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"Pufferfish" Airburst Missiles

Pufferfish Airburst Missiles are sophisticated self-propelled anti-armor/vehicle ordnance fired in medium sized salvos of 5 or more for area saturation fire. They pack on payloads designed specifically to inflict damage to crowded PA/unarmored infantry and most light craft, but are largely ineffective against anything larger than a gunboat. Integrated into the Pufferfish's design, is a potent magneto-plasma rocket system, anti-gravitational shielding and a cheap sensor system designed to lock onto a specific heat, radiation or hyperspace signature. If there is too much interference across all available spectrums, the Pufferfish will assume dumbfire mode and travel in a straight arc, as opposed to being mislead.

Available warhead types include HE, Scalar Pulse and Plasma.

Atmospheric Range: 1000km Atmospheric Velocity: Mach 3 Length:.6 meters

Damage (High Explosive): Tier 5 AOE (High Explosive): 50m

Damage (Scalar Pulse): Tier 5 AOE (Scalar Pulse): 50m

Damage (Plasma): Tier 5 AOE (Scalar Pulse): 35m

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