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Alex Yoshinaga

Alexandria “Alex” Yoshinaga is a player character played by Taishou89.

Alexandria “Alex” Yoshinaga
Species & Gender: Human Female
Date of Birth: YE 20
Organization: Intelligence and Pacification Group(Former)
Occupation: Commando
Rank: (Former)Private First Class(NSMC) (Former)Corporal(IPG)
Current Placement: NSS Interregnum(Former)

Preferred Plots:

  1. NSS Interregnum

Physical Description

Skin: Fair

Height: 5'3“

Weight: 121 lbs.

Build: Fit and in shape.

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: pixie cut, but longer than normal.

Voice: Generally quite soft spoken except when reporting to superiors, addressing lower ranks, and overall when getting right down to business. Alex's speech is quite proper and seemingly well educated and not the most vulgar aside from some common curse words. However when she does get pissed off, irked, or generally excited she will break loose from her proper speech and engage in vulgarities, this has often surprised many who first meet her and haven't seen that side of her. She does speak with an accent which sounds almost British.


Growing up in the slums of Funky City, living a life of struggle just to get by, really strengthened and toughened her up psychologically and this does show from time to time. Conflict, violence, loss, and pain are not new to her and her superiors in the NSMC have given praise on her relatively calm nerves and reactions in heated moments during her training. This is not to say that she is insensitive or immune to the anguish of emotions like all humans are, for as she may react rather calmly she feels the same anxieties and concerns that any person might in the heat of battle, however most times these feelings and her very own emotions do not hit her until the aftermath of whatever just happened. Very aware of this fact, it is not unusual for her to seek solitude to let loose her pains and feelings in the aftermath.

Aside from her stoic and well composed professional nature, she is very kind and generous and she knows how hard Marine life can be and so she often takes it upon herself to help ease the settlement of younger and newer recruits into their new station, although she herself is just a lower ranker as well. Her Kindness and Generosity is often given sometimes at her own expense and sacrifice, but this is usually more so for someone that would be deemed quite high on her list of care and friendship. Like any human, her dark past does occasionally visit her and she can become quite depressing and reclusive when it does, she's good at hiding it in public and social settings, but her reclusive behavior will often be a sure sign that something is bothering her. She only opens up entirely to those she trusts and those in her inner circle, if you're not in, have potential to be in, or she just doesn't like you, then you'll probably get the surface story or a MYOFB. Although most times she avoids consuming alcohol especially in excess, it is in her darkest moments that you may see her indulge in way more than she usually would socially.

She can be impatient with indecisiveness in others and as such is likely to assume control and make the decision out of frustration. This does give her leadership points and it is very possible that she could prove herself to be quite a capable leader, but as of now as Private first class, she has no aspirations of climbing the ranks, but will accept responsibility and duty if it is placed upon her. Her biggest critic is her own self and this is what drives her to perfection and can be one of her greatest assets, although if she isn't careful, it can be one of her greatest faults if it cripples her.

Alex joined the NSMC to pursue glory, adventure, travel the galaxy, make new friends, and see exotic places, but mostly to escape the slums of Funky City and her painful past there. In the NSMC she found order, stability, and structure, but mostly opportunity to build a new life and a future for herself. Upon graduating Basic training, She donned her NSMC Dress uniform with pride, as it was a symbol of a major accomplishment and great step into a new chapter in life. Even upon being recommended by her superiors in the NSMC for the IPG, and after being interviewed and submitting to further training, she still kept her Dress Uniform and Beret as a symbol of her accomplishment. Being Fairly new and having never been in Combat yet, she is eager to prove her worth to her Superiors and often will give her all in whatever task she is given. When it comes to other people's indecisiveness, She can be impatient and as such, likely to assume control and make the decision out of frustration, of course she doesn't do this with superiors. It is very possible that she could prove herself to be quite a capable leader, but as of now as Private first class, she has no aspirations of climbing the ranks, but will accept responsibility and duty if it is placed upon her

Relationship wise, She is bisexual, but mostly attracted to females. She has been in 1 relationship thus far,Daran Ist'Laderen, a Vekimen who had been in command of her Commando team aboard the NSS Interregnum. If she were to enter into another relationship, she would likely take a more passive role and to allow her partner to take the lead. In a relationship, it is likely that given her nature, she would be a very strong supporting figure to her significant other. She is very loyal and she holds loyalty very high on her list, even to this day she is still grappling with the loss of her lover and is still very fiercely loyal, but she has yet to come to terms with the possibility that he is indeed dead after being MIA for this long.

(Update 5/8/2023): After everything that has occurred since the NSS Interregnum was destroyed in the wake of Captain Bate's decision to defy the IPG's order to Kill Daren Ist'Laderen following the break in relations with the Vekimen, it had a profound impact in her development. The struggle and hardship she would endure after their group had been separated and scattered across the system after the last major engagement they fought. Having been the group's only Designated Marksman, she was assigned to provide over watch while Captain Bates and the team met with the Captain of another ship that could provide transport for them out of Neplesian space. It was a trap laid out by the IPG and resulted in an Ambush, Alex had initially caught signs of suspicious movement of plain clothes personnel, but before she could radio Captain Bates, a bomb had gone off. After the initial surprise and the loss of some of her fellow crewmates, She saw thru her scope that most of the team's core members Captain Bates, Lieutenant Riggs, and Daren had survived and involved in a firefight and Immediately set to providing cover fire for them as they pulled back until an explosion caused by a gunship to the lower portion of the building of which she was atop resulted in the building to collapse. Alex was injured in the collapse, but managed to survive when she heard the order from Captain Bates for everyone to scatter and escape. She escaped and survived with only the wounds of her spirit and mind being the only thing yet to fully heal.

Evading capture and surviving alone for 2 years, battling the demons of loneliness and regret. The search for her crewmates and newfound family have yielded no results and their wellbeing or whereabouts remain unknown. All of this have had a profound impact on her personality as well, having become a tad more reclusive, paranoid, and untrusting. Without a cause, without friends or allies anymore she has begun to waver in her quest of finding any clue to her loved ones and with how much time has passed without a clue or even rumors, the question that hey are alive had begun to set in. This, combined with her own tragic history before the Marine Corps, has caused her to suffer from survivors guilt as well being the last of her family and the last of her unit to be alive. Despite all this, she has surprisingly managed to avoid descending into self medication, but how long can she hold out? These are the contributing factors that would undoubtedly affect her personality in the present.



Alexandria “Alex” Yoshinaga was born in YE 20.

Alex was born in YE 20 in the Slums of the city of Funky City, to a single mother, Victoria Yoshinaga, just scraping the barrel to get by and put food on the table. Her Father was one of the young marines that would frequent the club where Victoria had worked as waitress and they dated for a couple of months, until he up and left on a deployment with the ship he was stationed on, it wasn't long after that, did the young mother of 2 learned that she was with child. Alex's two older siblings, Iris her older sister and the middle child and Jake the eldest of the 3, both shared the same father who was a factory worker who was killed in an accident at work.

While Victoria worked lots of long hours for peanuts at the club left, Jake in charge of the household to take care and watch his younger sisters, although he was just 14 while Iris was 11, and Alex was 6. Jake took it upon himself to be the man of the household and often times did take a lot of the responsibility placed on him to be seriously, while Iris was the crafty and a sly pickpocket who would sneak out through the Ventilation system to earn what little extra household income could be made. Alex meanwhile, was usually always trying to follow her older sister, but often times would be caught and given a crack of the belt by Jake. Iris's little enterprise was usually overlooked by Jake, only if she brought home some decent and worthy loot, but Alex was considered the baby of the family and thus not allowed to leave the apartment without Jake.

However, one day when Iris snuck out while her mother was sleeping after having worked a 16 hour shift, she came across a fairly well dressed man carrying a briefcase. Everything about the man screamed importance and dollar signs, and so she followed him waiting for the right moment to lift the case. Eventually the well dressed man ended up in a dimly lit tavern sitting in a booth in the corner, meeting a man who looked so very familiar and covered in tattoos. As the two men sat and began to colorfully discuss and disagree on certain matters, the well dressed man had placed his brief case on the floor and there was the moment she was waiting for. Carefully, she crawled under each table and booth until she ended up right under the bench like seat that the well dressed man was seated and quietly she switched out the man's briefcase with a beat up ugly looking one she had snatched from another man a little while earlier.

Carefully making her get away, she exited the tavern quite calmly but catching the eyes of several unpleasant and cheeky looking fellows. A commotion erupted from the tavern not long after she exited, followed by the tattooed man dragging the well dressed man with blood streaming down from his head, pleading for his life. As his eyes caught sight of Iris and the briefcase in her hand, he pointed and screamed “That's It! That's my Brief case”. “Hey Kid with the case!” the tattooed man called out to her, but Iris bolted down the street as the tattooed man and his henchmen gave chase. Heading for the crowded main street, Iris was confident that she could lose them there since it usually always worked but at one point in the chase, while Iris was squeezing between a fence post and an alley wall, the tattooed man was able to grasp hold of the chain of her locket but with her will to escape, the chain broke freeing her but leaving her locket to the tattooed man. Iris was able to get home quite safely, but this incident would lead to the deaths of her entire family in retaliation. Alex Being the only one who survived and only by having successfully snuck out of the apartment just prior to Iris's return.

Alex would return home through Iris's secret passage way in the air ducts just in time to witness the cold murders of her entire family. As her mother lay there slowly bleeding to death in front of the air vent, their eyes meeting. Tears streamed from both of their eyes, Alex on the verge of screaming and wailing in horror, Victoria softly shushing the young Alex, softly pleading for her to stay silent, to stay alive. She closed her eyes and looked away as her brother could be heard telling Iris to run, followed be his curses hurled at the tattooed man, only to be silenced by a blunt object striking his skull, several more blows landing until all that was left was his twitching form on the ground and a horrifying mess. She heard Iris's screams as the men chased her down to her room, followed by the the thrusts of a blade into her body and then silence. Opening her eyes again she found herself staring into her mother's eyes, no longer blinking and frightfully still. She fought back from making any sound as the tears didn't stop and as she fought against the urge to sob in fear. She could hear the men leaving and once they were gone she didn't hold back any longer and continued to wail, bursting out of the air duct and crawling to her mother and trying to wake her, but to no success. Clinging to her mother and sobbing all night, with no care that the blood soaked and covered her.

A couple years later, she roamed the streets learning to pick pocket to survive, eating scraps wherever she could find them. One day she pick pocketed an old man who was well aware of her actions, grasping her hand just as it left his pocket. Panicking she tried to break away, but he did not release her until he spoke “Calm down child… if you're hungry, come with me.” as he released her hand. He could tell that she only did so out of survival and that it was only natural, but Alex bolted off, not entirely trusting the man. However, she was quite intrigued, he did not treat her like an irritant, but that he had a spark of care and kindness. He did not even pursue her even after she made off with the money she lifted from him. On the next day she spied the same man in the market area purchasing some fruit, but instead of attempting to pick pocket him, she followed him all the way home keeping out of sight. Twice the man turned around as if sensing someone followed him, but neither time did he discover her.

Sneaking up the only fire escape on the building, she located the man's apartment, just as he was entering. It was somewhat crowded with books and trunks, as She watched him for some time as he began to prepare some kind of stew. Her stomach growled as the smell entranced her, for a slight moment she feared she may be discovered because it growled quite loud. As he prepared two bowls and set them on the table, he soon departed from the kitchen into a room down the hall, it was then that she snuck into the apartment, and began to almost inhale the stew. “I thought I was being followed…” She spun around to find the man standing in the kitchen's entrance with a book in his hand.

It took 4 months to earn her trust, 4 months of the man preparing a 2nd bowl at each meal time just for her and her sneaking into his apartment via the fire escape, but she eventually began to become more tame, nearly half a year later she was entirely civilized once again, opening up little by little the man as he asked her questions and tried to converse with her, learning her name as she learned his to be Professor Albert Murata. By the time she turned 9, she was living in the Professor Murata's apartment, in a spare bedroom that he had cleaned out for her. He became like a father figure to her and took it upon himself to educate and teach Alex. She was taught in not just subjects of literacy and mathematics, but also informally in Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology, of which Professor Murata was a Professor of. She was no longer feral, no more eating scraps from the trash, no more pick pocketing, and no more sleeping in the streets, She'd become civilized, cultured, and educated. Although, she still pick pocketed from time to time mostly out of fun, but none the less she was much better off. She came to learn that before Albert was a Professor, he had served in the IPG, but he dared not tell much on the subject, usually brushing it off as old boring stories even though she pressed him quite often on the matter, he did not share.

When she was 16, she woke one morning to find Professor Murata in his chair, head tilted over. Not responding to her verbal attempts to wake him, she tried to nudge his arm and found it cold and immediately realized what had happened. Professor Albert Murata had passed away peacefully in his sleep and it was yet another loss in her life of someone so close, that she felt her world beginning to fall around her. She ran from the apartment, tears streaming her face fighting back her emotions, barging through the crowds until she could run no further and found herself in an empty alleyway she began to sob.

After recollecting herself and as she looked up, she saw a large poster of several men and women in green uniforms and the words:


With that she found an opportunity, and followed the directions on the poster to the nearest recruiting center. There, the recruiter laid out a life of adventure, excitement, glory, and travel, steady pay and benefits, the whole 9 yards of what it means to be a Marine. All of these things, only bolstered her hope, but there was one thing that she wanted and that was to leave Funky City and not look back and the Sergeant promised her that she'd likely spend many years rotating around wherever the corps needed her, but that she would get away. With that, she signed the enlistment contract and was given the details on where and when to report to.

Life In Basic Training was Tough, even for her after such a hard upbringing, but she didn't give up. Those years of fleeing from people she pick pocketed on the streets certainly paid off in all the running they did in BT. None the less she was scoring pretty average in most of the training, until they moved on to firearms safety and handling. The concept of target acquisition, proper sight alignment, and trigger discipline wasn't at all hard for her to understand and despite never firing a firearm in her life before, she scored a 35 out of 40 on the Marksmanship qualification, but had come really close to scoring a 36, which would qualify her as Expert Sharpshooter, but the last round missed by an inch from the target. It was during her firearm training and familiarization with most of the Marine Corps's small arms that she discovered she had a fascination and curiosity for firearms, and took it upon herself to learn more including the history behind certain models, she would undoubtedly seek to handle or own some of the firearms that she has read up on. Upon graduating Basic training, she was recommended to attend Marine Sniper School, despite her original enlistment as Infantry. She asked for some time to think on the offer of recommendation from her superiors. It was during that time, that an Officer of the IPG had sought her out with the intentions of recruiting her into the IPG's Commando Training Course, after having gone over her file and the positive feed back from her instructors. Remembering about the mysteries of Professor Murata's days in the IPG, her curiosity compelled her to take up the offer and she accepted.


After serving several months on the Interregnum, and growing attached to her crew-mates, a kill order was placed on their foreign Commando Commander, Daran Ist'Laderen, and their Chief Medical Officer, Cleo O'Conner. Instead of carrying this order out, as would have been her duty as a Marine and IPG member, and executing the two 'former' crewmates, she instead rushed to their aid -as did many of her fellow crew members and superiors-. Upon discovery of this act of treason, the remaining loyal IPG Commandos sought the destruction of the traitors. They failed, despite managing to kill many of the traitors and severely injuring a majority of the survivors, and the traitors escaped, and managed to destroy the NSS Interregnum after their exodus.

Somewhere along the way, while evading bounty hunters and commandos sent to hunt them down and kill them, Alex was separated from her family and somehow managed to survive and evade Nepleslian Authorities and The bounty hunters for a great length of time. All attempts to track down her family and link up had ended in failure due to the never ending complications caused by bounty hunters and the authorities. Being of lower rank, the bounty On her head was a lot smaller than those on her companions, which aided in her ability to evade.

At one point and time at a remote space station, an IPG Captain had offered Her Amnesty and reinstatement if she would state her allegiance and aid in the capture of her comrades, to which she replied with a well aimed shot to the Captain’s head. This incident Nearly resulted in her death as IPG forces closed in immediately after, but by a stroke of luck or a miracle, or perhaps more specifically well placed explosives, she was able to escape, although she sustained 6 gunshot wounds and suffered a mild concussion.

Since that incident, Alex had to lay low to recover from her injuries. She was fortunate enough to have been rescued by members of an obscure, but peaceful cult, who treated her wounds and nursed her back to health. The physical wounds were nothing compared to the emotional and mental wounds caused by the anxiety and worry about her loved ones. There was at one point A time in which Alex had been restrained by cult members and kept in restraints.

Overtime as She began to grasp and conquer her own mental demons yet again, she was given more freedoms and eventually allowed to leave with all her things and the stolen transport she had escaped in. Things settled down, and there was no news about the fate of her comrades, and there were significantly less Nepleslian patrols and bounty hunters.

Alex set out to search for her family yet again, whilst still grappling with the all too familiar loneliness, she endured before the Interregnum.

Social Connections

  1. Alexandria “Alex” Yoshinaga is connected to: Victoria Yoshinaga (Mother, deceased)
  2. Louis Wolf (Father, Status unknown)
  3. Iris Yoshinaga (older sister, deceased)
  4. Jake Yoshinaga(Older brother(Oldest Sibling), deceased)
  5. Professor Albert Murata(Guardian/Educator, deceased)

Newfound family:

- Captain Joshua Bates, former Commanding Officer of the NSS Interregnum. He is like a father figure and friend to Alex. (Status: Unknown)

- Lieutenant Ava Riggs, Former Chief Security Officer aboard the Interregnum, she is like a big sister and Best friend to Alex.(Status: unknown)

- Daran Ist'Laderen, Vekimen commander and Former Commander of the Commando team in which Alex was apart of. Alex’s lover he was also one of her best friends.(status: unknown)

- Cleo O’Connor, The lovable psychotic and sadistic Former Chief Medical Officer of the Interregnum, despite having Literally tortured Alex as a funny kind of way of hazing or welcoming the newbie on the ship, Alex eventually considered her among her newfound family and a close friend. (Status: Unknown)

Skills Learned


Reads and Writes Trade and Can speak and read limited amount of Yamataigo just enough to get by.

Survival Training

(Trained to Live off Nature's Land) Basic NSMC Survival Training courses, followed by further IPG Commando Survival Training. Overall survival when supplies are cut off or inaccessible due to a high volume of enemy occupation of surrounding territory. In Short: Trained to live of Nature's Land

Nepleslia Marine Self Defense Trianing

(Trained in Combat, Hand to hand) Trained in hand to hand combat for defense and attack with or without weapons of any kind.

Qualified Marksman

(Men who fight by night and day) Qualified Marksman with the M3 Rifle.

Qualified Expert with a score of 237 out of 240 with the Zen Armament .45 caliber hand gun.


(Courage peak from the Green Berets) A skill learned while surviving as an orphan on the streets of Funky City, Alex is well capable of scavenging for useful supplies and resources, further enhanced by Survival training.

Hacking and Data Retrieval and salvage

While in the IPG Commando Training Course, she was trained in basic Hacking, Data Retrieval, and Salvage of deleted information, but she is not a professional.


Basic Camouflage and stealth training received during IPG's Commando Training Course.

Inventory & Finance

Alexandria “Alex” Yoshinaga has the following items: Inventory & Finance Alex has the following:


  1. 3 sets of IPG issued Uniforms(Pants and jacket)
  2. 2 Pairs of Black IPG issued jackboots.
  3. 10 pairs of Black undershirts
  4. 10 pairs of Black underwear
  5. 10 pairs of black Socks
  6. 1 NSMC Dress Uniform(Coat, White Belt, pants, and beret)


  1. 3 pairs of PT shorts(Black)
  2. 3 pairs of PT short sleeve quick dry shirts(Green)w/ NSMC logo
  3. 1 pair of Swim Trunks (Black)
  4. 1 pair of Bikini bottom and top(Green)


  1. 1 Black double breasted IPG issued Greatcoat with red piping and corporal ranks. IPG patches and identifying marks removed.
  2. 1 Olive Drab Field Jacket(OOC designation: M65 Field Jacket)
  3. 2 pairs of white short sleeve button up dress shirts
  4. 2 pairs of black neck ties
  5. 1 pair of white long sleeve button up dress shirt
  6. 1 IPG Badge w/ belt clip
  7. 3 pairs(2 spares) of Browline glasses w/ non prescription glass lenses
  8. 2 pairs of NSMC issued Khaki Cargo Pants.
  9. 4 pairs of Black Cargo Pants(Poly/Cotton Ripstop)
  10. 1 pair of Black dress pants.
  11. 1 black suit jacket.
  12. 1 blue dinner dress(gift from Daran for their first date)
  13. 1 Conceal carry shoulder holster w/ 2 magazine pouches for Zen Armament .45 pistol.
  14. 1 Guitar Hard case with actual acoustic guitar, and built in concealed Long arm storage compartment.


  1. 1 M3 Assault Weapon System DMR, 11.5x43mm Slugger, with 9(20rd.) magazines, Variable Power Optic, 3 point sling.
  2. 1 .45 Zen Armaments, Gun Metal Black, with spare 6(10rd.) magazines, 7 altogether.
  3. 1 Westech Trench Shotgun, 2 boxes(50Rds total)of 12 Ga. 00 buckshot. 2 boxes of slugs(50 rounds total) (Metal dog tag fixed to the stock “To: Alex From Captain Joshua Bates and Chloe O'Connor)(Personal Collection, Gift from Captain Bates and Ms. Chloe),(Updated 1/22/17)
  4. 1 Westech Trench Shotgun(Sawed off), 2 boxes of 12 Ga. 00 Buckshot(50 rds total)(Updated 4/3/2022)
  5. 1 Snapshot PDW, 5 spare 32rd magazines(total:6), 1 custom made 75rd Drum Magazine.
  6. 1 Styrling Longbolt, HD Zoom Scope, 1-15×50 Zoom, 5 (6rd) double stack magazines, 1 box of 10x58mm(45rds total), 1 box of 10x58HE(18rds total), 1 Black Steenplast Rifle Case, foam lining, holds 5 magazines.
  7. 1 Utility Combat Knife M01A


  1. 1 pair of metal Identification tags, Alexandria Yoshinaga, Funky City, Nepleslia
  2. 1 Canteen 1 quart
  3. 1 P7 Pamphlet
  4. 1 small bag of hygiene necessities(Deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, etc)
  5. 1 Wallet with NSMC Insignia plated on it.

Alex currently has 20,006,000 DA. (20,000,000 DA deposited into account per Crime Boss Chloe O'Connor.)

OOC Information

Alex is a Scorpio

OOC Notes

In the case Taishou89 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAlex Yoshinaga
Character OwnerTaishou89
Character StatusActive Player Character
Approval Thread…
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusDischarged

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