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Aras is a player character played by elfensfinest.

Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 4ๆ—ฅ 19ๆœˆ YE 17
Organization: USO/Section 6
Occupation: Surgeon
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Aras is a chubby cybernetic human missing her right arm and left eye. Both of these are fitted with cybernetic replacements, the eye containing regiments for locating injuries and an arm equipped with medical prosthetic. The eye is surrounded by a metallic mesh, due to a normal eye replacement being impossible because of the extensive damage that caused her to recieve it. Both of her eyes are a shade of vibrant blue matched with long hair of the same color. Aras Typically can de distinguished by her preppy walk and soft voice.

(Exact Measurements)

Height: 1.7m/5ft 7

Weight: 161lbs/73kg


Aras is known for her bubbly and outgoing personality, and to some her stricken past and incredible regrets. Aras will attempt to help people in most ways, bust has a stark 'No Crime' standpoint. She tends to be rather blunt in conversation and will ramble on with her train of thought, though usually catching herself before it gets too far. She is known to be rather hard on herself, often finding small imperfections with herself and disliking herself for them. Aras hates conflict and will actively attempt to prevent it, though due to her disliking angering others, she will regret being dragged into said arguments. In her day to day life she is a cheerful and outgoing friend. Aras is also known for her intense regret as well though. In the case of one of her actions injuring, or worse, killing of someone, she will enter a state of mind unlike her day to day activities. She will actively seek out whatever caused this problem and 'prevent' it from doing it again. In the case of the problem being caused on her own accord, she will enter a state of intense regret attempting to solve whatever problem she has created. All in all, Aras Is a bubbly young woman able to create friendships, but a bad one to rub the wrong way.


Aras was born in YE19 on Planet Yamatai. She was immediately diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) at birth. Her family was offered a medical procedure to fix this problem, but due to a prior arrangement for a job offer her family was unable to receive the procedure. At the age of two weeks old her family set out as a trade caravan across space. All was well for her until YE26 when her family crashed into a colonized planet. Her mother and father died instantly, while her older brother was trapped in the rubble. Aras' arm was shattered horribly and was stabbed by shrapnel in the eye. Aras scrambled and managed to retrieve her younger brother Jass from the rubble uninjured but soon found her older brother. It was obvious he was going to bleed out and he told his siblings so. Aras refused to leave him when he requested them to however, stating 'there must be some way to save you'. In Aras' own words โ€œI watched my brother die because ignorance, and for that I cannot forgive myself.โ€. Aras stumbled to the colony with her younger brother, where they were treated for injuries. Neither Aras' arm nor eye were salvageable, and had to be replaced with prosthetic. Aras spent the next years of her life training to become a doctor as to 'not repeat past mistakes'. Her brother later moved off the colony, creating his own company based in prosthetic production, some of which he gave to his sister. After gaining new prosthetics and her own medical licence, Aras set out on an adventure for a new home, and some people to appreciate her talents.

Skills Learned

Advanced Medical Training

Thoracic Surgeon

Basic Pilot Training

Social Connections

Aras is connected to:

Janie Veetu (Deceased Mother)

Jack Veetu (Deceased Father)

Cally Veetu (Deceased Brother)

Jass Veetu (Brother)

Inventory & Finance

Aras has the following:

Medical supplies

A burnt doll

Medical Scrubs

A Clip shaped like a tree

A small civilian shuttle

Aras currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by elfensfinest on 01, 25 2018 at 20:06.

In the case elfensfinest becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes
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