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Black Widow Power Suit

Experimental power-suit under development as a personal project by Yori Kataoka with Origin Industries

About the Powersuit

The Black Widow is Yori's first personal experiment with creating a power suit form the ground up for her own use, as opposed to helping Origin further develop its products. A power suit was chosen instead of a power armor to push the boundaries of light infantry capabilities. While the suit is not designed purely for combat purposes, as it is something that will stick with Yori for a while weapon systems will probably be integrated.

The primary functions of the suit are from remolding Beta Suit


The Black Widow power suit is a form fitting pilot suit with a high collar to accommodate helmets. The suit is primarily black and grey with several dark red attachment points as well as armored portions. While it is heavily based on and inspired by Origin's Modular Outfit, it is much more form fitting as it was designed specifically for its owner and designer.

Statistical Information

  • Government: N/A
  • Organization: N/A
  • Type: Powered Suit
  • Class:
  • Designer: Yori Kataoka
  • Manufacturer: Origin Industries and Yori Kataoka
  • Production: Experimental (Personal)
  • Crew: One Humanoid
  • Maximum Capacity: One Humanoid
  • Price: N/A
  • Width: Negligible alteration to operator width
  • Height: Negligible alteration to operator height
  • Mass: 6lbs
Operational Statistics
  • Speeds: Variable
  • Range: N/A
  • Lifespan: untested

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.


  • Body: 3 SP (Personnel Scale)

Weapons Systems

Main Weapons

  • Gravity Mines(x3): small reusable sphere shaped drones slightly larger than Blister drones. They can float and be sent to a specific location to be remotely or manually deployed. When deployed they break into several small pieces and send out invisible graviton beams to each other, creating a 'web'. The individual beams are not strong but when stuck in between several beams pulling in several directions, even power armors have trouble moving.
  • Dart Launcher(x2): built into the hard points for the forearms is a small scale gauss rifle system that launches micro syringes at targets.
    • Ammo: 5, for total of 10
    • Range: 15meters
    • Ammo Types:
      • Red: Injects a fluid into the victim that causes intense burning pain at the injection site
      • Yellow: Injects a neurotoxin into targets to cause muscle contractions and impeed movement
      • Blue: Breaks on impact releasing a sleeping gas

Hard points

The Black Widow has hard points for attaching new systems at its shoulders, forearms, lower and upper back, shoulders, and thighs. While there are many they are not all intended to be used at once.

Systems Descriptions

External Systems

Outer Armor: The Suit is comprised of synthetic fibers and ballistic fiber to provide all around protection, while some areas are reinforced with Durandium Alloy to allow for modular hard point placement and provide added protection.

Internal Systems

Life Support: The suit itself is air tight and while it does not have its own life support, it does come with mounting clamps to hold standard air supply tanks. The suit is also insulated and graded for use in the vacuum of space.

Power Supply: Under the dorsal hard point mounting is a double sized IHVC battery that powers the main functions of the suit for roughly 5 hours.

Inertial Amplifier: The Black Widow Suit can amplify inertial control abilities that Minkan and Nekovalkyrja possess and increase performance up to 200%.

Strength Augmentation: The suit has synthetic muscle sewn into it that acts in tandem with the muscles to increase strength by roughly 50% as well as lessen the burden on the body when doing strenuous activity.

Electronic Systems: The Black Widow uses a modified 'Destiny' AI System similar to the Impulse Powered Armor but some tweaks have been made to make it suitable for the light weight power suit. It also has a heavier emphasis on calculations for graviton beams. Syncing a display with the suit will cause the data to automatically read out to it.

Accessories and Components

Can equip most helmets that use standard fitting

See: Backpack Modules and Backplate Modules See: Impulse Powered Armor Accessories See: OI-M2-W4000 Spider Pack Unit

OOC Notes

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