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Old Nepleslian Ranks

Previous Rank Structure from (YE 30-YE 37): In the year of YE 30, during the shift in government and military. It was found that a new set of ranks were needed to compensate for the split between the Navy and the Marines. These ranks, are considered current and correct as of YE 30, post-Kennewes Offensive.

For current ranks, see Nepleslian Military Ranks.

Conversion From Old Ranks

This chart allows you to convert from pre-YE 37 ranks to the YE 37 system.

Old Ranks New Rank
OF-4 General O7 Field Marshal
OF-3 Field Marshall O6 General
OF-2 Commandant O5 Colonel
OF-1 Commissar O4 Major
JO-1 Senior Chief O3 Captain
WO-2 Master Chief O2 Lieutenant
WO-1 Chief O1 Second Lieutenant
E-9 Master Sergeant - MSg. E6 Master Sergeant
E-8 Staff Sergeant - SSg. E5 Sergeant First Class
E-7 Sergeant - Sgt. E4 Sergeant
E-6 Senior Corporal - SCp. E4 Sergeant
E-5 Mid-Corporal - MCp. E3 Corporal
E-4 Corporal - Cpl. E3 Corporal
E-3 Private 1st Class - P1C. E2 Private First Class
E-2 Private 2nd Class - P2C. E2 Private First Class
E-1 Private 3rd Class - P3C. E1 Private
E-0 Private 4th Class - P4C. E1 Private
OF-5 Grand Admiral - GAd. O7 Grand Admiral
OF-4 Admiral (Nepleslia) - Adm. O6 Admiral
OF-3 Rear Admiral - RAd. O5 Rear Admiral
OF-2 Captain - Cpt. O4 Captain
OF-1 Commander - Cdr. O3 Commander
O-1 Lieutenant Commander - LCd. O3 Commander
WO-3 Lieutenant - Lt. O2 Lieutenant
WO-2 Lieutenant JG - LtJ. O2 Lieutenant
WO-1 Ensign - En. O1 Ensign
E-4 Petty Officer - PO. E4 Petty Officer
E-3 Cadet - Ct. E3 Senior Crewman
E-2 Cadet Apprentice - CtA. E2 Crewman
E-1 Cadet Recruit - CtR. E1 Junior Crewman
E-0 Cadet Reproved - CtRP. E1 Junior Crewman


Marines are personnel who typically operate in the field and/or serve as armored infantry. The Marine's job is to get the dirty work done with their hands, not with their ships. Those wearing the red bars of a Marine, wear the standard green uniform.


Officers of the Marine Corps are mainly used to coordinate large masses of marines when available. In other situations, they're used to regulate the different Corps, including their own corps.

Rank Bar Pay Grade Rank Name
OF-4 General - Gn
OF-3 Field Marshal - FMs.
OF-2 Commandant (Old Nepleslian Rank) - Cmt.
OF-1 Commissar (Old Nepleslian Rank) - Cmi.

Warrant and Joint

Warrant and Joint personnel in the Marines are people who command the large groups of marines on the ships and on the ground.

Rank Bar Pay Grade Rank Name
JO-1 Senior Chief (Old Nepleslian Rank) - SnChf.
WO-2 Master Chief (Old Nepleslian Rank) - MChf.
WO-1 Chief (Old Nepleslian Rank) - Chf.


Enlisted marines are the bulk of the Marine Corps who fight on the ground, and get the killing done.

Rank Bar Pay Grade Rank Name
E-9 Master Sergeant - MSg.
E-8 Sergeant First Class - SSg.
E-7 Sergeant - Sgt.
E-6 Senior Corporal (Old Nepleslian Rank) - SCp.
E-5 Mid-Corporal (Old Nepleslian Rank) - MCp.
E-4 Corporal - Cpl.
E-3 Private First Class - P1C.
E-2 Private 2nd Class - P2C.
E-1 Private 3rd Class - P3C.
No Patch E-0 Private 4th Class - P4C.


Naval personnel often operate within ships, or in position which wouldn't require them to drop down into the field like Marines. They are typically people who arn't in the chaos of planetary warfare, but are used to the chaos of space battles. Those wearing the black bars of a Naval, wear the blue uniform.


Officers in the navy are usually bigwigs that command fleets, or single ships with a full list of crews or a single crew under their command.

Rank Bar Pay Grade Rank Name
OF-5 Grand Admiral - GAd.
OF-4 Admiral (Nepleslia) - Adm.
OF-3 Rear Admiral - RAd.
OF-2 Captain (NSN) - Cpt.
OF-1 Commander - Cdr.

Warrant and Joint

Warrant and Joint officers in the Navy make up the bridge crew of any ship in a Star Military Fleet. They also make up the higher ranked members of the Public Relations Corps.

Rank Bar Pay Grade Rank Name
JO-1 Lieutenant Commander (Old Nepleslian Rank) - LCd.
WO-3 Lieutenant (NSN) - Lt.
WO-2 Lieutenant JG (Old Nepleslian Rank) - LtJ.
WO-1 Ensign - En.


Enlisted soldiers in the Navy are usually crew hands. Medics, Engineers, Cooks, people who arn't in the bridge room. They keep the ship and the people on it running at full capacity.

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