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:!: The following article is out of date and is NOT RECOMMENDED for in-character usage. It is being kept for archival purposes

Past Medals and Awards of the Star Army of Nepleslia

The Star Army of Nepleslia rewards service and exceptional actions both on and off the battlefield well, full well knowing the effects of positive reinforcement on morale and behaviour. To this extent, it has created several medals and awards, each with their own prestige and honor. Many of these have counterparts in the Star Army of Yamatai, who still uses copies taken at the founding of the Empire.

For current SMDIoN medals, please see this page.

Ribbon Bars and Medals

Ribbon bars are small devices that are worn by Military, Police, Fire Service personnel or by civilians. Ribbon bars are mainly used when wearing either the full decoration or medal is considered inappropriate. Each military force has its own rules on what ribbons are worn in which order of precedence. The medal equivalents are roughly 1/4 the size of a Nepleslian's male's hands. These are usually too impractical to be worn all the time, and are usually kept in Medal Boxes or Cases for display and storage.


General Medals are offered to individuals who have done well both on and off duty, but do not demonstrate any specific personal achievement other than participation and good behavior.

Star Army Training Award

Awarded after a successful training mission or training program. Boot camp counts as one, as does power armor and specialization training.

Instead of receiving duplicate ribbons, another black bar is added for each time the medal is earned. 5 Black bars can be replaced by a single gold bar for well trained soldiers.

Star Army Service Award

Awarded for a completed mission.

Good Conduct

Given to the crewmember that is setting the best example at the end of each month. One per ship. Awarded by ship CO.

Tenure Award

Awarded at the end of each 3 months (OOC) of service.

Recruiting Award

Awarded to the main character of the person who brings in a new player. In-character, it's basically like another type of good conduct award.


For forays into previously uncharted space, leading to a cartographic discovery or meeting new races.


Most combat medals are awarded for participation in a certain role in battle, while others are given for exceptional performance in the chaotic situations of the modern battlefield.

Star Army Combat Award

Awarded for serving in combat.

Combat Lifesaver Award

Saved a fellow soldier's life during combat.

Battle Scars Award

Awarded to a soldier who was grievously injured or killed by the enemy while serving in the line of duty.

War Medal

Given to soldiers in a unit that is actively participating in a war (ie: frequent battles).

Field Support Award

Awarded for actively participating in battle, while also in serving a supporting role i.e.: medic, tech sentry.

Order of the Juggernaut

Awarded to soldier who have completed mission objectives while under heavy fire, while returning heavy fire themselves.


These medals are given to technical, science and medical crew who have shown outstanding prowess and drive in their chosen fields.

Innovation Award

Awarded for exceptional scientific innovation while aboard a Star Army vessel.

Order of Hephaestus

Awarded to exceptionally hard working technical staff after a tour of duty.

Order of Hermes

Awarded to exceptionally hard working medical staff after a tour of duty


Trophies are awards that are roughly three times the size of a medal, and are given on an incremental basis.

Iron Star

Awarded for every kill in an engagement.

Bronze Star

Awarded for every 3 kills in an engagement. Replaces 3 Iron Stars.

Silver Star

Awarded for every 5 kills in an engagement. Replaces 5 Iron Stars.

Golden Star

Awarded for 15 kills in an engagement. Replaces appropriate number of Iron, Bronze and Silver Stars.


Armbands are worn by members of certain corps, as well as indicate excellence in the field or membership in elite units. The only exception to this is the Black Armband.

Black Armband

Given to the members the squad, of whom one of their members died in the line of duty.

Medical Corps Armband

Worn by medics, surgeons and other members of the medical corps.

Engineering Corps Armband

Worn by tech sentries, engineers and other members of the engineering corps.

IPG Armband

Only worn in secure locations, by members of the SAoN IPG.


For current SMDIoN medals, please see this page.

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