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Koroleva Lezviy

Koroleva Lezviy is a player character played by IQ.

Koroleva Lezviy
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja Female
Date of Birth: 35ๆ—ฅ 9ๆœˆ YE 35
Organization: USO: Section 6
Occupation: SABER Operative
Rank: N/a
Current Placement: N/a

Preferred Plots:

Physical Description

Always seen wearing this mask, Koroleva is a curvacious Nekovalkyrja standing at 187 centimeters. With wide hips, a large chest. And thick, long, sculpted legs. The muscles on her arms are also well defined. From behind the mask hangs long, thick, greasy and filthy silver hair. Caked with mud, dirt and blood. Reeking of the scent of death and decay. Then again, this is the general odour that surrounds her. Hygiene isn't too high on her list of priorities, after all. Underneath the mask is a sharp, yet pretty face. Pretty under the blood and soothe. Beset with silvery blue gems under surprisingly well-kept eyebrows. Thick and luscious lips finish the expression.

The mask allows for her furry neko ears to have space enough to be in a comfortable position.

There is a small intrigue at the middle of her chin and at the end of her jaws. Small, black lines. This is because her chin can split apart, her jaws can move independantly and her chin can also move up and down. An altered jaw and chin to grind down food to nothing but small chunks. This combined with her strength as a nekovalkyrja and her augmented speed gives her near unparallelled biting power. A true predator.

Koroleva is scantily clad, however. She has nothing but bandages covering her skin. These bandages run up to her throat, ending at halfway her thighs. And only covering a small section of her shoulders. A shoddy military harness containing several shivs, as well as a elongated combat knife, slapped across her chest. And a large, green sheet wrapped around her form. This sheet is altered to hold a countless amount of shivs. The sheet also has several hitches to cling to her form easier and opens up at the front.

Another oddity to Koroleva is the fact that her left arm is removed and recplaced by an odd-looking cybernetic replacement. Actuated by the nanomachines and fueled by the altered blood she was implanted with. This replacement is brown and features not one, but two arms. Giving her a grand total of three arms. They are conjoined at seperate joints implanted underneath her shoulder, allowing seperate, independant movement from eachother.

Koroleva's blood has been completely replaced by another substance that serves the same function as normal blood. But features a fluorescent blue look that remains even when it leaves her body.


Nicknamed Poltergheist, the grim-killer, The Bosh Butcher, the Carnage Cannibal, Sewer Princess, etc. Koroleva has a myriad of nicknames that fit her psyche and modus operandi. She is an indiscriminate killer and eats about everything she can get her hands on. Ranging from wild plants to rats, to people.

Koroleva is an oddity. None knows where she came from, how she got on 188604 or why she's there. Or why she is as psychotic as she is. She has self-harming and agressive tendencies, her madness knows no bounds. There's always the most deprived a sentient mind can get. And Koroleva does miracles to constantly push that border further and further into degeneracy. She can't write or read, only speak a few choice words. Though most often, the noises she makes is to intimidate and scare her prey. This ranges from scraping two shivs together, scraping one against the wall. The clacking of her teeth or low grunts and growls.

She enjoys scaring people, stalking them. And is often prone to less movement when someone is directly looking at her. Subconsciously, she almost always inches closer to people putting their back to her. Breathing heavily in their neck or rustling shivs when she's mere inches away from them. While this isn't initially agressive, it is just borderline creepy at times. And she derives pleasure from it.

Koroleva is extremely territorial. It is rare for her to leave her courtyard, from which the borders are clearly marked with rotten and eviscerated corpses, oddly altered bone effigies and anything in between. She doesn't hunt out of her grounds, but rather decides to trap and kill anyone dumb enough to wander into her courtyard. It isn't uncommon for children to also die due to the traps she sets. While she finds these deaths regrettable, flesh is flesh to her. She is however known, to take in children that wander too far. 'Taking care' of them for indefinite amounts of times. It has happened a multitude of times parents came asking for their children. Provided they survived the traps, a traumatic experience is what they endured. But Koroleva, albeit reluctantly, always handed them back. Even the infants she decided to kidnap and care for. Scientists that studied her mental profile, still scratching their heads, blame this on some form of maternal instinct. Despite her not ovulating and thus being completely infertile.

Koroleva is also extremely teathrical in her killings. After the umpteenth individual eviscerated, it tends to get boring. It was at this point she started to decorate the borders of her courtyard with corpses and odd, bone effigies, forged by using her latent electrical powers and the bones of the people and animals she killed. Giving them a charred look, with brisk, blue embers that seem to brim with energy for eternity. Almost arcane and profound.

Little to none know what actually goes on in her head. She is found distracted, twitchy and suddenly having her attention pulled away from people, as if she heard someone shouting her name. Empaths and telepathists that found access to her mind have decided to shut themselves out after a minute. Saying they'd go mad from the mess. Others went mad, they became blubbering messes, muttering and rambling about the 'Great One', or saying the voices found them out and started shouting so loud at them that they had to stop.

In short, Koroleva's mental profile is nothing from a psychological mess. Her madness is so depraved, people blamed it on an incomplete or improper hatching sequence as a Nekovalkyrja, yet it is so methodical, brutal and thought through. As well as mention of this 'Great One' that this argument has also been ruled out. A genuine anomaly.


Koroleva has been around for a long time. Psychopomp took her in, salvaging her hatching tube from a derelict Yamatai medical ship. There she was hatched and developed her powers subjected to several psychopomp programs. She fled psychopomp however and settled on 188604, in a shady outpost. Where she laid claim to the town square. First she was met with resistance from the local populace and gangs, thus she retreated to the sewer system. There Kolovera grew out to be the predator she was, tricking people into the sewers, trapping them and using them as bait for others that came looking. This is where she became dubbed as the Sewer Princess. But soon, she made a move for the surface, wanting to reclaim her original territory. Which she did with unabated brutality. Putting corpses and heads on stakes, skinning people and hanging said skin to the walls. It's been more than often she has been succesfully arrested, subjected to mental tests, empaths and psychotherapists, before execution, though she always found a way to slip through the cracks and escape. Sometimes, leaving a trail of eviscerated corpses in her wake. At other times, without even touching someone.

And she always returned to the courtyard. The small village she lived in changed 'owner' more than often. Crime syndicates, hostile gang take overs were common place. But they all learned the town square was hers. Aptly renamed Poltergeist's square, it is tradition for people of the village to warn anyone new about this place and the fact they should steer clear at all times. Since Koroleva wanders there.

Skills Learned

Koroleva Lezviy has the following notable skills:

  • Alchemy, a skill she developed from witnessing the tremendous damage poison could deal by using her blood, Koroleva wasn't too happy to have to always cut herself to poison someone, so she started to experiment with the various plants that grew and started to both develop an affinity for healing plants and medicine, as well as obliterating poisons.
  • Witch doctor, due to her tremendously volatile personality and her sadistic streak, Koroleva knows how people tick. She enjoys making people squirm and hurt. And knows exactly how she has to. A less used counterpart of this is that she also has a pretty good idea on how to help people, how to cure and heal them. Often practiced on the children she found wandering.
  • Knife and shiv fighting, Koroleva is adept with knives and shivs, small bladed weaponry. It's her key choice of combat, even though she has the ability dubbed as Conductivity. The intrigue in this sort of weaponry ranges back from Psychopomp, where she used this because her other abilities weren't properly trained yet.
  • Conductivity, Koroleva, much like Charlotte was implanted with Nanomachines. Where Charlotte's nanomachines are able to leave her body, Koroleva's are more focussed on breaking down toxic substances, heal wounds at a proper rate and keep her slightly thicker than average blood properly flowing. While these effects are more passive, Koroleva has learned a myriad of abilities. The nanites' primary ability is to generate tremendous amounts of energy that Koroleva can harness. Her blood is extremely conductive.
  • Augmented speed, by scuttling energy through her muscles, she can move at a rate that is a blur to the untrained eye. She is extremely swift and agile on her feet. Able to reposition extremely fast.
  • Energy discharge, by building up tremendous amounts of energy, harnessing the conductivity to lead to magnetism to control and harness the energy outside her body every so slightly, Koroleva is able to discharge beams of this energy at will. Taking the form of a bright blue laser, sparking with electricty that delivers both physical damage and burns anything in immediate range. This energy discharge can reach up to fifty meters, travels extremely swiftly, though can only be used sporadically. It takes a long time to charge, after all. Though it can be discharged from anywhere on her body.

Social Connections

Koroleva is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

  • 15 crude metal, rusted shivs
  • 5 glass shivs, filled with paralyzing poison. This poison kicks in when inhaled, or physically touched.
  • 10 well-kept, polished shivs
  • 2 detachable hilts
  • 5 blades fitting the detachable hilts
  • 1 durandium combat knife
  • Green sewn sheet as clothing item

Koroleva Lezviy currently has 0 KS.

OOC Information

In the case iq becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameKoroleva Lezviy
Character OwnerIQ
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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