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Sindy-xou Draguun

Sindy-xou Draguun is a player character played by Dragon God.

Sindy-xou Draguun
Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 18日 9月 YE 17
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: S6 - FD&L
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Head Fleet Development

Physical Description

She is 7’11”, having a great slim figure. She weighs 340 lb. Her skin is tan and smooth, her hair is short and auburnt. Sindy carries a devilish smirk, as if she’s always up to something. Her bust is an E cup. Sindy also has some burn scars on her arms from working with fire. Her eyes are wide and grey. She wears her Osman military uniform, with a captain insignia on it. Sindy looks younger than she already is.


Sindy is very mischievous. Always pissing off her father and annoying her mother. She is not inherently evil but she is not good either. She’s also numb to pain, but not emotionally. She is very subjective to loss of a friend. She can only barely stand the sight of dead people. Which made her a great spy during her service. However she always tinkered and was extremely educated like her cousin Kyro.


Sindy was born on the planet 188604. She grew up with her father, mother, uncle, aunt, and cousin. Her and her cousin trained and played together. She would always piss off her parents and uncle. While her aunt didn’t much pay attention to her. Her only friends were her cousin, Kyro, and a few other troublemakers she would get with and sneak into the armory and look at the weapons. She was not involved in her family much. Her only true connection she had was messing with her cousin, who had a lack of emotion or anger. So it wasn’t as fun to mess with him as it would be with her other family and neighbors. However he would break her out of a few issues. It was only be a matter of time before the civil war broke out. She enlisted after her cousin. They were in charge of the cavalry. Their family being distinct riders for the royal family. She was placed immediately as an officer, while her cousin started as a soldier, making his way up from there. Sindy made a name of herself very quickly and started to gain victory after victory, but it wasn't enough to win the war. She suffered a massive battle when the main Osman general dragged her into a head to head bloodbath. The rebels winning, barely. She was captured only to be set free due to a compromise made by her cousin. Since then she only saw her friends looking worse and worse through the war. With her and Kyro holding firm. That was until USO came and took over. She tried to fight back, in both rebellions she was involved in. She never saw her cousin when they arrived, but she did manage to meet up with friends during the take over and later rebellions. Sindy, while rebelling, noticed the vessels that USO came in. She decided to study them, and she talked with people who knew about them. Sindy knew what she was going to do during those rebellions. Study and create ships. She would spend the next 5 years studying them and making schematics to create them.


Sindy has joined up with Section 6 on 188-604. There she has been moved to become Head of Fleet Development.

Skills Learned

Engineering- She’s fully capable of creating ships and other vehicles.

Mathematics- Growing to be a top scientist in R&D on starship design and other vehicle components.

Physical- Being trained in martial arts since she was 3 and being in the military for a few years helped her get in shape.

Maintenance and repair- Fully capable of repairing ships and vehicles, as well as jury rig some vehicles or electronics.

Starship Operations- She knows the ins and outs of ships and how to pilot them efficiently.

Technology Operation- Extremely well in handling AI and operating computer systems, as well as a decent hacker.

Vehicles- Can operate vehicles effectively.

Social Connections

Sindy-xou Draguun is connected to:

Kyro-vek Draguun (Cousin), Lora Kingley (Fr-enemy)

Inventory & Finance

Sindy-xou Draguun has the following:

A Draguun Silver Ring

Sindy-xou Draguun currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by dragon_god on 04, 03 2018 at 15:42.

In the case dragon_god becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameSindy-xou Draguun
Character OwnerDragon God
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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