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Nepleslian Military Support Specialist

Support Specialist is an occupation in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and members are part of the part of the Support, Aid, and Warden (SAW) Corps. It is a comparable job to Star Army Unit Supply Specialist and/or Star Army Clerk.


The Support Specialist position was informally created with the creation of the SAW Corps in YE 40 and formalized in YE 43 as part of ongoing development and reform of the Nepleslian military.


Support specialists are recruited both internally from other occupations (most common when the occupation was created) or externally (becoming standard). There are no known special requirements to be hired in this occupation.

Those hired on for the Support division undergo basic NSMC military training for four months. Instead of their fifth month being a “Hell Month”, members of the Support division undergo a month-long course in basic vehicle and small starship training and operation preparation. Pairing this training so they can prioritize protecting their supplies, they are assigned to groups of more experienced members for up to an additional year of on-the-job training for whichever vessel they may be assigned to.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Private and the maximum rank is undetermined.


Playing a support specialist involves being a helper who sustains the mission of the unit or starship by keeping their supplies and provisions organized, functional, and available.


Support specialists have the following skills:

  • Vehicle operation
  • Forklift operation
  • Shuttle operation (shuttles with computer-controlled piloting only)
  • Small Starship Operation
  • Writing military orders and official documents

Player Expectations

Players playing as support specialists should help their RP groups manage inventory & gear, and assist moving characters around where they need to go. This not only means transportation but also writing their orders and paperwork. Nepleslian Orders are posted in the Transmissions and Communications forum using the Nepleslian Orders thread prefix.

You may also want to be familiar with the Nepleslian Personnel Database System.

List of Characters

These characters are currently listed as Support Specialists:

OOC Notes

Wes created this article on 2021/5/7.

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