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Jacob Morris

Jacob Morris is a Work In Progress played by Commissar Farzi.

Jacob Morris
Species & Gender: Male Human
Organization: Iron Company
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Yeoman Sergeant
Current Placement: Squad Leader

Physical Description

A mountain of a man, standing seven feet tall with a body won through a lifetime of hard labor and his time as a mercenary soldier. His features are brutish, with a thick brow and jaw, deep-set green eyes with a set of three, diagonal, horizontal, puckered claw scars over the right side of his face-going over his eyesocket-a mishap from a hunt gone wrong-and a burn scar running down the left side of his neck. His skin is tanned and weathered from spending a significant amount of time outdoors. His hands are large and heavily calloused, his left hand is missing the pinky and ring fingers, having been replaced by cybernetics. Morris has a gravelly voice marred by drink and hard work.


Morris is usually pretty easygoing, and somewhat optimistic, for the most part, and will happily share a mug of ale with most individuals, which is relatively rare for a Valhallan. Unfortunately, his time in the company has somewhat dampened his spirits; but he still finds time to try and find a little humor in most situations. In the field, Jacob is professional and will do his best to ensure that his men come back alive, and will not hesitate to knock some sense, quite literally if necessary into them if required should they do something stupid.


Jacob Morris was born 4ζ—₯ 1月 04 on Veirsa. Jacob Morris was a third-generation quarryman working the local baron's holdings on his homeworld of Veirsa; working to bring up the stone from a granite mine. It was a hard life, but like so many of the commoners, he'd long accepted his lot in life-that he'd likely never leave his place of birth, much less the house his family had inhabited for the last fifty-or-so years. For almost forty years, his life was much the same; work the quarry, go to the local ale house for a pint and some archery, attend the odd sermon by the local priest, and occasionally be raised as part of a levy to fight in one his lord's skirmishes with rivaling nobles and go home.

At some point, he'd married, had children, and lost a couple of fingers in an accident. Life pretty much continued as normal. That was until a plague swept through the local town; whether a natural occurrence or deliberate attack-no one was able to tell. There was little the local healers could do, and the local lord sent what little aid he cared to-mostly in the form of armed guards from his retinue to keep order and ensure production did not slow.

Realizing that the town had more likely than not been written off, and with the loss of several of his children, he opted to leave, taking his chances when the Iron Company was visiting the world looking to recruit. Packing up him and his family, he officially joined the company as of Y.E. 43 and after barely surviving the Craethel War, Morris is currently somewhat disillusioned with mercenary work given the foes they face but continues onward if just simply to ensure the darkness that they face never reaches his or other's families.

Skills Learned

Stoneworking: Morris Learned from a young age how to hew rock and shape stone, he is also able to tell when work has been done on a building, roads, etc,

Physical: Morris is extremely strong and has a lot of endurance from a lifetime of physical labor and the training of the company further brought this potential out.

Combat Training: Morris is a close-quarters battle specialist, and while he knows his way around a gun-he excels in melee, and his massive size and reach further amplify this.

Leadership: Morris is a competent, if not stellar squad level leader, and has general knowledge of how to coordinate fire with other units, though outside of defending fixed positions his ability to lead large formations are somewhat lacking.

Hunting: Like all members of the Company; Morris knows to track and kill whatever beast is being hunted or hunting, though his skill is only average.

Drinking: Morris loves his booze, and is about the only one who can match Tacho drink for drink.

Maintenance: Morris knows how to maintain and affect basic repairs to most common pieces of equipment the Company uses-however anything beyond this he usually leaves to the Smiths.

Social Connections

Jacob Morris is connected to:

  • Freya Morris: Wife
  • Olaf Morris: Son, Currently working as a merchant
  • Lisa Morris: Daughter(Deceased)
  • Andre Morris: Son (Deceased)
  • Helena Morris: Daughter, Infant
  • Abert Steiner: Commanding Officer
  • Tacho: The pain in the arse who needs a good smack upside the head.
  • Auli’i adopted daughter

Inventory & Finance

Jacob Morris has the following:

Jacob Morris currently has 0 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by commissar_farzi on 11, 26 2022 at 18:11 using the Character Template Form. Art Generated by Commissar Farzi using Midjourney Bot.

In the case Commissar Farzi becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameJacob Morris
Character OwnerCommissar Farzi
Character StatusActive Player Character
PlotsHinomaru Sunrises II, Reactivated

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