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Albert Schunigraz Weiss

Albert Schunigraz Weiss is a player character played by Lamb.

Albert Schunigraz Weiss
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Height: 5'10
Weight: 146 lbs
Organization: Lazarus
Occupation: Scientist
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'10
  • Mass: 146 lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Despite years of field work and laboratory labor, Albert maintains a mostly lanky form. His muscles have definition, but otherwise the scientist is bony– mostly due to his bad habit of forgetting to eat on occasion. Internally, not much of Albert Weiss is original material. His lungs and heart are cybernetic prosthesis, as is one of hips. Several of his bones have been re-inforced after painful lab accidents and tragic field work. His kidneys have been implanted with special filters that allow him to process and clean himself of absorbed chemicals much more quickly than normal Nepleslians– this together with his lungs allowing him to work unaided with volatile gases for some time in the case of a safety failure.

Eyes and Facial Features: The professor has deep blue eyes always curiously peering from behind thick wire-rimmed glasses, with a sort of excited smirk complementing his every glance. His face is short, yet sharp and hollow; but not so much as to be gaunt. A light array of freckles dot his cheeks.

Ears: Ear-shaped ears with ear-like lobes attached. Also, very ear-esque.

Hair Color and Style: Albert gets his hair cut on the third Monday of every month. He cuts it precisely down to nine centimeters, which gives him enough length to run his fingers through contemplatively. This action causes his hair to become regularly messy– something Albert has never seemed to notice.

Distinguishing Features: A large ring-shaped scar on the left side of his jaw.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Albert is, and always has been, a man of science. His every thought, every action; has some grounds in curiosity, logic, or simple fascination with the natural universe. He takes his bodily urges as some sort of chore– rarely enjoying simple acts like eating, smoking, or having sex.

In his middle-age, this personality trait combines with a sort of nervousness: The good doctor is getting old, and there are so many things left to learn. The doctor is always pursuing some kind of study or experiment. He has so many ideas spinning on his plate at once, that he never can seem to settle down and relax. His thoughts and his words are eloquent, yet convoluted. They can bring about the solution to any problem– as well as the presentation of an even greater one.

  • Likes: Science, trivia, sex (with either men or women), old things, soft music, LOGIC, historical artifacts, field work, lab work
  • Dislikes: Loud things, loud people, idiots, illogical statements, electric guitars


Family (or Creators)

Dead, all of them. Even before they died, Albert never remembered to call anyhow.


From a young age, Albert spent most of his time prying apart everything he could get his hands on to figure out how it worked– whether object or creature. As a boy his room was often strewn with disassembled machines, photographs of dissections, and the occasional take-out box.

Albert excelled in school, and attended college at an extremely early age. With little effort, he received his first doctorate at the age of fifteen. After procuring a few more of the scholarly documents of credit, Doctor Weiss went into teaching. He taught mainly as an excuse to use the lab equipment at a university. After all, Nepleslia was still in a state of mostly chaos during this era– a school was one of the few safe places to practice science without building weapons.

After the Nepleslian Succession in YE28, the professor took his mind around the galaxy. He studied life and machines on every easily accessed world. He learned several languages and gave lectures and seminars throughout the populated systems– all the while running field trips and studies in between. At some point, the money ran out. The financial support dwindled as the professor's experiments and studies became less industrious and more oddly specific. No one on Kyoto cared whether the Delsaurian Cave Bat was capable of producing extra eggs when under the influence of amphetamines– or why six out of ten Yamataian males preferred egg noodles to rice noodles.

So it was that the professor resigned his roving research and returned to teaching at a small university on Nepleslia Prime. He used his free time to watch presentations and read papers on the research others were doing. He wiled away the hours with a sense of longing for the glory days.

That's when he got the offer from Lazarus.



Albert loves the way things work. On top of that, he finds that living things work very well. He has an immense amount of knowledge on the workings of creatures of all types. His understanding of chemical relationships within the body is amazing, almost intuitive.


Although he's far more used to cutting up corpses, in his lifetime Albert has proven himself to be an extremely skilled surgeon. Experiences in field studies have often led to injury of himself and his research assistants– which he's always handled efficiently. He even directed one of his own prosthetic surgeries through the use of local anesthetics.


Of course, Albert has a deep love of Chemistry. It is the science from which every other subsists. A fire does not burn without chemical reaction, nor does an animal convert food to energy. Doctor Weiss has studied these relationships extensively, and has developed his own relationship with them.


The first steps that Professor Weiss took in science were in the realm of machines– because there's no crime in disassembling or re-assembling a television or refrigerator; while many living beings take offense to being disassembled and re-assembled. On top of this, Albert is too impatient to wait for repairmen to come and fix his machines so he can get his experiment back on track.


While he's no brawler, Doctor Weiss is a skilled gunman. His work in the field has led, in many cases, to riflery. Whether with a tranquilizer gun capturing live subjects, or raising a pistol to defend himself from the local predators; Albert is no stranger to marksmanship.


When he'd expended his foray into the known mechanical sciences, Albert took a turn into psychology and the social sciences. He is an avid psychoanalyst, who frequently asks open-ended questions during conversation. Due to this, he had an unnatural ability to manipulate others; as well as detect the intentions and fears of them when given the chance to speak at length.


With his general understanding of the workings of most things, Albert understandably has a large collection of facts in his mental arsenal. For instance, Albert Weiss knows a spot just below your sixth spinal disc where he can apply pressure to entrap a nerve and cause you great pain. He also knows an amazing recipe for mentholated brownies that will as an added bonus get you incredibly drunk.


Albert Schunigraz Weiss has the following items:

  • 1 calf-length, fire-retardant, stain-resistant laboratory utility coat, white; with cargo pockets and interior pouches
  • 10 pair, matching slacks and waistcoat combinations, various colors
  • 3 pair, leather oxford shoes– Two brown, one black
  • 1 pair, waterproof steel-toed working boots, black
  • 6 button up shirts, various colors
  • 4 bow-ties, various colors
  • 8 neck-ties, various colors
  • 3 datapads, filled to the brim with research data
  • 1 datapad, brand new in box
  • 1 datapad, broken
  • 1 old military revolver, with Blue Faction markings, built before the Yamataian Era
  • 1 advanced chemistry set, including burner and protective gear– stored in a large durandium trunk
  • 1 set, autopsy/surgery implements, with replacement scalpels and bonesaw blades– stored in a large durandium trunk
  • 4 pair, wire-framed glasses with thick lenses
  • 1 pair, enhanced vision sunglasses, with zoom features and augmented reality readouts
  • 3 suitcases, brown leather
  • an assortment of bottles containing pills and liquids of various basic elements and typical chemicals, collected into an airtight plastic bag
  • 1 bronze apple figurine


Albert Schunigraz Weiss is currently a LOGIC in the Lazarus.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

I say!

Character Data
Character NameAlbert Schunigraz Weiss
Character OwnerLamb
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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