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Art Gallery: Type 40 Exercise Uniform

This is a gallery for artwork featuring the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 40. It's one of the easiest uniforms to add to a character because it's small and does not have a lot of variations like the duty uniforms, which means it's great to add on top of adoptables and artwork made using pre-made bases.

Nakeysha Smalls playing volleyball

OOC Notes

Wes created this article on 2018/03/02 18:48.

  • Art for Nakeysha Smalls by Aranren. Commissioned by Wes.
  • Art for Cassie is by thulianshadow using the base by Waitress (Cozycat) with clothing by Wes. Paid adoptable.
  • Art for Amara Hazzel by Wes using purchased Waitress base.
  • Art for Benna by plex-sixsmith-adopts on DA using the base from Waitress on FA. Paid adoptable owned by Wes. Edits and clothes by Wes.
  • Art for Stella Glass by Wes using purchased Waitress base.
  • Art of Hanako by Crimsonsnows (paid commission)

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