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Using Copyrighted Images

Most images on Star Army are copyrighted to Star Army, to Star Army's admin Wes, to Star Army members, or to the artists who created them, and this page helps explain how they are used. We are firmly committed to following the law and to respecting the rights of artists.

Star Army allows the use of copyrighted images in specific circumstances, which are detailed below.

What Can I Use?

Copyrighted images you can use are:

  1. Images where is the copyright holder via a signed work-for-hire contract or a contract to purchase existing artwork, or where the artist has put a Star Army copyright notice in the actual artwork, or derivative works of these.
  2. Images where you are the copyright holder, such as images you created yourself, or derivative works of these, including derivative works of public domain images that you created (see: Using Public Domain Images)
  3. Images where the copyright holder uploaded the artwork to Star Army, thus granting Star Army a license to use that artwork, or derivative works of these.
  4. Commissioned artworks you paid for where the artist holds the copyright but is clearly OK with the art being used for Star Army, or derivative works of these when the artist has given you permission to edit.
  5. Images you have asked for permission to use on Star Army, or paid for permission to use, and the copyright holder has said it's OK, or derivative works of these. For example stock images (see: Using Stock Images) or adoptables (see: Using Adoptable Artwork).
  6. Images licensed under the creative commons, provided you honor the license - See Using Creative Commons Images

It's required that you provide credit to the artist when using artwork on a wiki page.

You should keep proof of purchase, commissioning, and/or payment available in case Star Army's staff has some question about images you uploaded.

If proper rights to use an artwork are unable to be verified, the image could be removed from the wiki. Star Army also will remove images in the case of a legitimate DMCA notice. For more copyright info see Site Rules and Terms and Conditions.

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