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Angela “Angel” Giovanna Mancini

Name: Angela “Angel” Giovanna Mancini
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Family (or Creators): Father, Toru Yoshimori, alias Rudolfo Mancini, 57 Mother, Maria Mancini, deceased
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5'8”
Weight: 145 lbs
Bra Size: 32A
Organization: Nepleslian Star Military
Rank: Soldier Third Class
Occupation: Space Marine
Current Placement: Pending

Angela Mancini in Roleplay

Angela is a Player Character played by CatoTheElder and is currently involved in the Pending plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8” Mass: 145 lbs Measurements: 33/30/32 Bra Size: 32A

Build and Skin Colour: Thin but quite muscular, Mediterranean complexion

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Delicate, patrician features, dark brown eyes

Hair Colour and Style: Black hair, cut just long enough to expose its natural curliness

Distinguishing Features: A rough tattoo of the Freespacer star on her chest, with small bump just above it where her Kawaii Life Key sub-dermal respiration monitor is located. When not in uniform, usually sports a slightly worn brown leather jacket and Uno Sunglasses. Often carries at least one pair of electrified knuckledusters.

Song: Bad Reputation

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: In a word, prickly. According to her past, she's a rich girl with a good education and mob connections, running away from her father because she had to break off a fling with a Freespacer. None of these traits are particularly admired by the Nepleslian Marine Corps, who tend to dislike criminals, despise spoiled rich kids, prize toughness and independence, and often see love as a vice of those too wimpy to engage in as much casual sex as possible. As if that weren't enough, Angela truly does want to make a break with her former life, grow up, and make her own way. Therefore, drawing in part from the more rebellious phases of her youth, as well as from the rough and ready spirit of the corps, she has reinvented herself.

Whenever there is a fight to be had, a fortified position to be captured, a drink to be drunk or a boast to be boasted, Angela is there, earning her the sarcastic nickname “Angel.” She is as loud, profane, and aggressive as any good testosterone-poisoned, battle-drugged marine, and manages to look her squad mates in the eye despite being a good half-foot or more shorter than most of them. And like any good marine, she will also make a fairly serious pass at anything that looks like it might have compatible bits or is willing to improvise. But she's not just talk.

To back up her boasts, she spends a great deal of time at the firing range, working out, and, when no one's looking, studying up on everything from military regulations to the history of the Nepleslian Marine Corps. When it's drinking time, she always parties just as hard, but tries (not always successfully) to remain a bit more sober than her buddies so she can keep an eye out for trouble, and meet it with electrified knuckledusters to the forehead should it come knocking. While she's still fairly new and catches the prerequisite amount of flak, she's striving to build up a reputation for reliability and knowledgeability without being considered a “know-it-all,” which can be a death sentence for one's social life in the corps.

Deep down, she fears that everyone can see through the facade, that they know she isn't worthy to be a marine and can't do anything by herself. Although she knows Freespacers aren't big on monogamy and hasn't been monogamous herself, she still misses her lost love terribly when she starts doubting herself or feeling alone. However, the only one who ever sees this side of Angela is her Kawaii, and she always manages to get up the next morning to pull the act off again. No-one she's ever worked with has seen anything but a rough-and-ready marine who's always ready to put boot to turf. And that's just the way Angela likes it.

Likes: independence, adventure, roughing it, partying, intoxicating substances, chain-fed weapon systems, exploding things, Freespacers, her Kawaii

Dislikes: formal events, formal clothing, formal etiquette, formalities, the color pink, being controlled

Goals: asserting independence from her father (and pissing him off as much as possible), gaining the respect of her fellow marines, promotion or an officer's commission



Toru Yoshimori was originally a small time Greshin crook with an imperious manner and big ambitions- ambitions that eventually forced him to flee Greshin for the relative lawlessness of Nepleslia. There he took on the identity of “Rudolfo Mancini” and joined the Black Faction. Nepleslia was a place where a bright criminal could make his way in the world, and Toru quickly assimilated the culture, gaining a reputation for being a Nepleslian's Nepleslian. In fact, he was so suited to Nepleslian “free enterprise,” several layers of criminal and social strata found themselves on the wrong end of a knife, bullet, or blackmail note, and their positions occupied by the “Mancini's” rising star. Soon, he was well established in Nepleslia's upper crust, and lacked only one thing: an heir. After a several fruitless years of trying for a child, Rudolfo and his wife Maria finally succeeded, but Maria died in childbirth. Thus, Angela, grew up in the smothering, over-protective love that only a traditional Nepleslian crime boss can muster his only daughter.

Rudolfo was moderately wealthy and very influential locally, so his Angela wanted for nothing. In fact, she grew up spoiled. Since Rudolfo was more than willing to give her anything she wanted, this worked out quite well, until Angela was about eleven. It was then that she began to demand something her father was unwilling to give her: independence.

Soon, although she was very bright, Angela had made it a habit of failing out of every private school her father could find for her, ditching or crashing her father's social gatherings (depending on whether or not she was invited), and generally raising hell. Eventually she managed to accrue enough credits to “graduate” from primary schooling. With a heavy heart, her father got her into a prestigious college, while lining up the next three substitutes. But against all expectations, Angela was a model student. Her father was overjoyed, until he found out why his daughter had suddenly become so studious.

It turned out Angela had fallen in love with a female Freespacer named Voidwalker Farstar Five-Seven 57-4238-9910, who had been assigned as an attaché to the new Freespacer consulate and did occasional seminars at the university. Thus, Angela and was only studying hard to remain close to her. In addition to such a relationship being considered completely taboo in traditionally gender-imbalanced Nepleslian culture, her father had more personal reasons which he would not admit, even to himself. While he naturally wanted his daughter to marry someone she'd love, if she was busy with cavorting with some nobody he'd never be able to talk her into a more politically advantageous union. Rudolfo immediately dis-enrolled his wayward daughter and brought her home, where the two spent several months alternately not talking to each other or engaging in lively screaming matches.

The breaking point came when Angela discovered that her college friend had been recalled to help her home Fleet recover from a massive antimatter containment accident. In addition to the extreme danger involved in hard-vacuum recovery and salvage operations, Farstar was already eighteen, and would be elderly before the end of the repair mission. In emergency situations, it is not uncommon for even deserving Freespacers to be passed over for cloning, given the scarcity of resources. In extreme cases, 'Spacers can be forced to wait decades for resurrection. This meant that it was very likely Angela would never get to see her lover again.

Heartbroken, Angela resolved to leave home forever, and did so in the traditional way- by joining the marines. Her father secured her a place in one of Nepleslia's military academies, ensuring her an officer's commission. Therefore, Angela made a point of enlisting at the lowest possible rank. Furious, her father cut her off from his power, money, and influence, making it clear that the only way she would be accepted back home was on bended knee, begging for forgiveness. Naturally, this was not well received. Angela gathered up some belongings, boxed up her Kawaii, and got the marines to expedite her enlistment to that very day. Father and daughter haven't spoken since, but unbeknownst to Angela, or, for that matter, to anyone, Rudolfo is silently watching her career and checks the KIA lists every morning before breakfast.

Service Record

Basic Training

Your average stint (plus a bit of extra excitement and culture shock) at Nepleslia's friendly and welcoming basic training facilities.



Angela is familiar with the operation of basic civilian and military and communications hardware, thanks to an exposure to a wide array of consumer electronics in the civilian world and Nepleslian Space Marine basic training, which makes it a point to ensure basic competence with all commonly used weapons and devices in its recruits. From her schooling, she is able to speak good Nepleslian and horrible, barely comprehensible Yamatai, as she has no great gift for foreign language and the subject never interested her. In addition, she is also able to use the Nepleslian Star Army's non-verbal communication system.


Much to her dismay, Angela is painfully, intimately familiar with formal entertaining. She knows how to greet people of various ranks and social stations, which forks to use for what course, what sort of smalltalk to use on which people, and how to look demure. In addition, she is familiar with the more sedate forms of ballroom dance, including several kinds of waltz. These skills, along with countless other bits of high-society behavior were deeply ingrained in childhood, and Angela has spent the last ten years trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to forget them. Angela can also play the piano on an intermediate level, something she is beginning to enjoy again now that she's not being forced to practice anymore.


Before she joined the Nepleslian Marines, Angela was exposed to two different forms of combat. Officially, she has some training in fencing and retains a reasonable level of competency, though she is largely unable to apply it to real-life combat. Unofficially, she badgered her father's security chief into training her in Nepleslian street fighting, which, while not at all the most dangerous or effective of martial arts, is one of the dirtiest forms of combat in existence. She knows how to use electrified knuckledusters, and is well-versed in where to put elbows and knees for maximum effect. More recently, she received the Nepleslian Star Army's basic combatives and marksmanship training in boot camp.


Despite her tendency to fail out of schools faster than you can say “conduct unbecoming of a young lady,” Angela has attended some of the best schools in Nepleslia and has some college experience as well. Through the years, she has picked up the better part of a classical education that includes history, literature, poetry, art appreciation, philosophy, and politics. Angela is aware of the most of the public facets (and one or two of the private ones) of the current Nepleslian political scene, and is aware of the larger issues confronting the other major interstellar powers. Angela rarely lets on that she is as well educated as she is.

Knowledge: Organized Crime

When Angela was in her teens, she was generally completely uninterested in what her father had to say- the only exception was her avid interest in the family business. Angela knows the ins and outs of white collar crime, as well as being familiar with the better kinds of blue collar crime, and who to call to get the dirtier work done reliably and cleanly as possible. She also has a wide array of underworld and Black Faction contacts and connections. However, almost none of them are willing to risk her father's wrath by helping her, effectively cutting her off from Nepleslian criminal society.


While she has no genetic alterations or cybernetic implants, Angela is in excellent physical shape. Starting from her gymnastics classes in childhood, where she specialized in the uneven bars, Angela has followed a strict strength-training regimen that has only been enhanced by her time in the marines. While she is far too tall to be a professional gymnast, she still retains much of her childhood training and incorporates gymnastics practice into her workouts. Her level of fitness is something in which she takes considerable pride.

Survival and Military

As a Nepleslian Marine, one must have a basic set of military and survival skills. Though it was a difficult transition, Angela is now as familiar as the next marine with elementary tactics, map reading, how to pitch a shelter, and other tidbits of essential knowledge. In addition, she also had to learn several difficult and painful lessons that were overlooked in her childhood, such as how to iron and fold clothing, how to shop in a normal store, and what kinds of looks not to give your superiors.


Military, Standard Issue
2 pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
4 T-Shirts, white
4 bras, white
4 underwear, white
2 khaki cargo pants
1 beret, green, with flash patch
1 pair gloves, leather, black
1 pair Boots, black
6 pair boot Socks, white
1 belt, dark green (pants)
Military Weapons, Weapon Accessories
1 Zen Armaments .45 with two extra magazines
1 combat knife and sheath
Military, Miscellaneous
1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
1 Canteen, 1 quart
1 rank Patch, S3C
Excercise Cloths/Equipment
4 green running shorts
4 short sleeve T-Shirts, green
1 pair running shoes
4 pair ankle Socks, white
1 bag gymnast's chalk
Hygene Items
1 bottle soap (liquid)
1 bottle shampoo
1 toothbrush
1 stick of deoderant
1 tube toothpaste
1 loofa
1 comb
2 towels
1 pair shower shoes
Personal Effects, Miscellaneous
2 pair jeans (second hand)
2 pair T-Shirts (black with designs, red with designs)
1 pair sneakers
1 pair black panties
1 pair Uno Sunglasses
2 pairs of electrified knuckledusters
4 battery packs
1 brown leather jacket (second hand) with large pockets
1 Kawaii, extended life model, keyed to Angela's vital signs, with EternaKawaii personality backup
1 armored Kawaii carrier with life-support module
1 portable Happy Kawaii (TM) Kawaii Care Kit, with KawaiiKibble
1 chrome egg (powered)
1 case contraceptive drugs
1 DA Card, 630 DA Balance
Character Data
Character NameAngela "Angel" Giovanna Mancini
Character OwnerCatoTheElder
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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