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Yalkeetz Noah

Yalkeetz Noah
A close up of Noah
A farther view of Noah
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 5'6
Weight: 150 lbs
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Mercenary
Rank: Civilian
Current Placement:

Yalkeetz Noah in Roleplay

Yalkeetz Noah is a Non-Player Character made by Donavon.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6 Mass: 150 lbs Measurements: Build and Skin Color: Stocky, dark tan with a tinge of yellow.

Eyes and Facial Features: Green slanted eyes, light wrinkles under the eyes and forehead.

Hair Color and Style: Thick eyebrows, large goatee, shaggy hair, grown out in the back and sides.

Distinguishing Features: One lazy eye, small scar on the left side of his nose kept from his Geshrin body by request. Strong chin.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Has a tendency to wander off in tactical thought, however, losing focus of the people around him while he plans. This general ignorance has saved his life on more than one occasion, however, this is a bittersweet pill, as the reason that his life was saved was due to not hearing an order in battle, and essentially staying in cover when he should have been running to a new position through walls of enemy rounds. Luckily for Noah, this has never resulted in the death of his teammates, and, on one occasion, actually won a skirmish for his team. Many people read his lack of focus as tactical intelligence and strategy.

After his military service, he became very gritty, helping few and trusting less. However, those sparse individuals that do know him well know the few soft spots he has. Very quiet, enjoys tinkering with military machinery and weaponry for the risk of being caught or possibly violent reactivity, and believes that the end result is well worth the trouble he may go to. Always dresses very practically, keeping a small pack or bag with him, just in case. He loves pockets for this reason. Loves food, and prefers to eat as extravagently as possible. Unfortunately, he has limited access to foods, and scavenges for MREs or scraps.

Likes: machinery, rifles, gourmet meals, pockets Dislikes: Star Army of Yamatai, dairy products, glass bottles (before he joined the Star Army, he was in a nasty barfight and his nose was nearly severed off) Goals: Survive, Scavange, and Create


Family (or Creators)

He had parents, Yalkeetz Dargashi and Yalkeetz Tryll. Both died in YE 30, prior to Noah's 'disappearance'. He also has a brother that went missing as a very young child. He is presumed dead.


12 years of military service. He was a respectable veteran of war, signing up for the Star Army of Yamatai as soon as age permitted in an effort to rebel against his parents, who were pacifists. In the military over his twelve years, he rose to the rank of NitΓ΄ Heisho, and was respected both as a soldier, a tactician, and a genius mechanic. His skills were among the highest levels of metal work and electronics, and his skill as a programmer was highly recognized. However, after news of his parents' deaths, something in him began to change. He no longer was the enthusiastic man of battle that he once was. Rumors had circulated that his parents' deaths were of direct consequence of an attack staged by the Star Army of Yamatai. Their presence on the world that was invaded is questioned. In YE 31, a file went missing in the Yamatai database, and later in that same week, Yalkeetz Noah disappeared, along with over 10,000 KS of military equipment. He was presumed dead after feigning his death, until early YE 32, when he was arrested for public intoxication, and then narrowly escaped military custody and court-marshaling. He now resides on Nepleslia, hiding in alleys and posing as a drunken homeless man. However, with the funds he recieved from the military, he did buy large properties offshore, and uses them as a personal workshop.



Noah is proficeint with most kinds of projectile weapons, be they energy-based or ballistics. Through his time in the military, he developed near perfection with his weapons, the GP-12 Phased Pulse Rifle and the Pestris Pistol. His accuracy was nearly dead on with these two weapons. However, he has been exposed to nearly every type of weapon used by infantry prior to his disappearance in YE 31, including the Ingtris and the SLAM. However, his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat is atrocious, as he barely passed this category in basic. However, with knives and (should the occasion arise) his sword, he used to be very deadly.

Recently, his age and stress have been catching up to him and are physically holding him down. He is much less skilled than he used to be, strength and accuracy now dropping significantly.


Noah was trained in the art of battle tactics, not only on a small scale in fireteams and squads, but also has the high potential of dominating in a battle with large armies involved. However, though he has never been given the chance to utilize his large-scale tactical plans in the field of battle, he has military-grade simulators that allow him to hone his skills as a tactician. Through this, he also enjoys games like chess.

Flight Experience

While serving in the military, Noah had, on occasion, operated a flying vehicle. Specifically, the Raccoon T7 Transport Shuttle. In the year of its release, a Stealth-class Raccoon was to provide evac for a Spec Ops unit that Noah had charge of. However, as the ship landed, the pilot was sniped out, leaving the ship stranded on the ground. Noah, taking the controls, qucikly learned the interface and, with the help of some of his comnrades, safely maneuvered to(but almost crashed into) a docking platform of the 1c Kyoto-Class Carrier that quickly left the area for Yamatai. Similarly, Noah also jacked a Long-Range Raccoon and proptly abandoned the ship that he was stationed on, heading for the universe at large.

Machinery Master

One thing that Noah was most well known for in his military service was his innate ability to tinker with machinery and mismatch parts into totally new creations that normally surpassed the quality of the original in effectiveness and efficiency. His creativity has always been a hobby of his, even since he was a youngling. However, his abandonment of military service did nothing to kill the enthusiasm that he held for creating new and great inventions. Creating these, of course, normally take a great deal of trial and error, and consume great amounts of time developing them.


Yalkeetz Noah is currently an outlaw. He recieves no weekly finances and merely lives off of stolen money and items. However, he did happen to save quite a bit of money from his days of service. The problem with this, is that the money he owns is on his Star Army card. If used, it can and most likely will be tracked. Spending any of this money is unwise and only a last resort measure.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
9214 KS Military Service Savings

Creations in Progress

  1. 'Frankenstein' Power Suit
  2. Personal Interstellar Starship
  3. Light-based Interdimensional Wormhole Translocator (LIWT)
  4. High-end professional Personal Shield/Cloaking Field Generator

(It is important to keep in mind that these are all goals meant to be sought after, and not nesseccarily reached in this character's lifetime)

Character Data
Character NameYalkeetz Noah
Character Ownertopsecret221
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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