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Nepleslian Starship Captain

Starship captain is an occupation in the Nepleslian Star Navy.


Although Nepleslians have been traveling the stars for thousands of years, this article is limited in scope to the modern incarnation of the Nepleslian Empire and Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. After Nepleslia split from the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 28, there was an immediate need for qualified Nepleslian starship captains to operate the ships in Nepleslian possession, many of which were older Star Army of Yamatai ships Yamatai had been willing to let go of. Civilian captains pressed into military service and captains with military experience, trained under the Star Army, made the first generation. Since then, the Nepleslian Star Navy has slowly built up a native program for training starship-qualified personnel and starship captains.


To be a navy starship captain, one must have prior experience in the starship operation field.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Commander and the maximum rank is Captain (NSN).


A good Nepleslian starship captain is an inspiring being who is always looking to take the opportunity to better himself.

The Captain's role in a Nepleslian starship is to inspire his crew to excel in their respective tasks by instilling confidence in their abilities and providing a supportive and encouraging environment in which the crew will be more motivated to find solutions to their problems. The Captain's leadership in a Nepleslian starship inspires his crew and builds an atmosphere that encourages a team-spirit. This in turn encourages the crew to be innovative, creative and enthusiastic about their tasks. In general, the Captain has the job of inspiring the crew to perform to their fullest potential.


  • Commanding a crew
  • Space Navigation

Player Expectations

Players roleplaying starship captains are expected to make sure the players in their crew have something interesting to do. It’s so amazing when someone manages to take a “bad” situation and turn it into a triumph, usually for the characters. Keep in mind the importance of narrative tension – even when there’s no “real” tension, or if there are “real” threats to the ship. Players (and GMs) need to be able to understand why it is that something is happening.

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OOC Notes

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