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Freethinker "Toji" 13-1731-3472

Freethinker β€œToji” 13-1731-3472 is a player character played by Jomber.

Freethinker β€œToji” 13-1731-3472
Species & Gender: Freespacers Male
Date of Birth: YE 18
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Geologist (And decoration enthusiast)
Rank: Scientist
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Expanding Horizons: Vale of Discovery

Physical Description

Formerly as normal as a Freespacer can get, a series of unfortunate events left him entirely within a robotic body.

Toji lies within a short robot about 4 feet (121.92 cm) tall. He stands on four stubby legs. His head is that of a domed cap, underneath of which is a single glowing blue eye capable of changing to exhibit emotions. He has two small jointed arms ending with claw-like grippers. His overall color scheme is a dark grey. Towards the backside of his domed cap are two antennae, one bigger than the other.

Toji has three other auxiliary bodies which contribute to Toji's CPU power as part of a distributed network. Two are smaller than Toji while one appears to be bigger but is just a hologram. The two smaller ones are more boxed shaped and lower to the ground. They are capable of mounting weapons on top of them. The last one takes on the appearance of a larger taller drone, bigger than Toji. The actual drone is a flat disc on legs masquerading as a more powerful drone.


Toji is both figuratively and literally scatterbrained. He loses focus easily, often jumping from task to task and often being distracted. He has a child-like wonder and temperament thanks to the accident. Despite this he retains his intelligence and knowledge, if not even enhanced.

Toji has a tendency to celebrate almost anything, often making decorations for the occasion.

He's typically very social. He has a mix of bravery, mixing between fearlessness and being an absolute coward, depending on the situation. He does tend to have more resolve the more of his friends are at risk however.


Freethinker β€œToji” 13-1731-3472 was born in YE 18.

Toji was and still is a geologist. Before his transference, he was very dedicated to his work as a scientist. So much so that he sought to enhance himself, further than standard Mindware tech. He didn't have the skills to do so, and didn't know many people who could or would. Finally he would arrive at someone, who Toji would later admit that in retrospect was the shady type, who agreed to do so.

It did not end well. As it turns out, linking yourself across a network of computers from someone who has lied about their abilities leads to disaster. Toji had to be rescued by someone else, causing the link to turn into a total transference, a fragmented mind, and a personality shift.

Social Connections

Freethinker β€œToji” 13-1731-3472 is connected to:

Skills Learned



  • Surveying
  • Prospecting
  • Mining
  • Mapping
  • Plate Tectonics


  • Banners
  • Figurines
  • Snowmen
  • Painting

Inventory & Finance

Freethinker β€œToji” 13-1731-3472 has the following items:

  • Two Standard Energy Pistols II
  • GPS and Mapping System
  • Targeting Laser
  • Long-range Communications
  • Memetic Projector (A fancy name for a projector that creates an annoying lightshow as a distraction)

OOC Notes

First character on this site. Probably botched something here. Feel free to yell at me.This character article was generated using the PHP template form.

In the case Jomber becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameFreethinker "Toji" 13-1731-3472
Character OwnerJomber
Character StatusActive Player Character

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