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"Narwhale" Anti-Capital Ship Torpedoes

The Narwhale is the epitome of starship killing ordnance to be mounted on any NAM starfighter. It uses a lethal scalar pulse to penetrate the shields surrounding the craft and pump the antimatter charge directly into the surface starship hull at nearly relativistic speeds, where it experiences a potent elimination effect. While the actual matter-antimatter negation is minor, the unleashed energy is capable of inflicting grievous damage on the ship hull and of the of the area affected around it. These torpedoes require a strong signal to home in on, and thus, count as unguided if used against anything other than a full starship (gunboat or higher).

Location: Torpedo Rack Missile Velocity: .38c Missile Length: 5 Meters Salvo Size: 1 Rate of Fire: 1 Salvo every 20 Seconds Payload 2 Per Rack

Warhead: Antimatter/Scalar Purpose: Anti-Starship Damage: Tier 12, Scalar/antimatter Area of Effect: 100m

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