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Comely Spirit

Comely Spirit is a player character played by Cosmickader.

Comely Spirit
Species & Gender: Female Tikbalang Kohanian
Date of Birth: 2日 1月 YE 08
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Roboticist
Rank: @@Rank@@
Current Placement: @@Assignment@@

Physical Description

An impressively tall Tikbalang, Spirit stands at 10“ in height with a buxom mesomorphic body type, tall and vivacious with short, well kept chestnut colored fur with a slight dark mottling and patches of fine white over her muzzle, chest, belly, forearms and lower legs. She has a thick, silky mane of light brown hair as well as a similarly hued tail protruding from above her shapely rump that extends down to her mid-calf. Both her hair and tail are typically kept long, with her hair no longer than her mid-back and often kept windswept and slightly messy. This, often times combined with her - as one crewman tastefully called it - mom bod, often gives her a bit of a haggard or roughshod appearance…though she does clean up very nicely when the occasion calls for it.

Her features are round and kindly, with expressive and small round eyes, firm but full lips, long ears with flexible pinna and soft, slightly rounded cheeks. Her original eye color is sea-green with a relatively large round pupil, though her cybernetic eyes do replicate the right hue, on occasion they can be seen fading towards a more verdant green when switching between lenses and if configured correctly, can emit a mild illumination in the dark. The telltale color-coded signs of circuitry lay just beneath the cornea, visible to anyone who looks closely.

Her neck is thick and muscular and her shoulders relatively narrow for a Tikbalang, with her torso built muscular but slightly pillowy - baring a perky and modest bust, very mild paunch and a curved waistline. A patch of white fur splashes in a faded circle from the mid-point of her chest to her upper hip. Her arms are long and a little stocky, largely due to the thick tufts of white fur on her forearms. It is in her upper arms and shoulders that her musculature becomes more pronounced and noticeable, her hands possessing thick-fingered digits with short and thick nails as well as some callousing from work. That is, in her left hand. Her dominant right hand appears to have far more flawless skin and the thick white fur around her lower arm appears to be consistently shorter than the fur on her other arm. This is because of a cybernetic replacement – her right hand and lower arm are fully cybernetic with a layer of synth-skin set over them and even fully simulated follicles that keep her arm from being a bald appendage. The synthetic skin along with the padded fibre re-enforcements around the prosthetic allow her normal flexibility. It is noticeable, however, as there are telltale signs of tactile sensors around her fingerstips and palm, connected to one another by a series of visible thin lines.

Her low body lends credence to the tales of Tikbalang speed and endurance. She possesses wide, child-baring hips, thick and long, toned legs which usually posses the thickest fur on her form, particularly around the calf area where her fetlocks are kept thick and possess a natural black ring marking across their mid-point. Thick legs and strong thighs make an accidental kick from her look like it could shatter bone, not helped by the sharp-tipped hooves she possesses that are a darker ivory color, their tops sometimes covered by her fetlocks. Typically these hooves are covered by specially made 'caps', rubber ‘shoes’ that fit around the hoof to create a gripping, high friction surface to avoid the woes of watching about ‘barefoot’.

Her body bares some decoration. Largely in the form of piercings and a distinctive tattoo. The piercings are largely visible around the outer ear and consist of a round wooden loop with green twine criss-crossed through it and several small feathers from a variety of Damasican avian. The other piecing consists of a single filigree cap set at the upper point of her ear that caps around its tip. A brilliant tattoo consisting of a single, thin, continuous ‘wispy’ blue line with frayed ‘curls’ eking off from it every few centimetres, appearing to start from the bottom of her left eye, cut across her muzzle to the other, moving down along her neck, down the breast and curling around the lower waist line a belt before ending under the belly. Under the eyes, at the centre of the chest and just under the belly, in a similar ‘ink’ are singular words in her native tongue – translating to ‘gate’. The ink used in the tattoo contains an agent that allows the tattoos to emit a faint light, making them visible in the dark. Though this has led to many jokes about her being a ‘lamp’ , when unnecessary the tattoo may be covered with a form of makeup that simply nullifies the luminous element.


Comely Spirit considers herself an easy person to work with. That has always been her modus operandi, that alongside reliability and perseverance. Having lived a life where pushing on and working with others has always been a defining factor, Spirit has become quite the keen communicator and often comes off as charismatic, earnest, hardworking, polite and certainly no-nonsense. There's an inherent glee and excitement around her which lends the image of someone unburdened by life's hardships and simply happy to be getting to know you. In fact she often times finds herself bombarding others with questions before she even has a chance to realize it. In reality, she simply does so out of habit. Having a fantastic eye for detail, she feels far safer knowing as much about a person, place or thing as possible before approaching it in any way. In fact, one of her largest flaws is certainly her tendency to overexamine things and obsess over minute details. She believes everything deserves to be explored and that life should be grabbed by the stones before it leaves you in its dust. That said, she despises letting hatreds fester, and is often quick to try to make amends…if the situation requires it.

She is often times very hard working. Too hard working, in fact, as she often times fixes on a project or task and refuses to allow herself respite until she is sufficiently pleased with her progress. This includes working in spite of mental or physical fatigue, including such to a degree that it would hinder her ability to properly proceed, inevitably leading to a lot of sleeping at the worktable. She often worries greatly, though she tries not to let feelings become to clear in front of others. She tries her best to come off as a confident and trustworthy person - though without a doubt, she is plagued by no shortage of anxiety and frustration - that can manifest in impulsive choices. Additionally, she has a habit of getting lost in her ideals and sometimes makes ill advised judgement simply based on her own moral compass.

When it comes to a new person, depending on the nature of their relationship, she is quick to warm up to most with, as she puts it , some life in them. Tenacious and calculating, she enjoys examining people on their first meet - and quickly attempts to find things in common between them. As such, she can get easily dismayed around people with colder or tougher exteriors, but is willing to try and look past it if it means having to work with them. Is she all-business? All about pleasure? Both, in her eyes. There is certainly on reason to separate the two. She believes a good work environment requires people you can trust and communicate with - and a good relationship should be based on willingness to contribute to one another. As such, she finds herself more at home with people who are easygoing and honest, with a particular softspot for the passionate and the enthusiastic. This has helped her become quite the compelling leader, though at times she can be overtly doting and sometimes too forgiving…her winsome smiling facade is quick to drop if she realizes she is being spoken down to or being made a fool of. Often times this leads to rather … harsh words.

Though, speaking of passions, she enjoys a plethora of fun leisure activities, often times spending her free time trying out new hobbies, though she has a particular love of old classics - such as enjoying a good film, enjoying detective fiction and - her specialty - programming new droids and drones for a variety of different tricks - and often times sending them to her daughter as gifts. She also practices traditional swordplay, and has a bit of a soft spot for the classical era of warring clans back home - with a small collection of armor and weapons decorating her quarters - in particular longblades. She also practices her home religion quite often, though not superbly spiritual, she enjoys the peace of mind spiritual practices bring.

When approaching the subjects of romantic relationships and sexuality, Spirit is a shameless romantic. Though she understands the need for physical comfort and boasts a rather healthy life in that particular area, she prefers to approach romance with a traditional air of courtship and honesty. Above all, though, in contrast to her usual more commanding nature, she tends to appeal more towards having someone else take command in such things.


Space. Space…it can certainly be a cold place. When one finds themselves at the mercy of the universe around them, lost and adrift with little else but thrusters to point the way and the vague hope that you'll reach your destination safe and sound? You find out that Space is a beautiful ,but cruel mistress. For someone like Her, the vast emptiness has been a provider and a taker. She has stared out into it in fear and stared out into it in hope. This is the story of a Kohanian that was born among the stars and over thirty years later , found herself adrift among them.

Born ‘Comely Spirit That Has Blessed Our Home’, it is really no wonder she prefers to shorten her name to Spirit. In fact, any documents of her identification save for those registered with her homeworld, have her listed merely as ‘Comely Spirit’. A name chosen by a very proud mother after a difficult birth that required intervention merely to occur. Her sire was one Bright Warrior of Keen Eyes and his loving mare Restless Traveler.

Bright Warrior was a true son of Praetoric, serving within his Homeland’s peacekeeping force as a pilot for patrol fighters – he was the pride of his family back on Damasicia and part of the skilled team that kept the planet safe from would-be ne’er-do-wells. It was, for that reason, always a funny story whenever she was told how he and her mother had met. For she was not of the homeworld. No, Restless Traveler, suitably enough, was part of a family of Kohanians who’d taken to spacefaring generations ago and now largely ply their trade wherever solar winds will take them. She’d been working for the Damasician government – a venture which saw her being paid for the construction and upkeep of specially programmed robots that would help keep his squadrons fighters up and running. Long story short, passions can really ignite when you accidentally set off the fire suppression system. When they chose to be mates, he’d been taken in by her tales of distant worlds, the opportunity to live amongst the stars was admittedly a beautiful concept to him. And both lost in their haze of romantic gestures, found themselves putting together their earnings to purchase a small cargo ship and load it with their tools and equipment.

Early life for Spirit was quite odd. Spent on a messy ship with two hard working, quarrelsome adults who loved eachother to death and didn’t mind teaching a young daughter the beauty of the mechanical innards of their own ship. She was ‘hononry screen watcher’ for a long time, before being thought the basics of computer processes and IT. The only other inhabitants around her ‘home’ were the variety of droids her mother had active at once – cleaning, checking on ship systems and helping to assemble rudimentary constructs, these machines were a wonder to her. To help her young mind comprehend their autonomy a little bit, she’d been told the story of the Mountain-nymph Spirit and her many children, who chose to inhabit a variety of objects, making up their spirit. In a strange way, this brief touch into her people’s spirituality lead her to feel like these little robots were in a way, her own siblings.

Of course, years passed. Her father had been doing his best to keep their family on the move and her mother to keep the business running. For the most part, they dealt with the Yamatai Star Empire, whom offered plenty of work and benefits – one of which was education. Feeling that life on a ship was no way to raise a child nearing her adulthood, it was in 25 YE, at the tail end of the Elysian War, that they made contact with a relative on Yamatai and arranged to have her begin her higher education. Studying for the next ten years in the fields of advanced robotics and technical engineering – she advanced through her studies briskly, fuelled by a progressive and competitive attitude and a desire to make the most out of the education her parents had spent so much to provide her with. Of course, spending most of her life on board a ship and largely having her interactions with other people outside of her family be brief and fleeting did not help her socially…and for the most part, she came off as an intelligent but overly wide-eyed and idealistic bumpkin spacer.

Despite this, she did her best to adapt to the situation, learning the mannerisms venerated by the locals and attaining a more confident, refined approach. Yet she grew frustrated at her inability to attend the prestigious Kyousou Institute of Technology, she was not too bitter. Life back home thought her the importance of fieldwork, and learning from experience. Technology, no matter how much theory you put into it, really gets you progress when you practice. She was offered a job, in time, by members of the Nepleslian Imperium, whom had contracted her to help design and build several military grade recon drones and design intuitive ‘spy’ technology for use on the field. This marked a major turning point in her life, the opportunity to not only have a job on the go but, one that would have her practice her talents to their finest potential. And it was not a job she under-performed in.

Spirit visited her home planet several times during her school days and the initial days of her work, and during this time even fell in love with a soldier of her own clan – Fire Bearing Warrior– a stallion of her age that she’d in fact met during her first visit back home at the age of thirteen. He’d grown fascinated to meet someone whom, unlike him, did not partake of the education provided at the religious temples. Though they were close , both of them understood and agreed – much to their frustration – that they could not have a family with one another, knowing very well that her upbringing elsewhere and his interests in staying on the homeworld would likely lead to them becoming distant, and their breaking bond seen as a cause of strife in their families. It was after one final visit that they chose to break off their relationship, but not before a night of passion – which lead to perhaps the other most significant moment in her life. She found herself to be pregnant. In perhaps what would be one of many rather unwise decisions spurred on by her passions, Spirit chose not to inform the father, and instead vowed to raise the child with the same love her parents showed her, driven on by their nostalgia.

Now living the life of a robotics expert, Spirit was doing so whilst raising her daughter – Blossoming Daughter of the Mountain Nymph – or Blossom for short. Blossom was hardly the easiest person to raise, however. Her work hours made time with her a scarce resource, and as she was getting older, Spirit feared that this might bring her more grief than good. Though they spent many good years together, Blossom was ultimately also a sore point within her own family. The circumstances behind her and Spirit’s choice to raise her alone brought her parent’s ire. This drove Spirit even deeper into her work.

Though she often wonders if it really was a sore mistake, joining Section 6 was perhaps yet another knee-jerk reaction that was driven by her passions. The events of Operation Roach Motel brought her firmly on their side, and seeing their plight - as well as a new opportunity to find work in a blossoming ‘market’ – she chose to move her business with them, during which time she chose to work fully within the Robotics / Electronics division. The success was providing comfortable income for her and her child, but after a particular heated argument lead to her loss of concentration during the buildings of a munitions delivery drone, disaster struck…and Spirit soon understood the cost of splintering one’s life. An explosion occurred to the malfunctioning components sparking the drone’s fuel system, the ensuing flash blinded her – the fireball scorching her hand down to the bone. Sorrowful and in pain, it did not take Spirit long to realize where she had gone wrong.

The year was long. Before it was out, she’d decided not to allow her injuries to stop her. Though she now felt far too ashamed to face her duties (and her actions had brought her rather…unfortunate notoriety), as her wounds were being treated by S6's medical experts, she asked to have her hand and eyes properly replaced with cybernetic implants, built to interface with one another - something to help make her work just that little bit easier. As for Blossom…despite her daughter’s support in the face of the tragedy and her go-getter attitude, Spirit understood that her lifestyle was becoming too dangerous. And, once more, family had come to the rescue.

Her parents had heard of her plight and offered to take Blossom into their care until her life was properly turned around. The thought saddened her, but her conviction drove her to understand she was doing the right thing. Blossom would be raised by the hands of folk who missed raising a daughter…and who could keep her company as she grew. For her part, she did not give up – choosing to be a supportive parent and keep in contact with her daughter. But now close to broke – with narry but her equipment, a newly lost duty and a chartered flight ahead…it was time to re-enter the professional landscape. To perhaps find a new focus for her life.

Skills Learned

Engineering - Due to her upbringing and a Degree in Robotics and Technical Engineering, Spirit is well versed in the arts of assembling and creating robotic constructs such as drones and pre-programmed robots. She can competently assemble these constructs for several different functions and can flexibly create new designs with enough time and resources. She also has knowledge on assembling and creating devices with built in advanced surveillance and scanning technology.

Fighting - Due to the more dangerous surroundings of her later jobs, Spirit chose to take a few basic firearms training courses, in particular side-arms. She is also decently versed in martial combat with long bladed weapons such as longswords due to traditional practice.

Leadership - Has lead several teams in the past and also took a course in Team Management and Logistics.

Maintenance and Repair - As stated before, she knows machines inside and out. This also extends beyond Robotics to include basic starship systems.

Mathematics - Well versed in physics and Applied Mathematics for use in the field of Engineering.

Technology Operation - Understands advanced machine programming and computing, capable of programming complex tasks in machines and heavy networking. She is fluent in many programming languages.

Starship Operations - Has taken courses in Starship engineering and has some basic knowledge of helm control in smaller ships.

Social Connections

Comely Spirit is connected to:

Comely Spirit largely maintains a close bond with her family - both back on the homeworld and those that have chosen to take to space. Though a little tense, she has kept up a good relationship with her parents - Bright Warrior of Keen Eyes and Restless Traveler. Additionally, she has a distant and tense relationship with her daughter Blossom, whom she remains in close contact with and wishes to be someone she may be proud of.

She also maintains a positive relationship with several other fellow students from her days on Yamatai, in particular Seraphina Cerulius, whom she would then go on to work under after joining Section 6. Though they shared a friendly rivalry, the two got along quite exquisitely when they put their minds to the test - though she wouldn't admit it, she was a prime motivator on the workplace during hard times. She also has fond memories of working alongside Fiamma Pouncer, who's enthusiasm and general fiery attitude really resonated well with her, acting as a source of encouragement for her.

Additionally, she once shared an intimate relationship with Mark Tazar, having been initially drawn into the soldier's duties out of curiosity, and growing to feel woe towards his situation. She offered a shoulder to cry on and someone to help find him some peace. And even now, as she journeys onwards - she keeps in close contact with him to remind him that he is not alone.

Inventory & Finance

Comely Spirit has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

Comely Spirit currently has 3000 KS.

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