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Kotori's Artwork Gallery

This page lists artwork done of Kotori.

YE 38


Reflective turning point

Portrait 2

YE 35

Warrior-princess attire

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  • Reinforced yamato garment, bespoke-made from Rosenthal's (see below)
    • Red Spider Lily-patterned obi
  • Wakizashi Shitoyaka no Kanpeki

Evening wear

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  • Crimson mandarin-style dress with golden serpentine dragon embroidery
  • Black thigh high stockings with lacy border
  • Red ribbons (to add twintails to the usual Hime-style haircut)
  • Red evening shoes
  • Handpurse


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  • Yukata, bird-patterned
  • Slippers
  • Amber-inlaid tortoiseshell comb holding hair up in a ponytail
  • Hand fan
  • Setting: Veranda, Samurai House

Detail: SPINE interface

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  • The SPINE interface is in her lower back, marked by a grayer coloration where wireless communication nanomachines saturate the skin.
  • Setting: Indoor hot spring

YE 34

Character study

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  • Reinforced yamato garment, bespoke-made from Rosenthal's
    • Shoulderless custom blue kimono dress with self-sealing seam
      • Magnetized nook in sleeves to hold concealable weapons
    • Red-and-white Kimono-style sleeveless outer tunic
    • Lilac-patterned Obi, with red butterfly-knot
      • Two concealed Type 30 NSP holsters hidden inside
    • Thigh high sandaled Boots
  • Katana/wakizashi Daisho pair, Kotowari and Meiryou

YE 29 to 34

Star Army uniform

  • White-panneled Type 30A Female Duty Uniform
  • Taisa 1XF rank pin
  • 2 Type 30 NSP (worn from holdsters on belt)
  • 2 TA-14 Diamond-edged survival knives (in boot sheaths)


YE 38 Artwork by Jennyshiii. Warrior-Princess outfit, Evening wear, Nightclothes, and the bath scene/SPINE detail by Irene Campos. YE 34 Character study by Maria Luisa Giliberti YE 29 Star Army uniform by Sae Jin Oh

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