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Casteel Krasnov

Casteel Krasnov is a player character played by Windra.

Casteel Krasnov
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: female
Age: 34
Height: 6'5
Weight: 230lb
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Heavy Gunner
Rank: PC3 (former)
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

  1. Bounty Hunters

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'3
  • Mass: 200lb
  • Measurements: 36C

Build and Skin Color: Cas was born large and grew up large. She is a heavy-set, muscular gal with olive skin, firm and barrel-shaped.

Eyes and Facial Features: Cas is a square-jawed individual with cybernetic optics installed. She has a broad, flat nose and strong Nordic features. She looks very mannish with a firm jaw set and broad forehead, high cheekbones and stern, thin lips. She looks like she bench presses cars for a hobby and eats whole beer cans for fun. (And if she looks sort of familiar…. yep, it's intentional.)

Hair Color and Style: Cas keeps her platinum-blond hair short and brutish, swept back from her forehead.

Distinguishing Features: Just the butchest female around.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cas is an outgoing joker with a sense of humour, but she can be hot-tempered, occasionally impulsive and impatient, compassionate and sympathetic. She shows righteous indignation at injustice and is quick to react, though she can also be the voice of reason and concern. She has a love for machines and for animals, and treats both like sensitive and beloved pets that need to be raised and nurtured responsibly.

  • Likes: machines, animals, AI
  • Dislikes: injustices, not being able to do anything about them, stupid shit
  • Goals: just live a good life, but doesn't have to be a perfect life. Do right by others.


Family (or Creators)

Cas' parentage is unknown, though her father Solis was a soldier and her mother Kalinka was an accountant in Funky City. Because of her amazing size and build, there is some speculation about Cas' heritage stemming directly from Hanya, or that she is some Nth generation ID-SOL descendant.


Born in the endless sprawl of Funky City on Nepleslia, Cas has had the opportunity to grow up in an incredibly populous and social environment. From there, she has visited and lived in various surrounding metropoli, including Roger Wilco and Los Apagos. Cas was close friends with various members of the orphanage where she grew up, and reportedly had been indirectly involved in gang activity in her youth. However, some strict military schooling discouraged any such associations, and Cas has since then walked the straight and narrow as well as she could.

Cas' military career includes various remote and off-planet cruises, including experience with space combat in PAs and small craft. Her love for machines eventually led her down a path where she developed a passion for heavy gunnery. However, extenuating circumstances caused Cas to be formally discharged from the NSMC, leaving her with little choice but to ply her skills as a mercenary in order to make a living.

As for Cas' peculiar love for animals and machinery, Cas has always had a sensitive streak in her that surfaces whenever she encounters creatures, and even people, who cannot speak for themselves. She righteously defends the helpless with the belief that all people, even animals, deserve some dignity. This same need to equalize spills over onto machinery too, as machines are things that do work for human beings in exchange for care and maintenance.



Cas can speak and write in her native Nepleslian, and has a fair grasp of other common languages among the greater intergalactic population.

Cas is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions.She can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. She is also skilled in field communications and is proficient in all rudimentary forms of communication (hand signals, flashing lights, etc).


Aka Fightin’ and Diein’. Marines such as this one are trained to stay fit, to shoot weapons, and to punch someone’s lights out if need be. This includes how to set up a workout regimen by devoting at least an hour a day to physical fitness, how to set up and clean workout equipment, and how to properly cycle through workout types to get a full body workout. Marines who only ever work out their arms are punished! Marines are trained to fire accurately, and in the same direction as other marines, on the HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’, the Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber, and the M2 Rifle. Marines are taught how to strip down, clean, and put these weapons back together. Finally, marines are taught the basics of hand to hand combat in the form of Nepleslian Marine Self Defense Training.

This is then followed by a course in Power Armor operation and handling. Marines are taught how to use the basic trio of Nepleslian power armor, the Hostile, Aggressor and Raider.

Cas do all of the above without breaking a sweat. With both hands tied behind her back. She's so intense, she occasionally wakes up in the middle of her fifteenth set of reps and then just goes back to sleep.

Strategy(Tactics & Discipline)

Also known as how to understand and follow orders. During the second and third months of training, Marines learn about combat tactics and the differences between power armor and light infantry operations. They are also taught about combined arms operations, utilizing Navy and Marine airborne assets to support their own operations. They also learn how to plan and execute various non-standard operations such as commando raids, reconnaissance, urban, jungle, desert & Arctic warfare as well as starship boarding operations.

In basic training a Marine is taught how to wear their uniform, how to sleep in and maintain a hammock bed, to not speak unless spoken to when dealing with a superior officer, and to follow orders with a snappy “Yes Sir!” Despite the Marines trying to produce more professional soldiers, the end product tends to be a little rough around the edges.

Cas takes the above all quite seriously, but she gives flak as well as she gets.


As a Nepleslian Marine, Cas can survive and live off the land without resupply, recognize edible plants and animals, catch and prepare said animals, and can navigate without electronics or a map. She can also make a fire without any of the usual means as well as to survive in cold weather without a fire.


Cas is the kind of person who decided to work on machines more than people. Mechanical Engineers are the ones that help design, create, repair and upgrade weapons, cybernetics, tanks, starships, power armor and virtually every other piece of equipment in the Nepleslian inventory. They are responsible for making sure the Marines keep up the maintenance on their Power Armors, and for fixing any major problems that are beyond the typical Marine's ability to repair.

While being versed in common repair and maintenance, Cas has some limited ability in programming and building both hardware and software. Due to her love and respect for machinery, Cas has studied the insides and outsides of various types of weapons and equipment, and if need be, take something apart and put it back together with only minimal pieces left over.

Animal Training

Cas' fondness for animals has enabled her to learn more about non-sentient creatures and animals in general, without moving too far through the xenobiologic spheres. She can train animals both large and small to some degree, or at least understand their behaviour to generally predict how they will react to certain situations. She keeps a small pet of her own, a psy-cat, that lives in a pocket or pouch on her person, or on her shoulder at all times. The small furry animal is tame and loyal, but cunning.



  • Light jacket, 1
  • Tank tops/undershirts, 5
  • Heavy-duty sports bras/underwear, 5
  • Jeans, 2
  • Cargoes, 3
  • Beach shorts, 2
  • Sweat pants, 2
  • Socks, lots
  • Steel-toed safety boots, 1 pair
  • Nepleslian Dress Uniform (YE 33)
  • Rank markings for a Private 3rd Class


  • Styrling Muur Armor, full set.

Weapons and Weapon Accessories

  • Grey rigger's belt, 1.
  • Zen Arms .45 leather holster, with spare magazine.
  • Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol, compact.
  • Suppressor, 1.
  • Zen Armaments .357 Submachine Gun 02b
  • Zen Armaments Assault Rifle vz. 1
  • Reflex sight
  • Vertical foregrip
  • MG-32, with rail for shit.
  • Hunting knife, 1.
  • Throwing knives, 4.
  • Copper wire, 1 spool.
  • Plastic explosive, 1 brick.
  • Wire garrotte with plastic grips, 1.

Personal Accessories

  • Bullet lighter.
  • 1 AwesomeCorp DataJockey
  • 1 pair of Marine identification tags, with name and hometown
  • 1 wallet with Marine Corps insignia plated on it.
  • 1 wristwatch, huge and indestructible.
  • 1 leather cuff with slot for hidden knife.
  • 1 toolkit, basic.


  • Electronic Money Card


Casteel Krasnov is currently working as a Bounty Hunter.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameCasteel Krasnov
Character OwnerWindra
Character StatusActive Player Character

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