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Awards And Medals of the Democratic Imperium

This page lists all current medals, awards, and honors that can be bestowed upon citizens and servicemen of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

These badges and medals are often decorated along the pockets and the left side of the chest above the name tag and even starting at the bottom of the collar on the officer jacket. Personal Honors are worn above the right pocket, while Campaign medals go beneath the left pocket. The right side of the stomach is often decorated with unit awards that the individual is eligible for or has earned. Below, you can see the Nepleslian Dress Uniform (YE 33) with the Service Award, with the medals, and then with boxes to show where medals go more precisely.

Campaign Ribbons

The following are considered awards for service in a campaign, awarded to every member of the Nepleslian military who's involved within the conflict either through direct service or simply being part of it during the conflicts.

Kennewes Campaign Medal

Awarded for participation in the Kennewes Offensive. Individuals who served since the beginning of the Kennewes Campaign will have gold trim on the edges of their ribbons to denote their dedication and commitment to the offensive since the beginning, while individuals who joined mid conflict will have silver trim to set them apart.

NMX Conflict Ribbon

Awarded for participation in conflicts against the NMX/SMX. Gold trimmed ribbons will be awarded to those that participate in the start of a conflict from beginning to end. Personnel joining into a conflict mid-conflict against NMX receive the silver-trimmed ribbon.

Rok'Veru Campaign Ribbon

Stamped in YE 35 to commemorate the soldiers and sailors who fought in the Rok'Veru Offensive. Gold trimmed ribbons will be awarded to those that participated in the conflict from start to end. Personnel joining during the offensive campaign will receive the silver-trimmed ribbon.

New Bernese Conflict Ribbon

Awarded to those brave few marines of the NSMC 309th Armored Infantry "Ruthless Riders" who took part in the conflict against the BRR on New Bernese. The original squad and their reinforcements in the opening months and year into the conflict receive a gold-trimmed ribbon while the final wave of reinforcements who arrived to end the conflict as well as those in the Aquila Flight 78th Tactical Battalion received a silver-trimmed ribbon.

Personal Honors

The following are considered personal honors, often awarded to individuals. These can range from rather generic awards to awards of the highest honor in all of Nepleslia. Most of these awards are, however, less notable or broad-sweeping so that the special awards carry more recognition in the differentiation of the men and women who go out of their way for Nepleslia.

Combatant Awards

These are generally earned and distributed for valor in combat or in situations similar.

Combat Leader Award

Awarded to Squad Leaders/NCOs/Officers/Warrants who exhibit exceptional and exemplary leadership during combat scenarios.

General Combat Ribbon

Awarded for Valor in Combat Operations against the enemies of Nepleslia. Usually awarded for doing more than what is expected. The GCR is a step lower than the Combat Valor Award and easier to receive without posthumous honors. The people who receive this ribbon are usually alive to be honored.

Civil Defense Award

Awarded for Operations within Nepleslian sovereignty that are performed exceptionally or otherwise bring pride and honor to the SMDIoN That do not otherwise qualify for the General Defense Ribbon. Generally awarded for action against “Non-Regular” enemies such as Pirates, enemies of Nepleslian origin, and acts of great service to the DIoN.

Service Award

Awarded for general participation within missions, the Service Award is one of the few ribbons kept in use from Nepleslia's earliest days. Numbered pins can be added to the award to depict the number of times it has been received, effectively demonstrating the number of missions a soldier has undergone.

Blood Stripe Ribbon

The blood ribbon is awarded to those that have perished in the field and have been revived through any means such as Soul Transfer, cloning, NAM Medtech - Cerebral Chip, etc. It is only awarded to those that perish in wartime conditions and not by means of accident. The ribbon is a simple white bar with a red streak across it that is dyed with a blood-pigment color that contains a trace amount of the holders DNA collected from their corpse. The DNA sample is entirely symbolic and is negligable enough that it cannot be used to clone.

Badges & Medals

The following are badges and medals, generally worn with some space between them due to their size and often slightly heavier due to the presence of metal.

Hero Of The SMDIoN Award

Awarded only on special circumstance and only on reccomendation by an officer holding a rank no less than Grand Admiral the HOTSMDIoN award is the highest award that can be given to a member of the star military and is almost always awarded posthumorously. Those that are revived and awarded this award are considered not only heroes to the star military at large but are also seen as near-mythical legends in the eyes of their fellow soldiers and are used as propaganda at large by the wider DIoN.

Combat Valor Award

This is the highest badge that can be given to any serviceman or woman who distinguishes him or herself in combat. It is rarely awarded and difficult to earn. When it is awarded, it is often done posthumously with posthumous promotions.


Iron Fist Device

Awarded to individuals who suffer serious physical harm from enemy combatants while going above and beyond the call of duty. A triangular badge, with clamps that allow a Roman Numeral-stamped plate to be attached to depict how many times the award has been earned.

Exploration Pendant

Awarded to those who participate in operations that push the boundaries of Nepleslia forward. Subsequent awarding of this ribbon will be represented by a silver star added, filling the right side and then the left. When the sides are complete, a final crystal star is added at the base of the ribbon's pendant.

Orbital Assault Badge

A star-shaped badge with a black ribbon and an iconic gold meteor within its center, awarded to those who actively engaged in space-to-atmospheric entry during combat or vice-versa. The badge progresses through various stages, each earning of it bringing a gold replacement to the star. After the star's edges are all gold, a chevron is added for earning the award five more times. At four chevrons and an entirely gold star, the award is considered to have been earned 26 times. Once they've earned this award 30 times, a gold triangle is added to the very bottom of the award with a roman numeral to depict how many times a group of 30 has been earned. If someone has earned the award 60 times, the will bear the award with “II” marked upon its gold triangle.

Unit Awards

The following are considered awards gifted to soldiers either as an entire unit, such as the 309th Armored Infantry, or to depict the history of the soldier's placement throughout the various divisions and the like a soldier has participated in.

The Roll of Honor

When worn with the 309th patch toward the right arm, this represents they served seven operations with the 4th Fleet before transferring to the 309th, where they have undergone four operations.

This Device contains the unit crest of a Marine's assigned unit with a bar hanging sideways under it. It is worn on the right side of the chest either parallel with the marine's name tag or even with the awards on the opposite side of the officer's jacket. The most current unit will be on the far right side of the soldier and older units will be to the soldier's left in chronological order. If required a new row will be started under the top row.

The Bar will be Silver with a Gold Box contained within it for every operation that the marine participated in while assigned to that unit. Once a marine would add a Fifth gold box they replace their Silver bar with a gold bar and begin a new silver bar with their next mission. Marines will wear an individual Roll of Honor for every Unit they have been assigned to.

Once a soldier has acquired so many of these that they reach their waist, they must remove the oldest patch and re-align the newer patches and bars up and to the right to account for the new space. Any removed patches and bars will be exchanged with a small inch-wide patch worn down the left side of their larger patches and bars, near the center of their chest and stomach. In the extreme case of a soldier operating under so many missions or changing units multiple times, these mini-patches can form a single row before no more are allowed to be added.

Combat Unit Citation

The Combat Unit Citation was introduced in YE 35 to honor a collective unit of soldiers for their exemplary service to the nation. It may be awarded to a Marine squad, a shaik, a ship's naval crew, or any unit in between. All members of the unit who receive this award are entitled to wear the citation's bar.

The award itself is a red uniform bar with the unit's emblem, name, and the year awarded. The emblem can be engraved or printed in color, while the text is printed in gold. If it is an award to a specific squad or flight, the name of that squad is added between the year and the unit's name. If awarded to a ship, the unit emblem and name are replaced with the fleet emblem and the ship's name.

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