marine was to raid an NMX prison camp.

The landings were supposed to be performed via shuttles, but complications on the way in caused one shuttle to be absolutely destroyed, and the one Cedric was aboard crashed in to a field near the prison camp. Cedric woke up in the crash and set to work inspecting the condition of the crew's ship. Finding them to be…gone…he made his way to the prison camp with his fellow Marines. Unfortunately, his entrance did not go unopposed, and he found himself falling through the ground in to a long tunnel. There, a shield blocked the roof, with another shield forming behind him that began to push him further in to the facility. There, he came across what looked to be a sort of torture chamber, but unfortunately for any would-be captors: it wasn't built to withstand a PA-equipped Marine. Making his way out, he met Fhion in her cell.

He didn't know it at the time, but she was an NMX spy in disguise.

After getting to the surface (meeting up with the mercenary Harm, before-hand), he witnessed one of the drop-ships extracting the prisoners get shot down, and ushered Fhion in to the remaining shuttle. Harm ordered him to take her to the medical bay. It was there that the doctor found her blood breaking down, revealing her true nature. Bullets proved ineffective as she phased through the floor, and made her way for the bridge. Cedric headed for the engine room, where he and Matteo performed security in case of attempted sabotage by Fhion. While doing so, the room was flooded with radiation, and despite her being immune to the effects of normal bullets, Matteo's lasers, and the searing radiation did her in, and caused her to phase through to the floor below the engine room. Cedric, needless to say, felt overjoyed at the suffering of the spy.

Mission 2: THE COW LEVEL

Just short of nine o' clock, the Neppies Beef Ranch reported several injuries requiring medical attention. When the police arrived, some workers who had gotten out told them there was a bio-hazard, as well as something running loose in the facility. Fearing the worst, the Marines were sent in. They were told to expect a virus of some kind, so Cedric took plasma grenades, a flamethrower, and an AMP in an Aggressor armor in order to burn away any infectious material. After that, they moved by air to the facility, and deployed on to the roof. It was at that point when elevator doors opened up, and the Marines hesitated.

Naomi, Cedric, and several others all suggested to use the stairs near by, and use the elevator as a secondary attack. Following the idea, Harm ordered Naomi and Matteo to use the elveator, and ambush anybody down below. Meanwhile, Cedric and the rest of the team advanced down the stairs. Once they had reached the bottom, they were in a caged off area, and confronted with a massive ID-Cow bull opposite a long hall: near a grinder. It began charging them and the team opened fire. They were “saved” from the cow when a stray shot from Naomi down below detonated several bio-bombs. This caused the cow to fall in to the grinder at the far end of the hall.

Meanwhile, A mishu Shock Trooper fled on a monorail train carrying several more bio-bombs. Once Avel had cut them out of the caged hallway, the team broke out in pursuit. Since the bio-weapon had spread over the facility, Cedric stayed behind, and collapsed the entrance of the mono-rail tunnel in order to prep the area for “cleansing” by Drei. Then he helped the others in following the train. While doing so, they confronted a tank which Matteo took out via missiles from his Aggressor, and they exited the tunnel to confront an armored car. Using his BOLT missiles, Cedric took out the train's rear-facing defensive weapons, and made several holes in the armor.

The roof-mounted turret was taken out with a strafing missile strike by Naomi.

The Mishu Shock Trooper emerged from a hole in the roof and begin to throw bio-bombs around wildly while Wazu, who had arrived via air, took out the falling bombs with pressure cannons. Unfortunately, the Mishu threw a barrel at Cedric. Firing at it with his nose-cannon at it, he sent Cedric spinning wildly, and proceeded to fire at him more. A glancing shot off his helmet caused Cedric's left eye to pop, cracked his forehead, and caused internal bleeding. From there, he landed, passed out, and had to be medically tended to by his fellow Marines. However, Avel made the mistake of taking off his helmet early. This was a problem, because before Cedric's falling to the ground: the Mishu Shock Trooper detonated the remaining bio-bombs, and covered the whole district.

Mission 3: The Nepleslian Job

When it comes to Smuggling on Nepleslia, the Black Syndicate know all the tricks of the trade, and all the people who are involved in it in Nepleslian space. Wanting to find out how the Mishu were getting their weapons on to and throughout Nepleslian space, Wazu briefed the Marines of the 4th fleet. The Black Syndicate based themselves out of a large and fancy-looking casino where their primary source of power controlled from. Wazu had already secured a meeting with their leader and would be heading in as a uniformed soldier. While he did that, Matteo and Avel would be his guards, Pheadra would act as sniper suupport, and Cedric and the others would go in as a plain-clothed “cover team” in case things went bad during the meeting. Well, needless to say: things went bad. Heading over to the casino's bar, Cedric had been told by Harm to just try and relax. Noticing two young girls on the dance floor, Cedric asked the bartender to send them both some drinks, curteousy of an obscene amount of money provided by Wazu. One of the girls took interest and headed over. Unfortunately, she revealed herselve to be Fhion. The NMX spy from before. She grabbed Cedric in a one-armed hug and tried to stab him with a knife to the stomach. Thinking quickly, Cedric stopped the knife with his hand (though it stabbed through the palm) and head-butted Fhion away. After that, a stand-off occurred between the bartender (with a shotgun), Fhion, and the Marines. When Fhion tried to jump the bartender, Pheadra fired, and Fhion was gone in an instant, and it seemed that the threat had been eliminated . . . but no. Up in the office with the head of the Black Syndicate, Avel was badly wounded when one of the Syndicate guards began shooting the place up, as well as Wazu, but they managed to fend off the attack of guards.

Down below, Harm produced a large amount of RX-33 for Cedric: enabling him to blow a hole in the wall that would give them quick access to a waiting half-track. After doing that, he managed to kill a guard with the very same knife that Fhion had tried to kill him with, and acquire the man's pistol. Not long after that, the guards started filling the casino with smoke grenades, and heavily armored thugs began moving in to secure the area. Thinking quickly, Cedric decided that the best way to help his multiple injured teammates, as well as his other fellow Marines . . . was to die. He moved through the casino floor, away from the exit they had made, and took cover behind some slot machhines as two guards approached. Shooting one of them in the face (his shield saved him), Cedric came away with a wound in the shoulder, and fled to hide behind a game table. The two guards moved in, Cedric lunged at one, and in the end of the confrontation he was dead on the floor. They had finished him off with a blast to the head.

Thankfully, the Nepleslians had cloning technology.

Mission 4: In Before the Close

Returning from his assignment from Admiral Wazu to establish the Nepleslian School of Fine Arts, he found the unit to be under an entirely new command from a new Admiral, but that his position as the squad's second-in-command had still been maintained in his abscence. Meeting up with Phaedra before their mission to infiltrate a secret NMX facility, he got up to speed as quickly as possible on the condition of the team, started to silent memorize some of the new faces that had arrived in his abscence, and also took relief in the fact that some of the “old reliables” (Phaedra, Matteo, and even Laura and Bernhard) from before he left were still present in the team. Marines who he knew well enough that he didn't need to worry too much about them out in the field. Once this was done, he had recieved the mission briefing from the Admiral, and had immediatelly gotten suited up to head out for the operation.

Interesting Historical Facts

Cedric was one of the primary influences in 4th Fleet's founding of the Sapper Training School for Nepleslian Marines to learn how to become trained demolitionists.

Skill Areas


Cedric is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from others through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He is fluent in Nepleslian. He can speak and write it correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. Cedric is also skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc). However, he is not a communications specialist by any means, as almost all of these things were learned in basic training.

Fighting & Physical.

Cedric already knew how to fight in a slug-fest, as is expected when growing up on Nepleslia, but when he joined he got further training. His training includes basic hand-to-hand combat (primary focuses being to disable/kill an opponent), followed by an intense training regimen. He is trained in pistols of all types, knife combat, grenades (and other explosives), and rifles of all kinds. He can repair his weaponry with adequate time and tools. He is in excellent physical shape, with high endurance. He is also trained in how to operate land-based power armors, though he requires the suit's A.I. to do anything advanced.


Cedric has been trained on how to survive in hostile environments. He knows how to construct a shelter, hunt or forage for food and water, build a fire, and so-on. Due to his training, he also knows how to effectively camouflage himself, and is familiar with the practice of guerrilla warfare tactics.

Strategy (Tactics/Discipline).

Cedric is fully capable of giving out or recieving tactical commands, and can work with fellow soldiers to follow those orders efficiently. He is fully aware of the essence of teamwork in the field of battle, has been intensively trained in discipline and morale, and is able to recognize his command structure (even during times of extreme pressure, such as combat). He is also trained to recognize ambush points. He knows basic math for calculating distances, etc, and can use a tactical map.


Cedric spent his younger years before enlistment, until his late 30s, handling explosives with a construction company. As a result, he was already familiar with how to handle, identify, manufactur, and dispose of explosives (at least those used in construction). After his enlistment, he was trained in more advanced (military grade) equipment. With the right equipment, he can detect and disarm enemy explosives as well.


While Cedric is no professional chef, it should be noted that he often had to cook for his family when he was working for the construction company. While this task was eventually taken over by his sister with his working later and later nights, he did it long enough that he can cook a good home-made meal if he has the right ingredients and facilities.



  • 2x Denim jeans, dark blue.
  • 1x Pair of steel-toed boots, dark orange.
  • 1x Pair of sneakers, black.
  • 6x Pair of mid-calf Socks, white.
  • 1x Belt, black, leather.
  • 1x Light coat, dark green.
  • 4x T-Shirts (1 white, one green, two blue).
  • 1x Baseball cap, black.


  • 2x Pullover shirts, green, with nameplate, and shoulder-pad rank patches.
  • 4x T-Shirts, white.
  • 4x Underwear, white.
  • 2x Khaki cargo pants.
  • 1x Beret, green, with flash patch.
  • 1x Gloves, black leather.
  • 1x Pair of boots, black.
  • 6x Pair of boot Socks, white.
  • 1x Belt, dark brown.
  • 1x Type 33 cap, green.
  • 1x NCO Floppy Cap, green.

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • 2x Short-sleeved mocks, green, fleet number on right chest.
  • 2x Work-out shorts, khaki.
  • 1x Pair of trunks, green, fleet number on right leg.
  • 2x tank tops, green, with fleet number on right chest.
  • 2x Pair of ankle-length pajama pants, khaki.
  • 1x Pair of slip-on flexi shoes, black.


  • 1x Pistol belt, black, with HHG holster.
  • 1x HHG “High Hybrid Gun” revolver, with 2 spare HJP magazines.
  • 1x Pair of identification tags, metal, with name and hometown.
  • 1x Canteen, 1 quart.
  • 1x AwesomeCorp DataJockey.
  • 1x Wallet, with Marine Corp insignia plated on it.


  • A Electronic Money Card
  • A Bionic Eye replacing his left eye.


  • 1x Picture of his father, his mother, his sister, and Cedric.
  • 1x Picture of his sister, brother-in-law, and niece.
  • 1x Picture of Cedric and four others, in front of a blast site (friends).
  • 1x Demolition Tool


Cedric Sommerville is currently a Staff Sergeant (SSgt) in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. He receives a weekly salary of 200 DA.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameCedric Sommerville
Character OwnerCedric
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty

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