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Star Army OST: Volume 2

Star Army OST: Volume 2 is an album consisting of miscellaneous audio tracks and songs created by Wes for use by the Star Army roleplaying community, including some that didn't make it into Star Army OST: Volume 1 due to not fitting the theme. The songs are created in Magix Music Maker using soundpools purchased from Magix and/or Catooh. It is for personal use only.

Track Listing

# Name Length Genre Listen
1 Stealth Infiltrator 2:24 Games
2 YSS Kaiyo Theme 3:12 80s
3 Sleeping Megacity 3:50 Trap
4 Star Army at War 2:33 Score
5 Bodysuits and Bazookas 6:24 Synthwave
6 Frontier Adventurers 2:16 80s
7 Exploring the Stars 4:20 Electronica
8 The Abandoned Starship 2:30 Score
9 Kuvexian Greed 3:05 Dubstep

Additional tracks are still being added.

OOC Notes

Wes created this article on 2018/05/27 08:46.

Headphones art by Wes using base by Waitress/Hensa purchased from Cozy Cat Studios.

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