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Professor Vi'mir "Alejandro" Ena New Tur'lista

Professor Vi'mir “Alejandro” Ena New Tur'lista
Species: Lorath, New Tur'lista
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Height: 5'10 Feet / 1.78 Meters
Weight: 142 lbs / 64 Kg
Organization: Lorath Matriarchy, Synthetic Intelligence Division
Occupation: Professor of cybernetics and synthetic intelligence
Rank: Project Manager
Current Placement: SILVER Development Team

Professor Vi'mir "Alejandro" Ena New Tur'lista in Roleplay

Professor Vi'mir “Alejandro” Ena New Tur'lista is a player character played by DocTomoe and is currently involved in the SILVER Development Team plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10 Feet / 1.78 Meters Mass: 142 lbs / 64 Kg Measurements: 30-28-32

Build and Skin Color: Vi'mir's build is something comparable to terribly average, not too thin, not too big, not to tall, not too short. A shining example of New Tur'lista breeding. His skin, like most Lorath, is a pale white.

Facial Features and Eye Color: High cheekbones, moderately pronounced jaw structure, soft expressions are commonly found upon his face. His eye color has been altered to a deep forest green.

Hair Color and Style: Vi'mir's dark blue dyed hair has been permitted to grow to shoulder length and has been tied back into a ponytail often kept in place by a thin ribbon or a thick string, his bangs have grown long to frame his face.

Distinguishing Features: Vi'mir's primary distinguishing features include frame-less rectangular glasses, slightly poor posture, an occasional limp caused by an injury to his left leg, and a number of feathers missing from his left wing and decreased mobility of the left wing. Signs of scar tissues which have mostly been healed still persist on the left rear portion of his body including the thigh, back, shoulder, and arm.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Quiet, kind, and considerate are terms which are frequently associated with Vi'mir by his co-workers, neighbors, and associates. Many times a kind smile can be found upon his face and often he endures hardship with a very accepting method. Despite his outward kindness, his family knows him more as a 'potential problem' in the making mostly due to his need to control his environment as frequently as possible, including the people he associates with. When he is unable to control a situation he tends to go into fits of aggravation or rage. Romantically, he is caring to an excessive degree and often becomes excessively close to women he courts.

Needless to say, he is medicated.

Likes: Technology, sweet foods, liquor, women, pornography, controllable situations Dislikes: Medication, random chance, being told what to do, change Goals: To be happy.


Family (or Creators)

Father: Gill'a Ena Occhestia Mother: Elith Ena Occhestia Wife: Shi'a Re'qa Occhestia (Deceased)


Born to an Occhestian family, Vi'mir was pressed into the studies of science and technology from a very early age, where he endeavored to excel at his work to satisfy the needs of the Matriarchy and his family. Due to the nature of Occhestian education, rarely was he presented opportunities to socially interact or take part in non-academic activities during his developmental years. At the age of twenty when he graduated into Occhestian middle education, the first signs of emotional distress manifested as he was integrated into multi-pupil educational courses. Frequently Vi'mir encountered difficulties when attempting to integrate into social behaviors and interactions with his peers and developed tendencies to isolate himself from peers, favoring to work on his own. Fortunately, due to his intelligence, he was able to graduate from the middle tier of Occhestian education and be moved onto high-tier education without incident which would lead to undue attention to his psychological condition.

During Vi'mir's college-style education, his psychological condition further degraded as social behavior and situations became more important and frequent. Only furthering his emotional instability was his impulse to seek out a mate, which resulted in frequent rejection which led him to slip into a depression severe enough to be noticed by his peers and superiors.

Typical of Occhestian bureaucracy, Vi'mir was given medication, and cycled into a specialized education environment which focused mainly on individual study with carefully regulated social interactions. During the course of this tier of education, Vi'mir also taught himself to put on performances of behavior which were blatant fabrications, and furthermore, he learned how to fake his outward emotional state to a degree which even fooled Occhestian telepaths which were assigned to be his therapists.

Thanks to Vi'mir's mastery of false emotional states, he quickly was re-circulated into a regular educational environment where he devoted himself to his work. Keeping to the standard Occhestian educational schedule, he graduated from basic Occhestian educational conditioning. Soon after graduating he moved onto study biology, technology, robotics, and psychology in his elective education term which he graduated from with honors.

From that point, Vi'mir led a largely uneventful life aside from occasional bouts of depression which were brought on by social failures, which he quickly countered through the administration of medication. Vi'mir's work-life was far more successful as he quickly ascended through the ranks in the field of robotics, biochemistry, and Helashio psychological programming.

During Vi'mir's 50th year, he was assigned to the advanced robotics development wing of the Lorath Matriarchy. Upon assignment, he attempted to integrate into his work environment, however, a variable was found in one of his co-workers… a female by the name of Shi'a. He soon began to court this female associate, and soon entered into a long-term relationship with her which progressed at a painfully slow pace due to their commitments to work. Friendship between the pair lasted for ten years with the occasional romantic-style fling between the pair.

During his 61st year, Vi'mir eventually was able to seal his courtship of Shi'a in which they agreed to undergo an Occhestian wedding ceremony which involved the telepathic imprinting of their neural patterns to one another to form a bond between the pair. Unfortunately, the year was YE 29 during the conflict between the Yamataian Empire and the SMX.

As the ceremony between the pair ended, one of the moons of the Lor system descended to the surface of Lor. Debris produced by the detonation of various explosives and weapons in an attempt to destroy the moon were scattered in the skies above the city which Vi'mir and his newly bonded mate were in. Falling rock pelted temple in which Vi'mir and Shi'a were in, leading to a structural collapse in which Vi'mir and Shi'la were trapped in. During the collapse, Vi'mir was caught under a burning wooden support beam, with Shi'a pinned beside him, her skull fractured by another support beam. As Vi'mir awaited rescue, Shi'a passed away from her injuries leaving Vi'mir a widow on their wedding day.

After the tragedy of the moonfall, Vi'mir spent time under psychological observation in an Occhestian hospital, only to be released when the Occhestian Coronate Government split from the Lorath Matriarchy. Under Vi'mir's logic, the Occhestian government was to blame for his social pains, and even his meeting his departed wife. Holding the grudge, Vi'mir remained with the Lorath Matriarchy, where he was re-assigned to the advanced robotics division.

Recently, Vi'mir found the inspiration to develop a new product inspired by the ARIA android, and the Matriarchy's need for a workforce solution… also, he was inspired by a picture of his wife which he kept on his workstation as he developed the SILVER series android.



Vi'mir specializes in mechanical engineering and design, which serves as a cornerstone for his robotics development career. Along with robotics, Vi'mir is capable of designing and understanding the design of a wide range of Lorath technology designs, and has a basic understanding of Nepleslian and Jiyuuan technological design theory.


Choosing to compliment his knowledge of the mechanical, Vi'mir has undergone extensive study into biological research and concepts. Pulling from his studies, Vi'mir has a strong grasp of biotechnology, biological function, and organic design concepts.


Something of an irony, Vi'mir has undergone extensive study of how the humanoid mind works. First he studied it to be able to pretend to be healthy, then he used his knowledge in Helashio slave programming. Now, he uses this knowledge to write realistic personality programs for his robotic creations.

Technology Operations

Something of a standard cornerstone in Occhestian education and lifestyle, Vi'mir has managed to develop an aptitude for the use, function, and design of Lorath technology items such as computers, media equipment, engineering tools, and an extensive range of other items.

Medical and Science

Due to Vi'mir's robotic works tending to push the envelope of the purely synthetic, he has chosen to undergo education in basic medical sciences to understand the function of biological components and be able to repair such components. This knowledge mainly spans into the realm of cybernetics. He also uses this knowledge to treat his own psychological condition brought on by brain chemistry imbalance.

Maintenance and Repair

Vi'mir would hardly be an engineer if he was unable to repair what he built. Choosing to be able to repair his own equipment, Vi'mir has undergone training in Lorath maintenance and repair procedures and theory.

Art and Vocations

Something of a hobby to help him unwind from his psychological disturbance, Vi'mir has taken up arts and crafts as suggested by a number of therapists. Recently, Vi'mir has shown a capability in clay model design, and even doll making which he has used to aid him in his robotic designs.


Professor Vi'mir “Alejandro” Ena New Tur'lista is currently a Project Manager in the Lorath Matriarchy, Synthetic Intelligence Division. He receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 HS Starting Funds


  • Multiple Sets of Clothing
  • Multiple lab-coats
  • Rectangular Glasses
  • Small medication container with onyx accents
  • Antique Lorath timepiece
  • Lorath designed smoking pipe
  • Various tools and equipment
  • Extensive erotic entertainment media collection
  • Extensive liquor collection
  • Household Furniture
  • Private Housing on Nyli III

Various additional personal items.

Character Data
Character NameProfessor Vi'mir "Alejandro" Ena New Tur'lista
Character OwnerDocTomoe
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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